How to Download Movies Subtitles Automatically Using Media Player Classic?

Are you a Movie lover and watch your favorite movies regularly in your PC, then you must read this topic. Many times you might have faced a problem when you tried to watch a movie in some other language and found it a little hard to understand the dialogs and story.

The solution to understand a different language movie is Subtitles. Subtitles help you in watching movies in other languages and understanding the story and dialogs by showing the same dialogs in English or other desired language at the bottom of screen. It helps a lot while watching a foreign language movie or show.

But the question is where and how to get these subtitles? You can download the subtitles from Internet but it might take a lot of time in searching for the correct subtitles in your language. Many times we waste a lot of time in searching for the subtitles for a particular movie.

So here is the solution which will make your life easier. If you are using a Codec pack like K-Lite codec pack then you might have used "Media Player Classic" software which comes bundled with many popular codec packs. We'll use the same Media Player Classic (MPC) software in this tutorial. You can download K-Lite codec pack or standalone version of Media Player Classic from here.


Media Player Classic comes with a built-in option to automatically download subtitles for any movie or video clip which you are currently playing in the software. You can use following steps to turn this option on:

1. Open Media Player Classic and play your desired movie or video clip.

2. Now click onĀ  "File -> Subtitle database -> Download" option.

3. It'll automatic search for the subtitles and will show you a list of all subtitles available for that movie.

4. Just select the desired subtitle and use it.

5. The software uses a built-in URL to search and download subtitles. You can replace this default Subtitle database URL with your desired URL if you want.

Simply go to "View -> Options", click on "Subtitles -> Database" and change the URL in right-side pane with any other URL. Click on "Test" button to check whether it is a valid URL or not.

6. That's it. Now you can easily download Subtitles for any movie or video using Media Player Classic software.


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  • hey,
    i downloaded cry wolf movie but it was with romanian title.i downloaded english can i use those subtitles for the movie? waiting for ur answer..........

  • VAIBHAV- I have no idea how old this page is, or when you posted your comment, so I'm just going to assume you're going to keep checking back here for an answer.

    When you download a subtitle, it should have a filename similar to this:
    "" or "yourmoviesname.sub"
    Many subtitle filenames (and uploaded movie file names) include the date of release, the name of the person who uploaded them, and information as to the type of format the video you need subs for. For example, I found several English subtitle files for Cry Wolf on

    So you see how each of the subtitle files have different filenames. This is important. When you downloaded your movie, the move should also have a filename similar to these. However, for subtitles to work correctly, the filename of the subtitles file and the filename of the movie file must be exactly the same.

    So at this point, you should have two files: The movie file, and the subtitle file. Now you need to make the filenames agree with each other. Here's an example-

    you can see that my subtitle file and my video file don't have the same name. At this point, if I fired up MPC, the subtitles would not appear.

    So now I have to make the filenames the same. I could change the title of the movie to the title of the subtitle file

    Or I could change the title of the subtitle to the title of the movie.

    Either one. As long as they match.
    If you fire up MPC test to see if they worked. If they don't appear on the screen, try hitting the "W" key on your keyboard. It's a hotkey that enables/disables subtitles. I hope this helped. And that you're even going to see this.
    Cheers, mate.

  • Thanks for sharing this, I had no idea that you could download subtitles from MPC.

  • This is NOT automatically.... dude, you really look this word up on a dictionary

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