How to Disable Hot Corners (Charms Bar, Start Screen Thumbnail, App Switch List) in Windows 8?

If you are using the latest Microsoft operating system Windows 8 RTM, you must be knowing about the new hot corners. Microsoft has introduced hot corners in Windows 8 which help you in accessing useful stuff quickly and easily.

When you move your mouse cursor to bottom-left corner, it shows you a small Start Screen thumbnail to go to Start Screen.


When you move the cursor to top-left corner, the app switch list is shown so that you can switch between running apps.


If you move your cursor to top-right corner or bottom-right corner, the new Charms Bar is shown containing direct shortcuts to Search, Share, Start Screen, Device Manager and Settings.


Although hot corners were designed to help Windows 8 users but sometimes you might find them annoying when they come on the screen accidentally.

Recently we posted about a Registry tweak which helps you in disabling Charms Bar hint in Windows 8:

How to Disable Charms Bar Hint in Windows 8?

And today in this topic, we are going to share a trick to disable all hot corners in Windows 8.

To disable hot corners in Windows 8, we'll take help of our favorite freeware Classic Shell which also helps you in bringing back Start button and Start Menu and skipping Start Screen in Windows 8.

Actually a new version 3.6 of Classic Shell has been released which comes with a new option to disable all hot corners in Windows 8.

So if you also want to disable all hot corners including Start Screen thumbnail, Charms Bar and app switch list in Windows 8, follow these simple steps:

1. First download Classic Shell using following link:

Download Classic Shell

2. After installing Classic Shell, click on the new Start button which is added to Taskbar by this freeware. It'll open Classic Start Menu Settings window.

Alternatively, you can right-click on Start button in Taskbar and select Settings option.

3. Now click on "All Settings" radio button present at the bottom of the Settings window and go to "Windows 8 Settings" tab.

4. Here the option "Disable active corners" would be set to "Start screen". Click on "All" radio button and apply the changes.


5. That's it. It'll immediately disable all hot corners in Windows 8.


If you still get Charms Bar on your Windows 8/8.1 computer, try to turn off "Enable Edge Swipes" or similar option present in "Control Panel -> Mouse" properties to disable Charms Bar gesture as mentioned in following tutorial:

[Fix] Charms Bar Randomly Appears on Windows 8/8.1 Devices

Do you like the new hot corners in Windows 8? Please share your feedback about this new feature of Windows 8 in your comment...

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  • Classical Shell Helping us to Customize Windows 8, Thanks VG!

  • I really love them, they're really useful imo after you get used to it :D

  • hi. Vg . There is a problem with windows dvd drive. It only ejects not close. Please give me a trick to both open/close dvd drive without losing my pc performence.

  • As per this post:

    Hot corners can be very annoying on multiple monitors (read on of the replies in that post for more reasons).

    However, this fix does not remove the 6 pixel trap, all it does is stops the charm bar from showing up. The 6 pixel trap is the reason for the first annoyance.

  • VG

    ^^ Currently only this is the known way to disable them. :)

    You can also try following:

  • Ok, I did all of this exactly how you said, yet still when i move my mouse to the bottom left corner, it still pulls up the charm with the time and date. any way to get rid of that, too?

  • I did too but the all the charms are still running when I swipe to the right on my touchpad. Can that be fixed?

  • I hate the charms and hot corners so much, maybe it is the touchiness of the mouse pad on my Lenovo, but even when I switch to a mouse, it still drives me absolutely NUTS, I can't stand them, everytime I use my computer I get aggravated. I was so disgusted I never activated my windows phone and bought a Samsung tablet and Samsung phone. UGGGGGGH, will I ever get used to it?

  • I just picked up my new computer with windows8 and I hate it, the side bar is driving me nuts as well, it should be option if we want it or not, I am thinking of returning this computer and just stick with my Vista computer, I have had no problems with that program, please Microsoft fix this issue, maybe Apple is the way to go these days.

  • Dan, I think it is the touchiness of the Lenovo mouse pad. I have one as well, and it's absolutely ridiculous. Try changing the sensitivity of the touch pad, especially disabling the "tap to click" function (control panel, hardware and sound, devices). It's annoying if you're used to tapping to click, but it really decreases the amount that the charms pop up. It seems to be a very common complaint with Lenovo devices.

  • Thanks. I actually only installed this while I'm trying to get my Windows 8 machine to install Windows 7, there are some problems with detecting the dvd drive and bootable usb drive.

  • I hate the hot corners, and metro style tiles. I am a data retention administrator of technology services working for a webhosting company in a data center so im running two extra displays off my laptop for a total of 3 displays. using windows 8 for experience purposes, i find it very difficult and annoying to move the mouse pointer from one display to the other without it getting stuck to the sides and corners. It got so frustrating that I had to google a solution such as this one.


    Windows XP Professional was the best OS Microsoft could make. XP followed the visual simplicity, clarity and point and click of Macs (that made Steve Jobs and Apple so successful).

    But then, MSoft realized it was at the end of the road and there was not much more it can do with an OS. So it had to come up with ways to keep selling the same OS over and over to keep making money. So it had to put the old wine in new colored bottles.

    Windows Vista and its progeny, 7 and 8 are basically DISABLED and mangled XP. See:

    They are neither easy nor user friendly. They are mutilated and disabled and disarranged (i.e. deranged) versions of XP. Other features are hidden away and takes a while to search and find them.

    Toolbars with Icons, the sine-qua-non of a GUI are disabled. Even the close and minimize buttons have disappeared in Windows 8. So you cannot even close a window!!

    Vista and Windows 7 were, as if, built by a madman who takes a normal car (XP), smashes the dashboard and puts a shiny plate to cover it up, puts the brake pedal in the trunk and the gas pedal under the back seat and the steering behind.

    Why did they do that? Well, it is a racket to make money. Knowing that there is nothing more to design compared with XP, they had to find a way to keep making money. So the only way they can make it seem new is to make it somehow different--by disabling basic features.

    Then a couple of years later, they come up with a "new version" in which some of those left out features are put back in. This "upgrade" or new version is, however, secretly damaged in other ways and, in reality, is really a degrade. A few years later, another "new version" comes out claiming to fix those problems--and it does, but destroys something else in the previous version that was working!

    This "upgrade" racket makes you go round and round in circles, spending money thinking it is a real "upgrade", when, in fact, each "upgrade" is really a circular downgrade. Solution: Stick with XP or get Linux.

    Microsoft and Balmer need to be sued for fraud and racketeering. People should contact attorneys and state attorney generals and complain and inquire about filing class action lawsuits. Only when Steve Balmer is sued for billions, will he wake up and realize that this racket is not very profitable after all.

  • Thank you so much for Classic Shell. I'm sure I would've tossed this computer across the room by now without it!

    The Widows 8 Charms Bar nearly drove me crazy over the last two weeks. (The inside of my left elbow also started to hurt badly from clicking to remove it from the screen every time it popped up).
    I couldn't understand why Microsoft would include such a stupid thing, especially the big black clock - what use is that!!!! so I hassled Dell and Microsoft nearly every day about the Charms Bar. At least 5 Dell and Microsoft technicians tried but but failed to disable it. It popped out literally every second and I had to keep clicking to get rid of it.
    I asked a friend who had also just bought a new computer how she was getting on with Windows 8 and she the Charms Bar wasn't a problem.
    So I figured that it must be something to do with the setting. I got back to Dell and eventually one of their techinicians installed the Classic Start and tweeked the sensitivity of the mouse/touch pad and guess what NO MORE CHARMS BAR. I now specifically use the curser to pull it out or click Windows+C on the rare occasion that I need to use it.
    I now have my life back and some aspects of Windows 8 are ok.
    If the Charms Bar is driving you crazy get on to Microsoft.
    Or if you have a Dell the right technician - who knows what he's doing will remove it for you.

    However the touch is still far too sensitive - if I hovver the curser over boxes etc for a second it ticks or untick them, it opens things or pick them, up!!!!!!.

    Note to programmers: A computer is not a toy - some of use it for work.

  • Charms are annoying. My laptop screen isn't big enough, so I have everything maximized. When I am trying to scroll down the darn charms keep leaping out at me. Very distracting and annoying.

    I saw on the microsoft website the technician said to just wait and they would disappear. What a stupid answer. Another example of microsoft trying to control their users.

  • I hated these at first on my touch screen laptop, definitely first week or so. But I love them now. there are quiet a bit of new features that I am getting used to and loving them. MS put in lot of thought into win 8. I hope they won't go away but enable users to disable these for the ones who can't get used to or using touch pad/mouse.

  • I don't understand why but it's not disabled and is just as annoying as before.

  • I have a problem with the charms bar but my main problem is the screen keeps magnifying itself and I have not found a way yet to keep it exactly how I want it any suggestions

  • Brilliant - hot corners are possibly one of the most irritating features of the worst version of Windows I've ever had the displeasure of having to use. Needless to say there are 1000s more irritating "perks" with this new attempt to create a Windows version of iOS. Microsoft need to stick to what they're good at - Windows. PC. Not iOS. Not Apple. If I wanted a Mac, I'd buy a Mac.
    Thank heavens for Shell and sites like this, helping me get as close to a normal Windows operating system as possible!

  • I am nearly at the end of my tether with this Windows 8. And that is exactly what it is...c**p!
    Who on earth thought this was an improvement! I wholeheartedly agree with the fellow who touted XP Professional as the very best. The 'charms' is beyond bearing; impossible to get rid of, leaps out without being invited (how rude!) & refuses to leave when bidden.

  • Thank god for that. Stupid slider thingy now gone. Hated it!

  • The worst thing ever invented ( Hot Corners ). They are such an annoyance, will drive you crazy, popping up all the time, and when they do, you have to click on the screen, to get rid of them. I was about to throw my computer out a window, no kidding. I started with Windows XP, then Windows 7, both home and office versions, all good, but Windows 8, total junk.

  • WOW...the classis shell fix is SOOOO easy and now the Charms Bar goes Bye-Bye-Bye.
    So highly annoying. I don't need all that crap popping up. I have to expend so much time avoiding it, that I don't care if I needed it a few times.

  • This does not work. I followed these directions and when I swipe on my touchpad from left to right the charms bar still pops up. Looks like MS released a "fix" to prevent your software from working. They are on a mission to prevent users from doing things the way they like and are forcing us to deal with their vision of how computers should be.

  • Seconding Erik's comment. I followed the instructions and the sidebar still appears when I swipe, EVEN WHEN I AM NOT IN THE TOP RIGHT CORNER! So annoying. I have also noticed that since about a month ago, it no longer skips the Start Screen. (I have been using Classic Shell for 10 months now.) It seem as though Classic Shell does not work anymore.


    I have just got a new computer with Windows 8 which I hated at first. This worked for me - installing Classic Shell and removing clock/charms bar by

    Control Panel/ Mouse/ Device Settings/ Settings/ Un-tick box " Enable Edge Swipes"/ Apply

    Working OK so far. Good Luck.

  • Juliana has the solution all along. thumbs up! I don't want to remove the charm bar, but just suppress it when i'm swiping my mouse towards the left.

  • This literally brought me to tears. Why would they put hot corners where you constantly click already to close the window or scroll up or down? I have been so upset about this - it was constantly interfering with my work and internet use. THANK GOD for Classic Shell. YOU HAVE HONESTLY IMPROVED MY LIFE.

  • You asked, I answer. I hate Hot Corners. I use a triple screen setup in either Extended or Eyefinity mode. I like to watch YouTube videos on my right screen while surfing on the middle screen. When YT is on the right screen, the play/pause button is in the bottom left corner. EVERY TIME I try to press that button, I go just a little too far into the bottom right corner of the middle screen. Then my mouse cursor gets trapped by the "Hot Corner," which I have resentfully named the Mouse Trap. I'm to the point of pulling my hair out and my ears off. I shouldn't have to download third party software to get rid of this flaw. Microsoft has attempted to one-up other more innovating tech companies by creating something totally new to be "the super awesome original new operating system that does things way different," without regard to the fact that all of their new ideas are completely inconvenient. Oh well, at least it's new.

  • I also hate Hot Corners. It irritates the snot out of me. These sorts of "innovations" should be opted into rather than forced on loyal customers. Microsoft should rethink their evolutionary approach before there run off too many customers to Apple, etc.

  • Great fix buddy ! Keep up the good work !

  • I think Microsoft employ too many young kids that have never worked in the real world.
    Windows 8 is a complete shambles especially the hot corner buttons

  • Finally fixed this God-awful charms bar issue!! First, I disabled the charms menu in classic shell on my Toshiba Satellite by right clicking on start, settings, windows 8 settings tab, disable all active corners. But the mouse was still getting hung up. For the real solution, I had to go into my touch pad settings. Go to mouse properties, device settings, then settings. This allowed me to change many things about how the touch pad works. The real culprit was the edge swipes, which was set up to summon the charms bar whenever you swiped onto the pad from the right (incredibly annoying). I just disabled this feature and in combination with classic shell, my PC runs and looks just like good ol 7. Hope this helps!!

  • Thank you :) It's okay sometimes but it will get in my when I scroll up and down or when I hit on the side to play a game it gets crazy for a while.

  • I loathe and despise Hot Corners!!!!!!! Very glad to hear there is a way to disable it. I have had the shell on since I got Windows Eight, but still had the corners. Hoping that they are gone for good. Happy to have a nearly-windows-seven computer now :)

  • Hot corners are horrible. I too am ready to throw my computer out the window. I tried all of your suggestions to get rid of it and nothing worked. I don't have to go anywhere near the edge of my computer for this to pop up. Makes my computer totally useless :(

  • My active corners cleared up after I went to Control Panel>Mouse>Device Settings>Settings and un-selected "Enable Edge Swipes". No more surprise Clock and Edge Menu.

  • People don't seem to realize that the Metro interface (Start screen, tiles, and full-screen bare windows) was designed for light computer usage (especially playing games) on touchscreen tablets, which have no keyboard or mouse. It works pretty well for that purpose.

    If your hardware is a desktop or laptop, the interface doesn't work well at all. Microsoft's design problem was simply that they currently provide no way to disable the Metro interface. They fell in love with an interface for a new piece of hardware just because it's handy and new. There is nothing wrong with giving an OS a "skin" that is appropriate to the computer hardware being used.

    I feel sure that they will fix this problem in a future upgrade. Currently, Windows 8.1 is worse than 8, according to many postings on the Web. Windows should simply support tablets and laptops/desktops with different user interfaces.

    But if a new user does a good Web search, they can find advice that turns Windows 8 back into a good old standard computer, just like XP (either by making internal changes, or by installing the free Classic Shell). The only remaining problem is that many casual yet serious computer users don't really know how to do effective Web searches. These people are stuck, as so many postings and videos give ample testimony.

  • For Asus laptop the easy way to turn off the annoying charm bar. Go to control control pannel >> Hardware & Sound >> ASUS Gesture and untick Left swipe for Charm bar.

  • I've discovered an interesting glitch that disabled my hot corners, though that was not what I desired. Feel free to try. Point your cursor to the bottom left corner, see that "Start" popping up, then hold Win and press Tab several times, after that all my hot corners were gone and I could only re-enable then by fiddling quite a bit with the PC Settings in the General tab.

  • This is the only thing that stopped those annoying charms on my new Toshiba. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!

  • Microsoft appears to have disabled the disabler in Classic Shell. First of all, Classic shell is the best part of my windows. I even downloaded Linux Ubuntu and wiped a few of my laptops of windows 8 altogether. Having said that - After you get Classic Shell, if the disabler does not work on your system (blocked by MS no doubt), go ahead to Control Panel, Mouse, select your touchpad, then properties. Under properties uncheck the active corners. Apply. This works. Best of luck.

  • Do NOT install 'Classic Shell'!!
    It carries the 'feed.helper bar' virus which hijacks your homepage and is an absolute pig to remove.

  • Thank you...the 'sidebar' charm was really starting to annoy me!

  • Thanks for the fix. I finally disabled this unbearable annoying ??feature?? WTF were they thinking when they came up with this one?

  • Having stupidly swaping an outdated Mac for a HP laptop running 8.1 was the worst purchase ever. The stupid side bar appeared when ever the mouse decided to stop working which was every three minutes. I found that by right clicking on the bottom navigation it turned off with a click so you don't need to install everything. Windows 8.1 is a complete mess, I have done 128 updates in less than 1 calendar month compared to OSX which is 1 in one month which was 10 times the file size and took 3 minutes to install and then update. This new laptop took 3 hours. Microsoft need to pull there socks up.

  • i can't think of anything LESS useful than downloading ANOTHER update that may or may not work - shove it - if i hadn't updated and upgraded to the abortion called windows 8 - i wouldn't be here right now ...

  • Hello Microsoft - hows it going with Win 8? Great user testing program you have there.

  • I can live with hot corners.
    What is really annoying is this bug:
    Normally you place mouse in hot corner, transparent sidebar appear and if you move mouse inside sidebar area, its background turns black.
    And now the bug: sometimes (randomly, very rare) black sidebar appear when mouse is in its area even if mouse was not in hot corner and transparent sidebar did not appear first. I believe this is a bug.

  • thank you, & classic shell is great tool.

  • If you have an ASUS laptop, you need to open ASUS SMART GESTURE in the hidden tray icons, open EDGE GESTURE, and un-click the three square radio buttons there. Nothing else worked on my ASUS notebook to get rid of the annoying side panels.

  • I am so frustrated with windows 8.1 and even more so because whatever you purchase nowadays this awful program is superimposed on you. I've wasted enormous amount of hours trying to deal with the issues of windows 8.1

    Although I have Classic Shell installed, it only works partially. None of the suggestions to get rid of the hot corners work: not classic shell, not disabling 'active corners', 'left swipe' or 'edge sweep' features. I still get the incredibly annoying hot corner "not-charm" bar popping up. Constantly.

    There should be a class action lawsuit against microsoft for superimposing this tuly idiotic program on buyers rather then giving buyers the option to select their own operating system. I'm thinking of mailing them an invoice for wasted work time.

  • Dear Friend, I am not able to concentrate on my work while working with Win-8 Home page. When I work seriously, suddenly it touches something & corners & home/start page displaying. even if i press escape keep disturbing this Win-8 home page.

    After I installed the Classic Shell, I disabled all as I needed. Now I am happily using without frustration/irritation.

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