Get Maximum Aero Glass Transparency in Mozilla Firefox in Windows Vista and 7

We all know Mozilla Firefox 3.7 and above versions will support Aero Glass under Windows Vista and 7 as announced earlier by Mozilla Wiki.

Today we are going to share an interesting stuff for Firefox users. Its a very simple "Stylish" code which can bring Aero Glass transparency effect to Mozilla Firefox.

Note that it works in Windows Vista and Windows 7 only and you'll need Mozilla Firefox 3.5 to enjoy it.

Following is a preview of what you are going to get after following this tutorial:

If you like it, follow these simple steps:

1. Install "Stylish" add-on in Mozilla Firefox.

Install Stylish

2. Now open following link and click on "Install with Stylish" button present at top-right corner of the page:

Glass every single part of Mozilla Firefox 3.5

You can also install following Stylish code to get glass in Google homepage as well as shown in above screenshot:

Google Glass

3. That's it. Now you'll have maximum glass in your favorite browser.

Thanks to "fediaFedia" for sharing it...

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  • Thanks! :)

  • why does the google is black not glass transparent?

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