Get Windows 7 Calculator Working in Windows Vista

As you know Windows 7 contains a new redesigned Calculator which has new GUI and new options. You can get more information about it in following topic:

What's New in Windows 7: A Small Review with Screenshots

If you can't use Windows 7 but like the new Calculator, then you can get the same calculator working in Windows Vista.

Windows 7 calculator has been ported to Windows Vista and now it works absolutely fine in Vista without any problem, so you can enjoy the fully functional Windows 7 calculator in your Vista.

UPDATE: A new version of Calculator app has been released which works in both Windows XP and Vista. You can download it using following link:

Get Windows 7 Look-Like Calculator in Windows XP and Vista

Once you download ZIP file, extract it and run the "calc.exe" file.

If you want to replace the default calculator with this new one, then replace following existing files with the new ones:


That's it. Now you can enjoy the new Windows 7 calculator in Vista.

PS: You'll need to take ownership of both files before replacing them. Visit following tutorial:

Add Take Ownership Option in File / Folder Context Menu in Windows Vista and 7

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  • Is this, um, the official Calculator from Windows 7?

  • By all means it is as fully functional as the Windows 7 Calc is. As stated above it is ported, so yes it is just the same as Windows 7. I have 3 OS's two of which being Windows Vista and Windows 7 and I have this calc in my Windows Vista and both on each OS function exactly the same.

  • Just curious (well, more than that) - why won't this work in Windows XP and what would happen if I tried it.

  • I tested in WinXP.

    Still gives Not a valid Win32 application in WinXp - you have to delete the file from \Windows\System32\dllcache\ to even be able to replace it and then you get an error message to insert the WinXP Installation disk.

    I am curious if there is something in the file that can be modified to make it work in WinXP, or some way to modify the WinXP Calculator to show command history like the Win7 one does.

  • VG

    ^^ No. You cant use it in XP but you can check following:

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