Fix Slow Performance Issues and Tabs Not Loading Problem in Google Chrome by Disabling Hardware Acceleration Feature

If you are using Google Chrome web browser and if you are facing slow performance issues, this tutorial will definitely help you.

Recently Google updated its web browser Chrome to version 36 and many people who upgraded their web browser, started facing various problems such as following:

  • Chrome is running very slow
  • Websites are loading at sluggish speed
  • Keyboard lag while typing in textboxes
  • Glitches in scrolling in webpages
  • Tabs are not opening, just showing "Loading..." text in titles
  • Random browser crashing problems
  • Overall performance issues

Many Chrome users reported that the browser was running very slow for them and many websites were loading at sluggish speed. Also many people reported that when they open new links in background using Ctrl+Click shortcut, the tabs don't start opening the websites. All tabs just show "Loading..." term in their titles until users manually go to each tab and make it active. Once the user clicks on an inactive tab, it starts opening website properly.

Some Chrome users have also reported that they are having many lags and glitches while typing or scrolling in webpages.

So basically many Chrome users have faced poor performance issues in Google Chrome new version. We found that a single solution can fix all these performance related issues in Chrome.

The culprit behind all these problems in Google Chrome is "Hardware Acceleration" feature. When this feature is enabled, it may cause such kind of performance issues in many computer systems whether they are running Windows or Linux operating system.

If you are also facing similar performance issues in Chrome and want to speed up your web browser, check out following simple steps to fix these problems:

1. Open Google Chrome web browser and click on Control button -> Settings option. Alternatively, you can directly open the Settings page by typing chrome://settings/ in Chrome address bar.

2. It'll open Chrome Settings page. Scroll down to bottom and click on "Show advanced settings..." link.

3. Again scroll down to bottom and you'll see "Use hardware acceleration when available" option present under "System" section. Uncheck the option and restart Chrome.


That's it. Upon restart Chrome should run smoothly without any problem and you should not face any typing or scrolling problems in websites.

Thanks to our reader "ulupoi" for sharing this solution...

If you can remember similar problems have been faced by many people in other software such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office when Hardware Acceleration feature is turned on:

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  • In my case disabling HA makes Chromium slower, when enabled Chromium is faster.

  • I am having enabled this feature. Still Chrome lags when open multiple tabs

  • Worked fine on my system!
    Thanks to ulupoi for the solution and to VG for making us aware of it.

  • Worked better when having it enabled.

    It's going to be a mixed bag of placebo effect and actual change.

  • old school. :) same applies to firefox.

  • Thanks for the article VG.

  • The biggest and the oldest internet browser slower is too effective antivirus.

  • Hi VG, I have a problem that windows is showing files as shortcuts on pd. And when i copy only shortcuts copy.

  • This helped me a lot! Many thanks!

  • This Helped Me!, Thanks For That! :D

  • Un-checking hardware acceleration definitely sped up Chrome for me. (I'm using Windows 7)

  • I think a lot didnt read properly. Its says you have to UN-CHECK the option to speed up your Chrome.
    UNCHECK the box not CHECK the box
    This actually works for me. Thank you so much for the fix. :)

  • THANKS! Seems to have fixed my problem instantly.

  • Yesss!! Thank you. I was so close to abandoning Chrome.

  • Thank You .... I just wonder how it got changed in the first place, because it was working fine. I almost left Chrome for good.

  • Thank you bro!

  • I'll try it and get back in a couple days

  • In my case it works like a charm. Thanks a lot!

  • Doesn't seem to help my chrome at all, still very sluggish , compared to what it used to be
    considering going back to fox fire .. fyi

  • Thanks so much, turning off both the system settings (running background apps, hardware acceleration) fixed the issue for me.

  • Wow thanks so much dude, you are really helping me. I thought its only me. Thanks thanks thanks.

  • Im leaving chrome. I cant even open settings anymore!

  • wow! thanks for this small suggestion, chrome is blazing fast now, no more lagging, no more crashes when i have multiple tabs up! i cant believe chrome works like this again! thanks so much

  • Made absolutely no difference. Chrome still crawls, especially when loading, or searching from, the Google home page.

  • Nonsense. This doesn't work.

  • Amazing! I don't know if it will last, but I just unchecked the Hardware Acceleration box and Chrome is soooo fast after being sluggish for months! I was blaming Shockwave Flash Player. Thank you! Thank you!

  • Like Aperson, I can't even get "settings" to open. Maybe it will – eventually. I hope it's before the sun explodes.

  • Seems to have worked for me!! Thank you!!

  • Thanks man. It worked (Y)

  • thanks a lot, slow chrome loading resolved.

  • January 3, 2015 - Did not work nor has cleaning the inside of lap top or adding cooling fan.
    Chrome still has off and on serious lag issues.

  • Yes, disabling acceleration fixed my problem. Thank you.

  • January 9, 2015 - Didn't work for me, opening a new URL takes about 5-10 seconds without any add-on installed, I unchecked the hardware acceleration and restarted, no effect, checked the box again, restarted, still no effect. I even deleted my Chrome Profile on this PC, no effect, in a last attempt I removed Chrome and did a reinstall, you guess, still no effect...I don't understand what happened, I loved my fast Chrome Browser and now it's gone.

  • On Mac. Turning off HW acceleration semi-works. Still takes too long to load/reload pages but otherwise seems much more snappy

  • It irksme when you read a blog post that says something like "Recently Google updated its web browser Chrome to version 36 and many people who upgraded their web browser, started facing various problems such as following...." What good is "recently" when the post is not dated? Was this posted last month, 2 years ago? Please, figure out a way to DATE your post!

  • I have all the problems listed and still have them despite unchecking the item... any ideas?

  • Have tried all your suggestions; reloaded chrome; disabled all extensions and most plugins; ran a couple of anti-virus programs that found no malware. Chrome still slow; no problem with IE or Firefox loading same URLs.

  • Hi there!

    Unfortunately, I only found this blog AFTER I had fixed the issue myself - I was working on a customer's computer, trying to fix his Chrome... nothing loaded, no pages, no settings menu and not even the text in the address field showed up. It did work flawlessly in safe mode, however.
    I tried everything - un- and reinstalling, deleting entries in the registry, scanning for malware etc, but to no avail.
    Accidentally I discovered though, that when I changed from window to full screen mode - and vice versa - it suddenly showed things correctly! c".)
    My first thought was the hardware acceleration, and VOILA! - after disabling this, it works flawlessly!

  • Here's another solution:
    Replace your graphics card with one that actually works!

    It annoys me that manufacturers can get away with incredibly sub-standard 2D hardware acceleration. They think that nobody will notice, but the reality is that people do notice, and the software vendors get the blame and have to pay the support costs for it.

    If people stopped buying computers with inappropriate hardware, then manufacturers would stop making it that way. (note that this is a slightly simplified argument - the reality is usually that the hardware drivers have bugs in them that manufacturers can't be bothered to fix)

  • I found installing Chromium instead of Chrome fixed my issue. Works like a charm. Had tried many fixes before that none worked.

  • You saved my wife's computer with this information! I was about to move her back to her old XP machine because of the problems the newer windows 7 machine was having loading Chrome. What a simple and wonderful solution. Now it takes Chrome about 6 seconds to open a new window from her favourites list, where it was taking 2 to 3 minutes before I applied your fix, during which time I had to listen to her saying really bad things about the new computer I got for her. Thanks,

  • I had tried all sorts of fixes to make Chrome quicker but none worked. In desperation I finally disconnected the syncing feature on google chrome and it immediately made it quicker on all my Windows Systems (3) and Linux (Ubuntu) Systems (3). It was amazing Chrome had returned to the speed it used to be. I also found that disconnecting a syncing feature on Firefox also made it slightly quicker. Hope this helps

  • Thank you so much. My chrome is fixed. :)

  • Thank you so much folks! wasted 7 hours of my life trying all kinds of advanced options, till I stumbled upon your little fix ... Now working wonders!.. Muaaaahhh..

  • Much faster for me with hardware acceleration CHECKED, not UN-CHECKED. Windows 7 and New Tab used extensively.

  • In window xp it's work for me..........thankx bro

  • I knew it was the recent Chrome "update." As usual, I went searching for reasonable suggestions. Thanks for having a quick answer (and shame on Google for their MANY ill-conceived changes).

  • It turned out that Chrome acceleration did not cause my problem. The same version of Chrome (regardless of acceleration box status) and three other browsers were all struggling. MSE had also done an unusually significant update that I fully flushed and re-updated the next day; all browsers returned to normal. (If only Google would return their once nearly perfect NTP...)

  • Thank you worked in my case ubuntu 14.04

  • The only way I could use my Chrome version 40.x was by toggling the window view and full screen view after clicking somewhere in the browser. I thought nothing was happening, but in reality the screen was not refreshing. Toggling the two views after clicking showed what I was trying to do. (In other words you can browse the web one click and then toggle of view at a time if you are really patient....) After entering the "Settings" menu and clicking "Show Advanced Settings" I was able to uncheck the "Use hardware acceleration when available." At first that did not fix anything until I clicked the "Restart Chrome" link that appeared. Now it is behaving properly and is usable again. Wow, what a waste of time and frustration to figure this one out!

  • Holy Cow....what a difference. 10x speed improvement.

  • Worked for me. Thanks!

  • Thank you Sir/Madam!

  • chrome is too slow to even load the settings screen(been loading for an hour)

  • Worked instantly, thank you.

  • I recently had a problem with TABS opening too slow, i tried everything, but the solution was very simple and it worked for me. I did a clean up with CCleaner, from files to registry cleaning, restarted, and evtg was OK after. I hope this helps someone.

  • wow that works!! Thanks a looooot!! really appreciate!!

  • Cheers big improvement.

  • My fingers are crossed that this fix works for me (Windows 8.1 on a three year old laptop with a 2.53ghz Intel Core i3 processor, 4GB DDR3 RAM, 500GB hard drive), as Chrome has been annoying sluggish regardless of the other fixes I've tried. Thanks for sharing the tip!

  • After days of painfully slow loading in every browser and some pages not even attempting to load, I spent hoooursss following every single tip out there I could find. Tested internet speeds, checking for malware, virus, changing DNS address, flushing DNS, deleting JAVA files, updating flash, (I religiously clean cache and history anyways), changing proxy settings, reinstalling browsers, restarting several times, restarting the router several more, uhmmm I'm sure there's more but I can't re-call right now.

    But, after just about giving up hope and thinking I was doomed forever more, I reset the router. Et voilà! fixed. A couple of pages are still a bit iffy, for example I cant see my ebay purchase history, I guess I need to go back through some things and figure that one out. I hope this helps anyone who has exhausted every other option and nothing else works.

  • I noticed one thing right of the bat. Don't know if it just me or not, but 75mb of memory usage was released instantly, that should be a plus.

  • "Fix Slow Performance Issues": Amazing, something that actually WORKS!!!

  • seems to do the trick for me, how the bozo's ever called it a accelerator.....

  • Thx you very much :)

  • Why bother fixing it? Get rid of Chrome, install Opera and you will be happy. I did exactly that and my once snail laptop is now a racer. Google is becoming as bad as Microsoft. Get rid of Chrome.

  • Between disabling a few unnecessary plugins & doing the "disable hardware acceleration" as suggested, seems like the pages do load quicker, Thank you...

  • I have tried everything, including disabling hardware acceleration, but, no luck. Could it be a driver problem?

  • Well it did speed up a bit after I unchecked the button. Although when I tried to log into my email account it still took a while. Other than that other sites I open have been working fine after that. xD

  • WOW! What a difference that made-just unchecked that box next to Disable hardware acceleration and so far Chrome seems to be a lot better-not sure why it just started slowing down! THANKS so much for your help!

  • As long as I stop getting screens that say page won't load! Seems good so far. Thanks fr the tip!

  • Oh tank you so very much what a difference !

  • No longer working

  • Thank u.. problem fix..

  • I'm on Windows 8.1 on Chrome 45.0.2454.101

    Having the hardware acceleration CHECKED or UN-CHECKED has not made a difference. It might speed up for a few minutes but it goes back to lagging on loading each page and when typing anything on the search bar.

    (Oct 13, 2015)

  • worked fine until i shut down and restart a few hour's later and went back to being slow loading windows 8.1 any suggestions

  • nothing I have found works.

    this is such b/s - I'm not sure it only happened after I went to Win10 but a new tab can take from 3 to 30 seconds to open. I've tried every suggestion I've been able to find, even down to reinstalling chrome and nothing makes any difference at all.

    I click to open a new tab and it takes 3-30s for the X to change to the refresh icon. I paste in a url and then the refresh icon is spinning for 3-20 secs (guessing) then suddenly it starts loading the page. Once a url has been loaded, that tab will act like normal. but if I change domain, goes through all the delays again

    I'm not even sure why I'm persevering.

    Firefox is absolutely fine so I don't believe it's anything to do with my pc, internet connection, antivirus etc (and yes, I've disable all those things at different times to try to pin down the cause)

  • That wasn't the solution to why Chrome is running slow and not loading tabs on my computer. I haven't had Hardware Acceleration checked for a couple of years now, and I am STILL having issues with tabs not loading and waiting forever. Everyone keeps saying that's the solution, but there is something else going on too. I just wish someone would give a different solution instead of ending with "That's it. Chrome should work now."

  • ^^ I'm having this problem too. I thought it was from my system but I looked at another laptop running Chrome on Windows 10 and it worked just fine.

  • Wow! So simple. Thank you!!!

  • Wow! I can't believe it, but worked great. Thank you. I was so frustrated. Tried everything else, including complete uninstall/reinstall of Chrome. But unchecking hardware acceleration did the trick.

  • Thank you so much, now my chrome works smoothly

  • No good at all.

  • For me, the problem was Spybot Search and Destroy- go to Immunization, click Undo Immunization on the left, problem solved.

  • Makes no difference checked or unchecked, disabled ClamAV, Amivis Anti Virus, Latest Version, no change in Load speed, takes about 20-30 seconds to load from woe to go, works fine once its up and running.
    Tumbleweed Linux

  • works perfectly! thanks!

  • "hardware acceleration" fix worked as a great solution to chrome not loading properly.

    Thanks so much

  • Works better. Thanks

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