How to Disable “Install Windows Updates and Shut Down” Option in Windows Start Menu?

Almost all Windows users use "Windows Updates" to download and install automatic updates for Windows released by Microsoft. These updates fix security issues and improve stability and performance of your computer so its always advised to install all Windows updates regularly.

You can set Windows to automatically install updates or ask you each time whenever a new update is available for download using its Settings.

Many times when Windows downloads updates, it needs to restart the computer to install those updates as the installation might require replacing of few system files which are currently in use by Windows. In such condition, Windows automatically replaces "Shut Down" button present in Start Menu with "Install Updates and Shut Down" button which looks like following screenshot:


The Windows shield icon near Shut Down button indicates that there are some updates waiting for installation and when you click on the button, it first installs those updates and then shuts down the system which might take lots of time.

It might become a bit annoying if you are in hurry and want to shut down your system immediately without wasting your time in installing those updates and sometimes it gets worst when you accidentally click on the button in hurry.

Today in this tutorial, we are going to tell you a Registry trick to disable this feature and set Windows to not replace your existing power button with its own install updates button in Start Menu.

So without wasting time, lets share the trick:

1. Type regedit in RUN or Start Menu search box and press Enter. It'll open Registry Editor.

2. Now go to following key:


3. Create a new key under "Windows" key and set its name to WindowsUpdate

4. Create another new key under WindowsUpdate key and set its name to AU

5. So the final key path would be:


6. Now select AU key and in right-side pane create a new DWORD NoAUAsDefaultShutdownOption and set its value to 1


Now Windows will no longer overwrite Shut Down button in Start Menu with Install updates button and you'll get "Install updates and shut down" option in power options list which appears when you click on the little arrow given near the shut down button as shown in following screenshot:


7. If you want to permanently remove this "Install updates and shut down" option, then create a new DWORD NoAUShutdownOption and set its value to 1

It'll completely remove "Install updates and shut down" option from Start Menu.

BONUS TIP: Sometimes Windows automatically restarts your computer to install scheduled updates. You can disable this automatic restart feature by creating a new DWORD NoAutoRebootWithLoggedOnUsers and set its value to 1

NOTE: If you don't want to edit the Registry yourself and want a ready-made Registry script to do the task automatically, download following ZIP file, extract it and run the Disable.REG file. it'll ask for confirmation, accept it:

Registry Script to Disable "Automatic Restart" and "Install Updates and Shut Down" Option

If you are also facing some problem with Windows Updates, feel free to ask it in your comment...

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  • Its very informative thanks:)

  • very neat trick VG!

  • You may also press ALT+F4 and choose the option you want, instead of clicking the shutdown button in the start menu...

  • wow .... nice one

  • Run lol

    Anyway, if you permanently remove that button, is there a way to install updates at all?

  • Quoting an ancient, revered philosopher, "Tres, mucho, viele, very cool." Thanks for sharing.

  • VG

    When you'll restart your system, the updates will be automatically installed.

  • @VG
    Oh, didn't thought of that. Thank you for replying.

  • VG

    ^^ No problem. :)

  • VG thanks once again for a great tip on the annoying updates on shutdown or automatic restart! MANY MANY THANKS!

  • Cool trick...Thanks VG

  • Is this only for Windows 7 or also the Windows XP ? And if we make this change , does that mean we will never have the option to do so ? Then that might lead to potential loss right ?

  • Please ignore my previous comment . Is this only for Windows 7 or also the Windows XP ?

  • VG

    ^^ Works in Windows XP as well.

  • Thanks...............

  • can i add the run key just like that ??

  • Alternatively close all windows , press Alt+F4 , then in " What do you want the computer to do ?" , select Shut Down rather than "Install Windows Updates And Shut Down"

  • VG

    ^^ Yep. You can do that.

    @VG BigFan
    I didnt understand. Please provide proper details about your question.

  • Thanks. Nice tip. It is good to have that feature on the desktop but when you are in a coffee shop on your laptop and you have to leave, it is annoying.

  • Iam a pc repair guy, what I have been learning in the past couple of days, it was Better to give you all the moneys I paid in that. You are way better, love your and thank you again, Joe from NYC.

  • VG

    ^^ Thanks. I'm glad this site is helping you in learning new stuff. :)

  • Excellent! After 2 hours to reboot a server yesterday, and what looks like another 2 hours to reboot a server today, I'm just about ready to throttle the MS employee that invented this 'feature' (2003 used to ask, 2008 just does it anyway).

    Will try the registry hack ASAP!

  • Thanks a Lot....Wish you all the best.

  • Thanks

  • I have a problem with my Dell laptop. The thing is i unfortunately turned off my laptop during the installation of updates. It was doing 1 of 5 update.It kept going on,i thought it has stuck so better to restart it,but whenever i try to start my laptop,after sometimes like 1 or 5 mins or even after 1 hr it automatically gets shutdown and make this sound "chi",luckily when i started my laptop that installation part i.e 1 of 5,2 0f 5...5 of 5 was done but still it gets automatically shutdown,what should i do?

  • VG

    ^^ It looks like a hardware problem to me. Better to ask some technician to check your laptop first.

  • Ok thanks for the reply. On google when i searched the related problem,so many different problems comes in relation with accidentlly turning off the laptop,how we got different problems? if everyone accidentlly turned off the laptop

  • Thankksss :)

  • If i have a 64 bit OS, should i choose the dword with 64 bit or the one with 32bit?

  • VG

    ^^ Normal DWORD (32-bit value).

  • Thank you very much, was very useful.

  • Thanks for the hack, for me it worked fix the startup button, only it did not work to leave out the automatic restart. I set the name of my registry DWORD value to NoAutoRebootWithLoggedOnUsers, and I set it's value to 1.

    What else could be wrong?

  • @VG the Guru,

    I managed getting our Systems this far as well with adding "NoAUAsDefaultShutdownOption" and setting its value to 1, but what I would like to know is how do I manage to swap the 2 around? I would like the "Install updates and shutdown" on the left as Default with the yellow "!" next to it and when you click on the "ARROW" next to the shutdown you have the normal "SHUTDOWN" without installing updates. Like in your example Picture there is;

    "SHUTDOWN" > "Install updates and shut down"

    but I would like it like this please;


    Where the first Option is with installing updates and the second Option is shutting down without installing updates.

    I hope you can help, if you Need a thinking cap, you can have mine, it does not work for me.

  • VG

    ^^ I dont think its possible but you can permanently disable the feature as mentioned in step 7.

  • @VG

    I know that it is possible to permanently disable it, but I Need the main Shutdown to be with Updates and the secondary one without updates.

    The reason is that we have about 3000 users and I want them to click the first one so the updates can install, who will go the Long way to install updates so it takes even longer to shutdown ;-)

  • I'm guessing there is really no way to do this, I've not found anything yet, it's a real pitty :-(

  • @VG

    Thanks anyway for the Support and great work you do over here, really something to be proud of :-)

    Greetz from Germany

  • VG

    ^^ Thanks. Its my pleasure to help AskVG readers. :)

  • thank you for helping me in fixing my problems.

  • Thanks mate, it works!

  • My win 7 got corrupted and almost crash the system , it was always on shut down ready every time this thing made it dissapear the registry thing , you solved my problem dude great work!!!

  • Thank you for this post. It solves the issue easily. All the best.

  • Thx man perfect ..

  • IT WORKED!!!! Thank you so much! :)


  • thank u so much...

  • Every time I shut off my laptop it has to many updates. Last time in was 146 to be exact and it took more than 1 hr. Dell Inspiring 6000 / Windows 7 Ultimate. What should I do?

  • Hi,
    I would like to do a variation on this that i cannot find. I want to install updates, and RESTART, not shut down. Is there a way to do that? if I just choose the standard restart button, it does not install the updates.

  • how can I set the value to 1 after creating a new DWORD in the register editor?

  • VG

    ^^ Double-click on the DWORD and set the value.

  • Thanks! Great info!

  • It is a good solution for the windows update related problem .Thank you for helping.

  • Maraming Maraming Salamat po sa tulong.

    (ThaNk You very much!)

  • I followed all the steps and when I go to the start menu it still says 'restart and install updates' do I have to restart for this to take effect?

  • Thank you very much. Happy wife happy life!

  • Thanks

  • for windows 8:

    click on the notification icon in the system tray (flag-like icon on the lower right, beside the clock)
    open Action Center
    click on Windows Update on the lower left panel
    click on Change Settings on the left panel
    choose "Never check for updates (not recommeneded)" from the drop down menu of Important Updates. Then OK.
    The "update and shutdown" option is gone from my Windows 8 start menu.

  • Don't do it this way, MZR. Auto Update is pretty helpful so your system doesn't become vulnerable.

  • Hi Dear friends
    i have a Toshiba laptop with Windows 7. When I plug in Charger my shut down botton shows "install updates" Sign. and this sign disappears when plugged off.
    I have done this trick with its steps correctly. it is ok first time but when i started the window again it the proplem relapses and exists.
    i need your help to solve this.

  • How to remove windows update service from windows 8.1. I am using a dialup connection, because of update my internet speed is too low. Kindly help me...

  • VG

    ^^ You cant remove but you can set it to disabled using services.msc. But I'll never advise you to disable the service. Better set it to "Never check for updates" in its settings page.

  • I dunno what I just did, but it totally worked!
    No more annoying updates because at first I thought it would be necessary, but at the end, it only reverting changes and nothing. lol
    Thousand appreciation I gave to you people and thank you :D

  • Works 100%! Thank you.. Thank you.. You just save my life!!!! Regards from Philippines.:)

  • It works !!!!! Finally...
    Thank you for sharing this info. I really appreciate it.

  • your amazing!!! its work 1000% thanks a lot ;)

  • Thank you - this works perfectly and instantly :)))

  • thanks alot dear

  • What mine did:
    I typed regedit in the box, pressed enter, it showed the screen black for a bit, then changed to no taskbar, no icons, just the background that said Lenovo on it. It stayed like that, then I turned the computer off from it's power button. I looked to see if it still had it, and it did. I don't know what happened, but I'm kinda scared.

  • May God send you wonderful Blessings!!!!! Thank you!!!

  • thank you very much this is very helpful thanks lot!

  • nice one Vici Gaming! (VG) XD

  • tnks the team i got alots of information and larned many things

  • Thank you!

  • i think i accidentally got but not installed some sort of virus from a sketchy site and then it says shut down and install updates at home button, is there a way of seeing the updates (or even deleting them) before i install them?

  • when i finished creating the AU key theres no NoAUAsDefaultShutdownOption in the right side, plss help me sir. i really need ur help ASAP. TNX

  • VG

    ^^ You need to manually create the DWORD. If you are not familiar with Registry Editor, you can try the ready-made Registry script given at the end.

  • I am not advance but your tutorial is pretty easy, I had not problem to set up the first Reg_dword but i have no idea how to change the value. I am on W7 ultimate. would appreciate the answer. I had changed it in Xp years ago but , bad memory:))

  • Somehow went through it and had not see the difference still can not update without instaling the ******ng W10

  • Perfect answer (y)

    Solved my problem immediately :)

  • Hello VG - Will this script work on Windows 10?

  • VG

    ^^ Yes. It should work.

  • A few times when I've been playing an online game (possibly for a few hours), which is in full screen mode, the game has all of a sudden shut down in the middle of a game and then Windows has started rebooting. There has been absolutely no way for me to know that the Windows warning about an eminent reboot has possibly been up for a while, until the game just shuts down.

    So for me the best tip was the BONUS TIP!
    Thank you!

    "BONUS TIP: Sometimes Windows automatically restarts your computer to install scheduled updates. You can disable this automatic restart feature by creating a new DWORD NoAutoRebootWithLoggedOnUsers and set its value to 1"

  • Thank you for the easy to understand and follow instructions, the geek site that shows up in the search results above this one leaves out to much information in it's how to leaving me confused. So thank you for this Those forced updates and shut downs seem to always come along when I'm busy as heck or have dived deep into writing something. Was driving me nuts. Expecually hate when I told it 'no' it would shut it down later anyways, whoever in coded that in Microsoft, needs a smack upside the head. Now I won't find out if this works or not until the next update, I'll come back and confirm this if it does. If it works this page is going to be liked, shared, pinned and tweeted. :) Oh ya and posted in my wattpad blog (with a link back of course.)

    Hey perhaps you could help me with a problem a friend of mine is having?

    She is unable to get any of her older image editing software to install/work on windows eight. The other important program she can't get to work correctly is MS word.

    She also is unable to open up and use the old pdf files from windows xp when she is able to sometimes open them, they revert to bunch of jumbled gibberish. All of these files are saved on disk from her windows XP computer.

    I've tried everything I can but, this isn't windows xp any more so am at a loss how to fix it for her. She needed these programs to work for her online doll pattern business. Because of this issue she has been unable to send her finished patterns to the magazines that pay her for them.

    Please mail me if you are interested in helping her. Or if you know someone who can solve this problem.

    The only thing that I can think of is that when first installing her windows 8 she refused to let me take the time to use the choose your own options thing (or whatever it was called.) and just tlet it choose it's own settings. The reason i say this is becasue it isn't to hard for me to get her older image editing program to open up and work on mine. But with hers windows has an attitude.

    We are willing to pay for any services offered, thank you! Meanwhile, I'll continue to search google and learn more about windows 8 in hopes of fixing these issues.

  • VG

    ^^ First of all post the HijackThis log file in following topic:

  • Hi, My W7P Start screen recently became stuck on the "Install Updates and Shut Down" button, even though there were no pending updates. I found this page, and decided to try your Registry script. I downloaded and ran it, and got the dialogue saying it had run successfully. But after reboot, it seems to have had no effect on the Start screen. The pop-out "Power" menu does not have an Install Updates and Shut Down option, as shown on your web page. I'd be grateful for any advice as to what I should do next. Thanks, Ed

  • A follow-up: Maybe I didn't understand how this patch is supposed to work. Does the "Install Updates and Shut Down" option ONLY appear on the Power pop-out menu if there ARE some pending updates to be installed? If so, maybe it is working as intended. In that case, the test would be how it reacts to pending updates. -Ed

  • VG

    ^^ Yes. This tutorial helps you in removing the install updates and shut down option from Start Menu -> Power button so that you can directly shut down the computer without waiting for updates to install.

  • Thanks VG,
    I very much appreciate the work you've put into this website, and in creating this helpful patch. I look forward to exploring your fine website further.
    That said, I did understand the purpose of your patch. My question had to do with the specifics of how it operates: I was asking if the Start Menu > Power > Install Updates and Shut Down option (after the patch) ONLY appears when there are queued updates awaiting install. Right now, I don't have any pending updates, and I don't see that option on the Power pull-out. But I'll assume that said option WILL appear when needed... time will tell.
    Thanks again, Ed

  • VG

    ^^ Yes. The option only appears if there are pending updates to install.

  • thanks vg

  • and one thing how i can stop automatically installing updates in windows 7 ultimate,

  • VG

    ^^ Check following:

  • It's extremely useful for me when I'm in a tight corner!

    Thank you very much

  • Does it work for windows 10?

  • does this trick work on windonws 10 also ?
    because after i run the registry downloaded from this website but my power off button still show Update and Shut down.

  • Hi, thanks a lot. It works. So I don't have unwanted windows updates anymore...

  • Very nice it help me a lot, thanks for your generosity. :)GOD bless

  • I had big problem with those updates for a while, because when start updating he never stops, so I had to shut down on button or plugn off from electric power, what is very bad. Now problem is solved. Thank you very much! :)

  • I did it both ways - I edited the registry and I did not get the "install updates and shut down" option when pressing the little arrow.
    I tried your zip files and they do not create that clever little command.

    Should I replace the "No" to a "yes"?

  • sir I have done this procedure but doesnt have any changes on my shutdown menu still showing updates

  • Thank you, so much
    I have been trying to fix my slow (15-30 minutes) boot time. Lots of other forums had me checking and changing everything to no avail. There is no event logged as to what is going on during boot after 2 starting entries and 20+ minutes.
    Something about my Windows 7 SP1 update fails and is continually trying to be installed at every shutdown/startup.
    You have fixed it.
    Thank you

  • Laptop auto updates and shutsdown. I would like to auto update and restart. How can I set my laptop for that?

  • Actually this process is very good but I have a small issue, every time asking update while shutdown my pc 1 of 4 like this....Can you please suggest me....thanks in advance.

  • I am trying to look up the answer, but I am confused, and just want to make sure I have this correct, when you put in the value, is it hexadecimal, or just decimal? I read that is important, and I don't see anything above in the blog that mentions that part of it. Your help is appreciated. Thank you. -Deb

  • PS-I have Windows 7. 64 bit, but they are probably all 64 bit, don't know? Thank you again.

  • VG

    ^^ You need to create a new DWORD (32-bit value)

  • Very cool indeed, thnxx

  • thanx very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • does this thing work for windows 8

  • i did not understand the steps clearly .please make the steps more easier

  • Big fan of U...plz give your FB i.. i want to learn more about softwares

  • Brilliant! Thanks!

  • Hi

    I cant run start button on my computer without updating it first and I cant connect to to the internet either. Please help me

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