VistaGlazz: Get Transparent Titlebar and Taskbar in Maximized Windows

You might have noticed that when we maximize a window in Windows Vista, it loses its transparency. When the window is not maximized, the window titlebar features Aero glass effect but as soon as we maximize the window, the titlebar becomes black and we don't get the Aero glass effect.

Many people want the transparency affect even in maximized windows. If you also want it, following freeware will help you:

You can use a utility VistaGlazz to enable Aero glass transparency in maximized windows in Windows Vista.

Just follow these simple instructions:

1. First download and install VistaGlazz:

Download VistaGlazz (no longer available...)

2. Now run it, accept the agreement and click on the 2nd icon in window.


3. It'll patch the default Aero.msstyles file. Restart your system and you'll get transparency in maximized windows as well.

If you want to restore the default behavior, click on the icon again.

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  • There isn't a way to do this via the Registry?

  • mY PC might can't take the transparent PNG images....

  • The Links not available. Please update the link. Thank You.

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