How to Disable Hot Corners (Charms Bar and App Switch List) in Windows 8.1?

One of the big annoyances present in Windows 8 was "Hot Corners" feature which allows users to access some predefined shortcuts by moving the mouse cursor to top-left or top-right corners of computer screen. When you move the cursor to top-left corner of screen, the "App Switcher" or "App Switch List" is shown which allows you to navigate between running apps or close running apps. When you move the cursor to top-right corner of screen, "Charms Bar" is shown which provides quick access to 5 shortcuts: Search, Share, Start, Devices and Settings.

Although these hot corners were designed to help Windows 8 users but most of the users found them annoying and useless. They wanted to disable these hot corners but Microsoft didn't provide any option to disable these irritating hot corners. That's why we had to take help of 3rd party tools such as Classic Shell to disable hot corners in Windows 8 as shown in following tutorial:

How to Disable Hot Corners (Charms Bar, Start Screen Thumbnail, App Switch List) in Windows 8?

Now Microsoft has released Windows 8.1 update for Windows 8 users which comes with many new features and fixes and one of these new features is the built-in option to disable hot corners in Windows 8.1.

Now Windows 8.1 users will not need to use any extra software to turn off these hot corners. You can disable hot corners quickly and easily using Taskbar Properties or PC Settings.

If you are using Windows 8.1 and want to disable "Charms Bar" or "App Switch List" hot corners, this tutorial will definitely help you:

METHOD 1: Using Taskbar Properties

1. Right-click on Taskbar and select Properties option.

2. It'll open Taskbar and Navigation properties window.

3. Go to "Navigation" tab and uncheck following options present in "Corner navigation" section:

  • When I point to the upper-right corner, show the charms
  • When I click the upper-left corner, switch between my recent apps


1st option will disable Charms Bar and the 2nd option will disable App Switch list.

4. Apply the changes and it'll immediately disable hot corners in Windows 8.1.

METHOD 2: Using PC Settings

You can also disable hot corners using PC Settings (aka Metro Control Panel).

1. Move your mouse cursor to top-right or bottom-right corner of screen and click on Settings icon present in Charms Bar.

2. Now click on "Change PC settings" option.

3. It'll open PC Settings page. Now go to "PC & devices -> Corners & edges" section.


4. As you can see in the above screenshot, you can disable the hot corners by setting both options present in "Corner navigation" section to Off.


If you still get Charms Bar on your Windows 8/8.1 computer, try to turn off "Enable Edge Swipes" or similar option present in "Control Panel -> Mouse" properties to disable Charms Bar gesture as mentioned in following tutorial:

[Fix] Charms Bar Randomly Appears on Windows 8/8.1 Devices


If you want to make these changes using Registry Editor, check out following tutorial:

Registry Tweaks to Customize Taskbar and Start Screen Settings in Windows 8.1


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  • Is There any way to modify the charms in this update??

  • I had thought of that too (since using W8 for first time). I want to hide/replace the Share and Devices button, they just seems useless to me.

  • VG

    No. You cant customize Charms. You can only disable Charms Bar.

  • Are there any 3rd party tools available to do that??

  • VG

    ^^ No. No 3rd party software allows you to change Charms Bar functionality.

  • If we disable charms , how do we search in News , Travel , Sports etc. ??(cuz they have a broken Search at the top-right corner ) ...

  • VG

    ^^ It disables top-right hot corner. You can still access Charms Bar using bottom-right hot corner.

  • So is there no way to disable bottom right hot corner??

  • Thanks for the detailed instructions, but, unfortunately, it did not work for me. I did everything you suggested, but the annoying "charms" bar still pops up.

    Any solution to this problem?

    Thank you,


  • Thank you :)

    But i use a second screen here.. and one hot corner is already active -_-
    On the primary screen everything is fine.
    But on the second screen, the right bottom corner already shows this annoying bar.

    Any ideas? :(

  • Thanks, but does not work on Toshiba Satellite C850, I have done all the regedits recommended as well, a tad annoying. ( switched off in PC settings as well )

  • Doesn't work on my Acer Aspire V7 laptop either. I've tried everything... the Synaptics disable, the registry trick and even 3rd party charm killer.... charms still popping out killing my productivity. I heard MS may be releasing Windows 9 soon... I hope it finally addresses the annoyances of Win 8/8.1 I can't F'ing wait.

  • @VG
    Just an observation:
    if we disable the app switcher according to method 1, it only disables it from the top left corner but is still present in bottom left (start button) corner. To check open start screen open any app like store or skydrive and dont close them, now go to bottom left corner or start button and u will still be presented with app switcher option.
    To disable it completely, in method 2 pic(upper portion) app switch needs to be disable,try this again and now app switch is completely disabled.

    -11th Feb 2014, 02:19 GMT

  • VG

    ^^ Yeah. That option disables it in Metro mode.

  • There is an extra setting in Control Panel/Mouse - in my case under the Synaptics settings - "Edge Swipe" which brings up the charms menu when the mouse is swiped right to left. However the setting being on by default means the charms menu keeps popping up unexpectedly when moving the mouse. Turning this option off fixes this most annoying behaviour. I still have the mouse going to the top right or bottom right corners turned on to bring up the charms menu.

    Hope this helps others.

    More Info:

    [Fix] Charms Bar Randomly Appears on Windows 8/8.1 Devices

  • I hope it helps others too, because so far these fixes don't work, and these giant black charms keep popping up no matter what, invading pc screens from the side and the bottom, with that flashing strobe like quality which becomes more and more irritating the longer it goes on. It's great to keep learning new things, but Microsoft needs to address this problem. again.

  • Beware of this Rogue Software: Charms Bar Killer. I downloaded it cleanly right from their site.
    It did nothing to kill the Charms Bar Menu on the Horrific Windows 8.1 OS. Futhermore-
    It embedded Trojan Horse Virus- Malware.Generic.746983. This rogue software hid itself so I could not uninstall it from my registry or from the programs menu. I contacted the developer 3 times on this issue, they refused to respond. Anvisoft Smart Defender finally found & killed this rogue, fake program. The virus allows a backdoor to be wide open on your computer to enable programs to be run from an attacker.

  • Did not work on Win 8.1 Toshiba Satellite

  • I, too, have been incredibly annoyed by the charms bar.. I've tried all the fixes I've found on the internet and even contacted Microsoft, who gave me a link to a page explaining how to turn them off in the registry.. That only worked for one day.. They were back the next morning when I turned my HP laptop on (using Windows 8.1)

    I went to walmart and purchased a $16 wireless mouse. It actually stopped the charms from popping out. The only time they pop out if I run the cursor as far as it can go on the right side. Otherwise, the charms have stayed hidden..

    Small investment to keep my sanity, because these ridiculous charms were driving me bonkers, constantly popping up, blocking what I was working on.. So annoying. I was about the throw my new laptop out the window.. The wireless mouse saved it, and my sanity.

  • Thank you so much for creating charms bar removing program, it really makes life easier. I have no shortcuts in the harms bar so it was really annoying.

  • I tried the solution on the page linked at the end of this article for Touch devices and I was SO thrilled it worked! Now I see that the charm bar appears randomly, but only sometimes, which is much better than EVERY TIME I went near the scroll bar.

    Thanks so much!

  • For Toshiba 8.1 Satellite, it works for a minute but when you're on the Internet the "charm" bar continues to pop up. Any other suggestions?

  • Windows 8.1 edge swipes have been a disaster for us with the dell venue 8 pro. Its no longer possible to build reliable enterprise devices using windows 8.1. Who ever came up with the idea that edge swipes should be permanently enabled should be shot,. And then stamped on. Repeatedly.

  • Stardock Start 8 allows you disable all corners in desktop mode so it looks and acts like Windows . Just go under Control in the program and Disable all Corners

  • Stardock Start 8 allows you disable all corners in desktop mode so it looks and acts like Windows 7. Just go under Control in the program and Disable all Corners

  • @GD

    I don't know why you would want to install a 3rd party software when you can just change the settings in windows itself.

  • John Bird you are a life saver it worked on my hp chrome book I have tried ev thing navigation and edgeui nothing worked so thank you

  • Hi Guys Please take a look at this, I have managed TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM FOR GOOD and so will you. Nobody would have been as much annoyed as me with this irritating charm bars which in my understanding is the worst thing ever invented by micro soft windows. I have tried so much suggestions by other guys here but all in vain. particularly waste of time about this task bar suggestions.
    Now what to do?
    Go to control panel, choose mouse and open property and
    there will be Touchpad option for the make of your laptop. On mine its Dell touchpad on the very left hand corner, and it has got option to "change the touchpad setting option" and turn it off from this setting. This really does the good trick. Well! Did on mine. Good lucks. Thanks

  • These instructions do not seem to be working? CAn anyone verify if Windows 8.1 has updated and these directons are no longer viable?

  • VG

    ^^ They work. Also try following:

  • IT DIDN'T WORK. I tried the first method - Taskbar, Properties, Navigation, unclick the first two items, and it does not work at all. Yes, I clicked on "apply" as well. Thanks a lot.

  • I did these things. Now it doesn't appear when I point to the corner, but it still appears every time I open a new window. So if I click on a link that opens a new tab or window, my mouse defaults to the right hand side of the screen and the whole charms thing is there on top of the window. I have to keep moving my mouse and clicking it away--annoying when you have to do it so many times.

  • Thank God! I finally got rid of those 2 annoying black "charm bars" that would popup every time I would swipe on my mouse pad. I unchecked the "enable edge swipes" under mouse settings and that took care of it. No more freakin black boxes poping up on my screen! Thanks for the info. on how to turn off that dang poping up of black boxes.

  • Anyone recommend a better system? Ive tried Everything, so now I would like to dump Windows Why not join me? as it seems windows dose not care.

  • The only program that helped a little killing to charms menu was onestart by anvisoft. But they do not update the program so it started to lose it's hold on the charms bar. Microsoft level II techs even tried to fix my new Acer aspire laptop 3 times, they completely screwed my registry, now my Windows 8.1- the worst Microsoft product ever will not install any critical updates for over 8 months now. Microsoft has screwed us royally by refusing to admit & fix these 2 major issues. Charm Bar Virus, that is what it is & update failures. If yiou are considering a new PC. Run as fast as you can to MAC.

  • John Bird, thanks SO much! In my case it was just the Synaptics settings, exactly like you mentioned. Now the annoying bar is off. Thanks you very much!

  • To stop annoying Charm bar and Start menu randomly appearing in Windows 8.1, the following worked for me on a Toshiba Satellite laptop:
    Control Panel; Mouse; Device Settings; click on Settings in the box; then unclick Enable Edge Swipes,
    Thanks to person above who also seemed to suggest this solution. So glad that annoying problem is fixed

  • Followed all above instructions just to be sure, charms bar still shows up.

  • Tulash great job!!!
    just follow his instruction!

  • get your start menu back on windows 8:
    your welcome

  • I'm running 8.1 and tried turning off charms using both methods. Neither worked. They should have called them "Pains" instead of "Charms".

  • I forgot my password and i can't get in. Can anyone help me out of this

  • I have a Toshiba Satellite. I finally think I found how to do it on my computer. It seems to be working anyway. Go to Control Panel, Hardware & Sounds, click on mouse, go to the Device Settings tab, click on settings, and then uncheck edge swipe.

  • I have an HP Pavillion and used Tulash's method but it looked a little different. I searched for mouse properties. Clicked it and chose Touch pad. Then I clicked the highlighted "click to change touch pad settings". Then I chose Edge swipe. I unclicked the three boxes in here and this worked! Hallelujah! No more annoying pop ups!!!

  • Thanks. That worked. Windows 8.1 is actually "Microsoft Classic" as in its been engineered so only the developer team fools at Microsoft find it to be logical and user friendly.

  • HOW COULD ANYONE DEVOLOP SUCH A TERRIBLE WINDOWS After all these yours of using windows I am going back to windows 7 and will NEVER by a new windows.

  • HP laptop: go to Control Panel, click on HP Control Zone Settings and are there! Uncheck "Enable Edge Swipes." I've done it and now, I'm gonna see if it works. :) (On my computer none of the other instructions matched my HP layout...until I stumbled across the HP Control Zone Settings item sitting right there in the list within Control Panel. Gonna be SO easily accessible!! I'm thrilled.

  • YES!
    Right-click taskbar to disable corner activation of CHARMS worked for me (HP ENVY TOUCH).
    I'm happy with that.
    Playing with edge-swipe, I decided not to remove the option after discovering that I really don't have to click OUT of the unexpected display, all I have to do is repeat the right->left edge-swipe. Much easier to deal with accidental CHARMS display.
    Thanks for the simple, straight-forward instructions!

  • This isn't working for me either in an up to date install of 8.1. I was able to remove the charms from appearing at the top corner, but they're forever popping up from the bottom. I've done taskbar, touchpad, mouse, and registry changes and the bottom corner is still active. As that's where I naturally rest my mouse pointer while using operating systems that aren't garbage, it's driving me crazy.

  • This does not work, I tried it, I also went into pc setting, pc devices and corners and turned it off and it's still on, I went to properties/navigation and this does not work either, I hate this stupid thing!!

  • NONE OF THIS WORKED with my Acer Aspire V laptop. I've tried everything to get rid of these annoying Charms - if EVER I've known of anything to be mis-named, it's Microsoft's Charms. How about just calling it The Microsoft Annoyance Bar?

  • can disable all corners but the most annoying, bottom right hand, HATE THE BOTTOM RIGHT! such a pain in the a--! I despise windows 8 on the sole idea of dealing with that corner popping up constantly and unwantedly! boo

  • The bar only appears when you swipe towards the left on the right side off your mousepad, not on the left side. So i keep my left finger on the left side of the pad :) and when i want it to appear, i swipe my right finger towards the left, on the right side of the pad..

  • I'm using windows 8.1 and have an Acer computer. This solution does not work and there is no touchpad option to choose from in the Mouse section. The Charms bar along with the date bar both show up randomly out of the blue.

    This feature is incredibly nerve-wracking. Had I known, I would never have bought a computer using windows 8 or 8.1. Aggravating!

  • I think the only way to stop them is by uninstalling the os and revert back to 7 or XP, my laptop is still under warranty so its going back today, had enough of these charms to the point where I'm close to throwing the lap top out the window and if it wasn't for the warranty I probably would!

  • @ John Bird, your solution works, thanks.

  • John Bird - THANK YOU! This finally disabled that annoying swipe from the right that brought up the Charms menus and big clock! I couldn't find any other way, though the left swipe option is available to be disabled in the touchpad options, the swipe from right is not.

  • Download Classic Shell –

    Go to Windows 8.1 Settings tab

    Select “Disable Active Corners” – All

    Problem solved.

  • VG

    ^^ Its here: ;)

  • I managed to completely disable this annoyance by using Start8 software, although it's not free.

  • Amazing... Start8 didn't work 100% either, charms bar still appears sometimes :(

  • Neither Method 1 nor Method 2 remove lower right corner activation of the charms, so it should not be stated here that "You can disable hot corners quickly and easily using Taskbar Properties or PC Settings." These two methods only remove upper right corner activation of charms.

  • I followed your instructions but was stumped when the mouse properties box was not the same as yours.I had spent weeks trying to find a solution so I kept going.I went to task bar and navigation icon in control panel and disabled the right swipe charm bar there.Best thing was to put control panel into large icons.

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