How to Enable Missing Hibernate Option in Windows 8 Power Menu?

In all Windows 8 computer systems that I have installed recently, I noticed one common issue! The "Hibernate" option is not available in power menu. We know that Microsoft has removed Start Menu from Windows 8 and now you need to access the power options from new Charms Bar as mentioned in following tutorial:

How to Log Off, Restart and Shut Down Windows 8 PC?

But the new power menu doesn't show hibernate option. It contains sleep, restart and shut down options only as shown in following screenshot:


In fact if you try to access the classic shut down dialog box by pressing "Alt+F4" keys together, it'll also not show hibernate option in the drop-down list of power options.

The reason behind this move might be the new hybrid shutdown feature. Microsoft has introduced new hybrid shutdown feature in Windows 8 which is actually a combination of hibernate and shut down and makes Windows 8 shut down process faster. It might be a possible reason behind removing hibernate option from Windows 8 power menu.

But hibernate option can be added back to power menu. If you want to get the missing hibernate option back in Windows 8, just follow these simple steps:

1. Press "WIN+R" key combination to launch RUN dialog box then type powercfg.cpl and press Enter. It'll open Power Options window.

Alternatively you can open it using Start Screen or Desktop as mentioned here.

2. Now click on "Choose what the power buttons do" link given in left sidebar.

3. Then click on "Change settings that are currently unavailable" link given at the top and scroll down to bottom.

4. You'll notice that "Hibernate" option is unchecked. Enable the option and apply the changes.


5. That's it. It'll immediately add missing hibernate option in power menu of Windows 8 as shown in following screenshot:


Bonus Tip: As you can see in the screenshot given in step 4, using the same screen you can remove "Lock" option which is shown when you click on your account picture at Start Screen or you can remove "Sleep" option from power menu.

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  • Thanks helpful trick

    **better if you do a video tutorials with voice ;)

  • You are mindreader VG. I was wondering about it and you posted the solution. Thank u so much. :D

  • How about a way to put the power options in the account picture menu. That is something else that MS dropped the ball on.

  • VG

    ^^ Thats what I suggested when Windows 8 was under development:

    Thanks guys. :)

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  • I don't have this option. Is this not in the RTM 90 day trial?

  • ^^ Sorry I got it. Happy B-Day Vid

  • vg can u put tutorial how to create adhoc on win 8

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  • Thanks

  • I have a question, not exactly regarding the "hibernate" option but the "lock" option.

    When I put my computer to sleep, the lock screen does not show up, even though I did not disable it.

    Also, in my Start screen, when I click on my name, the "lock" option is also gone:

    I have been trying to find a solution, but still haven't. And when I saw this post, I saw that you could change the lock setting in the "Power Options" menu. But, this shows up:

    How can I fix it??

    I'd be very appreciated if someone could help!

  • VG

    ^^ Did you click on "Change settings that are currently unavailable" link given at the top?

  • thank you!

  • Thanks a lot. This worked

  • Hey, there is no unchecked hibernation button in my power options !
    Please help !

  • There better would be an option to disable ’Change account picture’ from account picture menu than ’Lock“.

  • Thanks for your help. It had helped me to have hibernate option in my windows 8.1

  • Thanks alot at first i was really missing Hibernate option i thought Microsoft removed this option .......

  • My hibernate option is not working properly. i mean it shutdowns everything. plz guide me

  • VG

    ^^ Make sure you have installed drivers for your graphics card.

  • Since MS Win 8..1 updates yesterday May 16 2014, I now no longer have HIBERNATE available ANYWHERE!
    None if the methods found in searching are available, Seems they have removed it :-(


  • VG

    ^^ No. Its still present in same locations. Try to update your graphics card driver.

  • This site is very good and working.....

  • ^^^ No VG - in some circumstances it's just gone completely. That's a Microsoft decision.

    "Update your graphics card driver" indeed :-)))) You don't work in IT support, by any chance?

  • Very nice! It was very helpful. Thank you.

  • thanks it worked

  • followed everything you recommended but nothing worked still only had the 3 options sleep shutdown and restart tried it several times but nothing.

  • Nope no hibernate - no sleep

  • Very good blog. I was looking for this solution for many days.

  • Use thish 2 easy step

    1. Click on "Start button -> All Programs -> Accessories". Right-click on "Command Prompt" and select "Run As Administrator". If you are prompted to enter password, enter the password and continue. You can also open Command Prompt in Administrator mode by typing "cmd" in Start Menu Search box and press "Ctrl+Shift+Enter".

    2. Now provide any of following commands:

    powercfg -h on

  • thanks bro, it worked :)

  • Tried all the options; none worked except Vivek's. Thanks bro.

  • there's nothing hibernate option in my shutdown settings

  • That Works like a charm.. Thank you....

  • Tried this and Vivek solution (and I have tried before quite a few times too) and nothing works. Help me please, I miss hibernation.

  • Thanks.............. Thank you very much for sharing

  • There is not such option in my Windows 8.1 version. I get to the "change settings that are currently unavailable" option, but when I click it there is no tick box for hibernate at the bottom of the screen as described. Anyway, to get that option?

  • Thanks a lot, its working.. :)

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  • Thanks VIVEK!!!

    FYI, my Asus Transformer Pad T100TA Win8.1 did NOT have Hibernate option in "define power options and turn on password protection" even after showing "currently unavailable".

    Even after the command line code it does not show up, however i CAN invoke it from the power menu now, and also set it is the "critical battery action", woohoo!

    Thanks again!

  • Great, simple, easy and works.
    I've seen on some other sites some really awful instructions on how to do it (requires creating some weird shortcut).

  • Thank you dear, that was easy way and very very useful

  • thank you.

  • Hi Everyone here is 100% working solution plz try this and done....!!!
    don't forget to thanks me

    solution: powercfg -h on\password
    note: plz write your current account password and Smile comes on your face....!!

    Thank you...!!

  • Thanks! That is exactly what I was looking for.

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