Get “Windows Media Center Pack” for Windows 8 Free

We all know that Microsoft has removed Windows Media Center from Windows 8. If you use Windows 8 and want to install Media Center to watch or record live TV, you'll need to purchase it separately from Microsoft in form of a new "Windows Media Center Pack".


Once you purchase a license of "Windows Media Center Pack", you can install Media Center in Windows 8 using following tutorial:

How to Enable or Install Windows Media Center in Windows 8?

Now the good things is that Microsoft is providing an absolutely free license of "Windows Media Center Pack" to Windows 8 users. Its a time limited offer which will expire on January 31, 2013. The license key is valid up to 5 computers.

To get the free license key of "Windows Media Center Pack", you just need to provide an email ID and Microsoft will send you the free license key on your email ID. Different email IDs can be used to get more than one license key.

Go to following page to get free license key:

Get Free License Key of "Windows Media Center Pack" for Windows 8

Please note that the offer is valid from October 26, 2012 to January 31, 2013 and the product key must be activated no later than January 31, 2013.

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  • Thanks a lot VG-,
    Does it work with any win8 versions?

  • So, this license is lifetime?

  • I haven't received any emails yet...should I continue to wait?
    Can you use a key acquired before Jan 31 to add Media Centre AFTER Jan 31?

  • Oh wait, never mind about my second question.

  • Sir VG, why MS is giving license free? what is the purpose? By taking a free license shall we not fall in trouble in future?
    Mohit Kumar Sen


  • thank god now I can watch movies and tv with tv tuner card

  • Does it work for windows 8 enterprise

  • @Rohit Jha
    No .It is only for Windows 8 Pro.Actually theres no add features option in windows 8

  • If you have purchased a new PC preinstalled with:

    Windows 7 Home Basic;
    Windows 7 Home Premium;
    Windows 7 Professional; or
    Windows 7 Ultimate.

    then you can grab a windows 8 pro at 699 INR.

    For more details, please visit :

    Microsoft has started sending upgrade coupens from today i.e. 26th Oct 2012

  • @Asrin475
    ^^ It only works with Windows 8 Pro. Regular Windows 8 user can get the Windows 8 Pro Pack at discounted price of $69.99.

  • Installed Media Center Pack and is running well on Windows 8 Pro. used the link you posted, requested a key yesterday and it was sent today.

  • Thank you, kind Sir.

  • STILL WAITING for my code. How long does it take to receive?

  • VG

    ^^ Generally it takes a few minutes or hours. You can try with another email ID.

  • I think the offer is not like what is said in this post. because in the offer page it is said, "MC is available for free for limited time and must be activated before Jan 31". It actually means its a full version key and the first activation must be done before Jan 31.

  • I have received 2 Media Center product keys from Microsoft. But windows 8 will not accept them. Does anybody have any advice?


  • please help me to activate media center in windows 8 without activating windows

  • i was trying to download the windows 8 media center pack but the product key u give do not work what can i do

  • Please help me as i am unable to run cd's and dvd;s in windows 8 pro after all my cd drive is working properly............... What can I do???????

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