[Fix] “Your Insider Preview Build Settings Need Attention” Message in Windows 10

There are lots of Windows 10 users who upgraded to the recently released Anniversary Update build and getting following message in Settings app:

Your insider preview build settings need attention. Go to Windows Insider Program to fix this issue.

This message is shown on Settings app -> Update & Security -> Windows Update page as shown in following screenshot:


PS: Alternatively, You can directly launch this page using "ms-settings:windowsupdate" command in RUN dialog box as mentioned here.

The funny and strange thing is that this message appears even if the user didn't sign up for Windows Insider program. There seems no way to get rid of this annoying message as the buttons given on "Windows Insider Program" page are grayed out and the message always shows on Windows Update page.

If you are also getting this message, this tutorial will help you in fixing this issue and removing the annoying message.

Actually this message appears if you click on "Windows Insider Program" tab present at the bottom of the same page in Settings app where Windows Update tab is shown. As soon as you click on "Windows Insider Program" tab and then click on "Windows Update" tab, Windows automatically starts showing the "Your insider preview build settings need attention" message.

It seems some kind of bug in Windows 10 Anniversary Update build.

Fortunately there is an easy fix to solve this issue. You just need to modify Registry to disable this error message on Windows Update page. We are sharing a few methods to remove this message from Windows Update page in Settings app:

METHOD 1: Click on "Windows Insider Program Settings" Link

It seems funny but if you click on the given link "Windows Insider Program Settings" below the error message, it'll go to "Windows Insider Program" tab. As soon as it starts showing process animation (dotted circle), immediately go back to "Windows Update" tab and it'll remove the message.


METHOD 2: Remove Error Message Using Registry Editor

This error message is shown when the visibility of "DiagnosticErrorText" and "DiagnosticLink" is set to 1 in Windows Registry. To remove this message, we just need to set the visibility of both items to 0 and the message will disappear.

Check out following steps to do this:

1. Press WIN+R keys together to launch RUN dialog box. Now type regedit in RUN box and press Enter. It'll open Registry Editor.

2. Now go to following key:


3. In right-side pane, double-click on DiagnosticErrorText and DiagnosticLink one by one and change their value to 0


That's it. Close Registry Editor and re-open Windows Update page in Settings app and the error message will be gone.

METHOD 3: Customize Error Message to Any Desired Text String

This is actually a fun tip! The error message, the link label and hyperlink target all are stored in Registry Editor and we can customize and replace all 3 things with our desired text and website link.

For example, you can replace "Your insider preview build settings need attention. Go to Windows Insider Program to fix this issue." message with any desired text such as "Visit my website" and replace "Windows Insider Program Settings" label with your website name and replace the hyperlink with your actual website link as we have done in following screenshot:


To do this, check out the steps given in following tutorial:

[Windows 10 Tip] Show Customized Text and Website Link on Windows Update Page


Please remember the error message will be restored automatically by Windows as soon as you click on "Windows Insider Program" tab in Settings app. So if you want to stay away from the message or if you want to keep your customized message, don't click on "Windows Insider Program" tab again.

Also Check:

[Windows 10 Tip] Remove "Windows Insider Program" Section from Settings Page


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  • Windows 10 Pro (updated):
    method 1) It's works for 5 seconds, then returns the evil message!
    method 2) does not work!
    method 3) it's not for me!
    Yours sincerely

  • Hello and thanks for the tips.
    They all work, but only momentarily. A few seconds later, the registry subkeys revert to the default values, and the annoying message reappears. That happens without even clicking on the "Windows Insider Program" tab. I even took more extreme steps, i.e. deleting the "DiagnosticErrorText" and "DiagnosticLink" subkeys - even the entire "Visibility" key, but the System will recreate them all a few seconds after the "Windows Update" tab is opened.
    The only solution I found was to change the "Visibility" key permissions:
    Right click on the "Visibility" key and select "Permissions" > Click "Advanced" > Click "Disable inheritance" > Click "Convert inherited permissions into explicit permissions on this object." Then click "Add". A new window will open. Click "Select a Principal". Another window will open. Type "SYSTEM" (without the quotes) and click OK. Now set the type to "Deny". Here I checked all permissions except "Delete" and "Read Control". Click "OK" and then "Apply". Confirm you want to deny permissions.
    Theoretically this should do the trick as denying permissions is supposed to take precedence over allowing the same permissions. However, I know from experience that it doesn't always work that way. If the annoying message reappears, then again right click on the "Visibility" key and select "Permissions" > Click "Advanced". Double click the Type "Allow" "System" principal and uncheck all permissions (except maybe for the "Read Control" one).
    The message should not appear again.
    Sorry if my instructions seem a bit too complicated, but I can't post screenshots ;)

  • Thanks for the solution VG. I have done it and the message has not appeared since yesterday.

  • In my case it has dissapeared after I logged in with a Microsoft Account and searched for updates. After that I've removed the Account.
    My Microsoft Account was used for Insider Preview - but on another PC. The one with the issue was never in the Preview.

  • Well, it seems that last cumulative bring it back the issue for me.

  • We need to wait for Microsoft to fix this problem.

  • I've tried all of the methods and none of them worked.
    The message would disappear for a while and it would return as soon as I click the "check for updates" button.
    (I want to update my PC often, so not updating it is not an option)
    Are there any other ways to fix this problem, or at least hide that annoying notification?

  • Maybe Microsoft wants to catch more insiders? I also see that message a log.

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