How to Disable Charms Bar Hint in Windows 8?

NOTE: This tutorial helps in turning off the "Charms Bar Hint" feature. It doesn't disable the Charms Bar feature. If you want to disable Charms Bar completely, check out following tutorials:

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If you are using Windows 8 Release Preview or previously released Windows 8 testing builds such as Developer Preview or Consumer Preview or may be recently released Windows 8 RTM build, you must be aware of new "Charms Bar" feature of Windows 8. Its similar to a dock utility and automatically appears on screen as soon as you move your mouse cursor to top-right corner or bottom-right corner of screen.

It provides quick access to following 5 system components: Search, Share, Start Screen, Devices and Settings.

You can also access Charms Bar using "Win+C" keyboard shortcut. Although Charms Bar was designed to help Windows 8 users in quickly accessing these system tools but sometimes it becomes quite annoying when you move the cursor to top-right corner of screen to close a window or other tasks and Charms Bar automatically appears on screen.


So today in this tutorial, we are going to share a simple Registry tweak which will help you in disabling Charms Bar hint in Windows 8. It'll not disable Charms Bar but it'll turn Charms Bar hint off, so Charms Bar will not appear as soon as you move the cursor to top-right or bottom-right corners. But it'll appear if you move the cursor to top-right corner and then move it downwards. Same case will happen with bottom-right corner. Also the hotkey "Win+C" will also show Charms Bar.

So if you apply this Registry tweak, you'll not accidentally get Charms Bar on screen. It'll only appear when you actually want it.

So without wasting time, lets start the tutorial:

1. Press "WIN+R" key combination to launch RUN dialog box then type regedit and press Enter. It'll open Registry Editor and go to following key:


2. Under ImmersiveShell key, create a new key EdgeUI.

3. Now select newly created key "EdgeUI" and in right-side pane, create a new DWORD DisableCharmsHint and set its value to 1


4. That's it. It'll immediately disable Charms Bar hint feature. You'll not need to log off or restart the system.

NOTE: If you want to enable the Charms Bar hint feature again, simply delete the DWORD "DisableCharmsHint" or set its value to 0

PS: If you don't want to modify registry and want a ready-made registry script to do the task automatically, download following ZIP file, extract it and run the extracted REG file. It'll ask for confirmation, accept it:

Download Registry Script

Thanks to our reader "DaNieL" for sharing this tweak...

Do you like Charms Bar feature of Windows 8 or you hate this annoying thing? Feel free to share your opinion in your comment...

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  • GOD BLESS YOU!! What a nightmare is the uncharming charms bar

  • ive done it thank you so much whoever came up with how to get rid of it, it was really annoying me and making me not want windows 8

  • Great tweak. Very easy to implement.
    Thank you for sharing.


  • Thanks a lot!!!!!!
    Good work!!!
    Its really annoying.....

  • Thankyou sooo much, it was driving me mad :P

  • Thanks for the help!!!!! That bar was driving me nuts.

  • THANK YOU!!! This Charms Bar was really beginning to get on my last nerve!

  • I followed the instructions and it worked great. Thank You so much!

  • I think I discovered the answer to charms bar. After installing Classic Shell and the popular registry tweak and finding NOTHING could stop this insidious monster called charms bar, I found one itty bitty suggestion that I think FINALLY fixes this thing for real. It's so simple it makes me feel dumb for not figuring it out myself. Just go to the mouse or touch pad settings and turn off right edge gestures.

  • Thank you so much! ^U^ I tried to find tips on this at the Windows 8 forum, and they just got angry at the person asking the question. ;_;

  • I was setting up my wife's new HP laptop running Windows 8 and the un-charming bar kept popping up, and I spent all sorts of time looking through all the computer settings to try to disable it. I then noticed in the 'Navigating Windows 8 Start Screen' instructions that came with the new laptop and it called it the "charms" so I searched Google and it came up with these instructions, which were VERY easy to modify in the regedit. Thanks Vishal!

  • combo of this reg setting and config mouse and it's gone

  • Genius......the charms were ridiculous, it kept popping up on mine every time i moved the sodding cursor!!! Infuriating to say the least.....

  • Thank you very much! I can still use the functions of the charms bar by placing the cursor in the upper right corner and then moving it to where the Search, Share, Start etc. buttons used to be, but without having them show up when I don't want to. Perfect!

  • Have I told you lately that I love you? You 'da best! The Charms Bar was ever so annoying! :)

  • Thank you so much for this!! It was driving me absolutely crazy.

  • It worked and you taught me something new! Thanks ;D

  • Thank you!! That's how it should have been from the start!

  • Thanks a lot for this tweak. It is very useful.

  • I'm thrilled to get this disabled, thank you!

  • I used the download. Worked like a "charm". Ray

  • Just found a way to disable all those pesky "move your mouse and the charm appear and is hard to get rid of" Go to your mouse settings and disable the side swipe. It really works.

  • It works!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! That bar popped up every time when i navigated through internet, every time when i moved cursor to the left. Who prepared such studip thing?!

  • Can Windows not simplify? Does everyone have to be a computer tech to adapt to what Windows thinks you want? Why not just a simple: Do you want to pop out the time and date and side bar whenever you move your curser? It'll look like this........Yes? No?

    Thank you for a solution. Its really appreciated and worked just in the nick of time before I was going to throw my laptop out the window!

  • Suzie got it right. Bless you, bless you Suzie. Go to Control Panel. In the Search bar type "Mouse." Click Change Mouse Settings. Click on the Dell Touchpad menu button. At the bottom of the window click on "Click to Change Dell Touchpad Settings." Click on Gestures and turn off "Right Edge Swipe." Hit Save and you're good to go.

  • Oh, good to find this way to turn it off,
    It was really bothering me to see it showing up all the time I was doing something on my machine.
    Now I will call it anytime I want it to appear :-)

  • This is AMAZING! Thanks so much! I was ready to throw my brand new laptop across the room and you saved us. I'm still having a hard time adapting to Windows 8 but this has helped me immensely. Thanks again!

  • Actually this does not fully solve the problem... If you go to very right top and go straight down it still pops up... If you go from very right bottom and up it still pops up...

    This did work to get rid of very top right and moving back to left however...

    Another thing is I rolled back my synaptics driver to get rid of far right touchpad... Funny that that new version of Synaptics does not allow to remove Edge swipe as if MS had instructed them not to allow users to disable...

    I have been on this charms thing for awhile. :)

  • FYI not everyone will see the Edge Swipe feature in Synaptics! Many tutorials point to this and my laptop did not have it.. Like I said I had to uninstall synaptics because when I tried to install the version that has this feature it told me I was trying to install an old driver... So I uninstalled and installed the old one that microsoft did not want me to have and now I was able to disable the worst one which is the touchpad right to left action... However let me clarify there are 4 of them and I have 2 disabled...

    1. right side of touchpad moving left (disabled by rolling back synaptics)
    2. Very top right to left (This registry fix)
    3. Very top right going down (not fixed)
    4. Very bottom right going up (not fixed)

    If anyone figures out 3 and 4 please let me know... I still have issues sometimes when going to X out a window I sometimes trigger it... However this registry fix does prevent that from happening as often since it does eliminate the top right to left action...

    By the way... Who the F had the bright idea to make it pop up from the top right side where every damn user goes to X out a window. Everytime I was trying to close a window it would pop up the charms bar and not allow me to close it.. This seriously has to be the biggest sign of how stupid people at Microsoft really are... On top of that they know people hate it from all the forums even on MS support sites and they simply tell people it cannot be removed...

    F them.

  • The Charms Bar is one of the many annoying pointless features on Windows 8

  • Just what I need but has not stopped this useless charm bar - any ideas what I have done wrong - looks as the screen shot...


  • Thank you so much! I wanted to wipe the drive and try a Linux flavor, and I am not well versed in it.

    The geek shall inherit the earth.

  • I absolutely hate the charms bar. I think it is the worst thing Microsoft has ever came up with. If I had known how annoying win8 would be, I never would have gotten a laptop. Since I got the laptop with win8 on it and have found out just what an annoying operating system it is, I am not going to but a new desktop until a new operating system comes out even though my old desktop is xp. I would rather have an antiquated operating system than one that I hate as badly as I hate windows 8. I guess if Microsoft can't come up with an operating system without having a charms bar to aggravate a person to death, then I guess I will just try a Mac. I know it is a system that you have to learn and I have never used a Mac, but I believe anything would be better that having a charms bar popping up all the time and making me want to throw my laptop into the trash. If I hadn't paid nearly $900 for it, I think I would just trash it and be done with it. It is a Dell and it is the first time I have ever had a Dell. My preference is a Gateway. I have always had good luck with them but bought the Dell for my husband to try to keep his mind active with games since he is in early Dementia.

  • The charms bar is a piece of garbage - nobody likes it, nobody wants it, Win8 is annoying, but it's ball I got right now. Hopefully this tweak works better than the last one I looked up for the same issue.

  • I hate hate HATE that charms bar!

    Thank you


  • Thanks!

    Coming here was great! The touchpad setting changes seem to have done it for me. Disable edge swipes.
    Control panel, search "mouse", mouse settings, go to touchpad tab, options, then they all pop up ... tick or untick as desired.

    Windows 8 ... got someone to install "Windows X" ... free program, gave me back a proper startup screen and start button, almost usable now. Occasionally it will drop into an apps screen, then the only way back is to press 'shift' + windows key... that takes me back to the apps tiles, then can pop into my normal windows start page, click on my file and continue at the point I was rudely interrupted. What an abomination. But here is hoping the 'charm' popup is blocked so I can move the mouse pointer without having to tap and start again every 10 second to 60 seconds....

    I am pretty sure this is just a cynical exercise by Microsoft to see how far they can really push us before we actually give up and go and buy something else. (I went and tried LibreOffice and Open Office this time, but all those old Excel files with macros etc won't work, and password locked files won't open) ... but anyway I'd still be stuck with Windows 8 ... Apple is looking better all the time... if it was not for my bad iTunes experiences I'd probably try that.

  • Thank you very much for the tutorial, Windows 8 charms-bar was stressing and useless!

  • Go to the right corner with your mouse pointer until the little window pops up, right click on it and close. That's it.

  • Instructions worked like a charm. Thanks, just got rid of that annoying thing, Edge swipe was bringing up the charms instead of moving my cursor to the left (using touchpad) and I had to click back on the webpage to enable mouse functions and hide the charms bar, to continue what I was doing, seriously?!

  • Really? The angst with which people here express themselves is a bit unwarranted. It's a computer function, not life itself! "Gaston, you've got yo pull yourself together."

    I am requesting directions of how to keep the charms bar visible (non-auto hide), to facilitate using it on a large touch screen.

  • Thank you so much for that tip, that charm thing was driving me nuts!! You are a godsend x

  • Thank you so much! That was driving me crazy!

  • What stupid idiot thought this was a good idea !!!????
    I hate this thing & do not need the extra agravation of screwing around with the mouse,, trying to get it to pop out so I can turn off computer!
    This person should be shot!!!

  • These directions do not work. I followed them exactly and the charms bar keeps appearing.

  • Hey...

    thanks...Whata saviour...Window 8 is a pish

  • What a duffus. Did every thing he said and it did nothing! I found that you can turn it off on the pad properties.

  • Thanks a lot !!
    It works like a CHARM !!

  • Thanks a million, billion, trillion times, Mr. administrator, for sharing this tweak.
    Feels good to know that I'm not the only one who's utterly annoyed by, like someone said above, the un-charming bar.
    Wonder what Microsoft guys are doing these days, they are taking all good things away from the Windows series slowly but steadily. Make Win XP complicated and what you get is Win7...make Win7 worse and you get Win8. It's a real pain to work on Microsoft's latest products, be it Windows or Office. Seems like they want the old-timers to learn computers all over again.

  • Please share it, if you have a registry tweak method to boot Windows 8 directly to the desktop view, rather than the tiled one. I am currently using the scheduled-task method, which, i believe, is not a very efficient approach.

  • VG

    ^^ Please check following:

  • Thank you!!! Charm bar was driving me nuts. What a nightmare

  • Thanks for the instructions, this worked perfectly. My first reg edit, so I was nervous. But it worked out! Now the charms bar isn't there making me want to fling my laptop off the roof when I'm trying to read something.

  • There is nothing charming about this annoying feature. Whoever decided it was a Good Thing deserves a good slap!

  • OK I followed these directions and restarted my laptop only to now not be able to turn my computer on! I can't get a mouse to show up and I can't get the use login screen to show up.

  • VG

    ^^ This Registry trick will never harm your computer in any condition. Its a simple tweak to disable Charms Bar hint. It can't make your system not bootable. There must be some other reason behind your problem. Did you install any 3rd party software?

  • does not work for me :-( I have done all as the instructions say, but Charm bar still comes up :-(((

  • BLESS YOU KIND PERSON. This was driving me absolutely flipping nuts. I can now browse without frustration!

  • Thank-you SO much - that stupid charms bar has been driving me crazy since I got Windows 8 a few weeks ago! Hooray!

  • The charms bar kept appearing at random times when working on a full screen ap.
    Hope fully this tweek will stop that happening. I had already disabled the corner things but it did not stop charms.

  • Nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate w8 UI inovations.

  • I changed my mouse settings as mentioned above , to no avail. This worked great! Thank you so much!

  • Incredible!! Finally, ..a fix to a very annoying problem. Thank you so much.

  • this is why i don't bother with 'help' columns - they are as useless as 'charms' - if readers are coming to this page under search terms like 'turn off charms windows 8' - why am i sitting here wasting time when half of the 'advice' is basically an explanation of how 'charms' work - lame lame lame

  • Can you tell me WHO was the IDIOT decided the charming bar is useful?!

  • Uhh.. This didnt work for me...... and although it may be kind of stupid that Windows has all these stupid registry things to be able to enable or disable certain things, imagine finding something annoying on a Mac........ then you'd be screwed......

  • God bless you !! I hated the annoying charms bar.

  • Good Job !!! You save my life. Easy to Remove the bar.

  • Thank you for the fix. I was warned about charms by a Verizon tech the day before I bought my new machine with Win8. He told me "look out for the charms". I asked him what he was talking about, he said 'you'll find out". He was right, I found out, was quite unhappy with this feature. Glad I Googled for a fix and found this one. A little scary, I get nervous tweaking around the registry editor, but I followed the steps and it worked the first time. Thanks again!

  • With all my heart, "Thank you!" Charms were making it impossible for me to work with my embroidery software. You did good! (Oh, and I second the sentiments of almost everyone else above me!)

  • In control panel, I typed in mouse, then clicked on navigation properties, then unchecked the first box that references the charms. After I restarted the computer, they no longer appeared on the right side. Still trying to get rid of the google chrome drop down though.

  • I found that there was already a Ui folder there, so I just changed it to 0 and the bars disappeared. Thank you!!!

  • Hello...I followed the directions and still the charm bar displays 20+ times per day. I followed the directions and still no fix. Any new hints (Lenovo Yoga user...always plugged in).

  • I'm not doing this but GREAT!!! The CHARMS BAR should be called UNCHARMING BAR.

  • side swipe is the issue with non touch screen windows 8 etc to turn off side swipe if you cant just see what too do???

    right click the desktop space, choose personalise, then change " desktop icons ", add a tick to control panel and choose ok.
    then open the control panel icon , now on the desktop and choose "view by small icons", then choose "mouse", then look along and choose "touchpad", then choose "options", then the mouse pad choices applet comes up {if not look too the drivers}
    then untick "right edge swipe" and perhaps "top edge swipe". ok if you have a touch screen but not good for a mouse pad, better unticked. then close the window and reboot.

    you can add this .reg to further suppress the swipe bar. after both its only available if you move the pointer far right top or bottom corner ... then sharp left. this is also what microsoft says it does

    pitty there default settings enable swipe and dont detect touch LCD and only enable swipe if you have touch and drag etc...

  • Thank you so much - was ready to return to my old laptop with Win7. Used your automatic link, worked great but did have to reboot to get rid of charms bar!

  • Totally not necessary. The charm bar can be disabled in the mouse settings, in my case in the ELAN smart pad settings. This way you won't keep accessing it by accident when you swipe your mouse across the screen.

  • Doesn't work. I have disabled all swipe and corner moves through Classic Shell, under Mouse settings (mine gives me no option for touchpad or navigation under Mouse), and have employed this registry change. Same effect. I touch the right edge and Charms pops out. I managed to disable this in 8.1 but 8 is a PITA.

  • This is what I did on my Toshiba Satellite laptop which has Windows 8.1, the other methods like setting up DisableCharmsHint in the folder EdgeUI in the Registry Editor didn't work; in fact EdgeUI was already set up with "Disable TLCorner" and "Disable TRCorner". Strange!
    Open “PC Settings” then open “Control Panel” then open “Hardware and Sound” then in “Devices and Printers” open “Mouse”. A “Mouse Properties” popup will appear. Go the “Device Settings” tab and open “Settings”. The popup “Properties for Synaptics Clickpad V1.2 on SMB Port” appears [name of popup may be different for other laptops]. Untick the box next to “Enable Edge Swipes” then left click the “OK” button and so on.

  • Best free app Classic Shell! It does everything you need (If something annoying in Windows 8) ;)

    I even doesn't know that this app could remove Charms Bar till I tried to edit register. I found that the key EdgeUI is already created. And a first idea hit my brain was customization program Classic Shell :D

  • I absolutely hate the charms bar, and I hate not having a start menu. Every single person I've ever seen use windows used the start menu to get around and find programs. Then microsoft decided nobody wanted that. Who wants to browse your programs, when you can search by name? How about somebody who doesn't want to memorize every damn program name on my computer! I bought a computer so I wouldn't have to memorize everything, microsoft! Let me look for my program by seeing what's there, not by guessing the damn name.

    The charms feature is another unbelievable turd. It pops up on me hundreds of time per week when I don't want it, and I've never, ever, ever, used it to do something on purpose. I almost can't believe these software idiots would design something like that and not give us the option to shut it off. Are they really so stupid they can't imagine we don't want a menu to cover our program every time we mouse to the side of the screen?

    Why don't car manufacturers change which pedals do what every year? Because that would be stupid, that's why! Why don't they hide the steering wheel, and have the car guess which way we're trying to go? Because that would be stupid, that's why!

    I'm all for new features, but for God's sake, give me the option to do it the way I already know.

  • Rods idea was the only one that worked for me, so thanks Rod.

    Open properties for Synaptics Clickpad V?? [name of popup may be different for other laptops]. Untick the box next to “Enable Edge Swipes” then left click the “OK” button.

    Nothing else worked and its so much better now.

  • Greattt, So Thank You ...

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