[Fix] Context Menu Doesn’t Appear When You Right-Click on Start Screen in Windows 8.1

It seems that this problem is going to become the most frequently faced problem by Windows 8.1 users. I have received so many emails from AskVG readers regarding this problem. Let me discuss this problem in details.


This problem occurs when you install recently released Update 1 in Windows 8.1. Most of you must be knowing that Windows 8.1 Update 1 adds new right-click context menu feature to Start Screen. Now whenever you right-click on a tile in Start Screen, you get Windows Explorer style classic context menu instead of the new touch style bottom app bar.

But some Windows 8.1 users have reported that they can't see the new context menu on Start Screen even after upgrading their Windows 8.1 to Update 1. Whenever they right-click on a tile in Start Screen, they find the context menu missing. Since bottom app bar has also been disabled for Desktops and laptops in Update 1, the users can't perform any operation on Start Screen tiles as they don't get context menus and bottom bar.


The problem becomes quite frustrating as you can't pin/unpin/resize any tiles on Start Screen. So what's the reason behind this annoying problem?


The reason behind this problem is use of an incomplete (or incompatible) 3rd party theme aka visual style. Actually all previous Windows 8.1 themes require an update to add functionality of the new context menu on Start Screen.

Many theme developers have not updated their Windows 8.1 themes to match new Update 1, that's why if a Windows 8.1 user uses that incompatible theme after installing Update 1, he don't get the new context menu on Start Screen because the resources to show context menu on Start Screen are missing in that theme's .msstyles file.


Solution is very simple. Just apply default theme using Desktop personalization window and your problem will be solved. As soon as you apply default Windows theme, you'll be able to right-click on Start Screen and get the new context menu.

Or switch to another 3rd party theme which has been updated and supports Windows 8.1 Update 1 as our exclusive AeroVG Ei8ht.1ne theme does.

If you don't want to change your current 3rd party theme, you'll need to wait for an update from theme developer to fix the context menu issue. In the meantime, you can follow the instructions given in following tutorial to get previous bottom app bar on Start Screen:

How to Show Bottom App Bar on Start Screen in Windows 8.1 Update 1?

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  • Thanks VG. I was using a 3rd party theme downloaded from DA and I was not getting right click menu on start screen. I applied AeroVG theme and it fixed the prob. Thank you so much for the guide. :)

  • thank you

  • Didn‘t users complain when Windows 8.1 came out? Then outdated Windows 8 themes were causing disabled animations in Start Screen.

  • VG

    ^^ Not many because of 2 reasons. Missing animation can be ignored but missing context menu cant be ignored. Also Windows 8.1 was considered as a new Windows version although it was not. On the other hand, Update 1 for Windows 8.1 is just an update and no one will think that a working theme will cause such kind of context menu problems after installing an update in Windows.

  • I guess you‘re right, I didn‘t understand straight away what was causing the problem then either.

  • I got a BSOD and blank after installing Update 1 and restarting device.
    How to install it? Install one-by-one update and restart, or install all update and restart
    UPDATE: After i'm check again, there is a new update on "Update 1" download page. It's KB2959977, what is the function?

  • Hey VG, I would love to add that there is another fix. Use the theme editor known as Windows Style Builder and patch the theme to update on windows 8.1 Update 1. That will fix the missing context menu without changing your favorite theme.

  • Need more detailed instructions for the fix, because going into Desktop Personalize and selecting a default theme did NOT cause the context menu to appear in the start menu.

    Again, right-clicking within the Start menu only yields an option for "Name Groups," and when right-clicking on an icon, the menu that appears is specific to the program. No gray bar along the bottom of the screen appears, as Windows suggests.

    Please help!

  • By the way, I *do* get a context menu, just not the bar along the bottom which is supposed to have the "Customize" option. This update is a wreck.

  • sir after applying the solution given by you for this context menu problem in windows 8.1, I have not got this problem resolved

    is there any other solution to this?? if any plz tell me

  • Did not solve my problem also...

    Still the same :(

  • I have question: Right click on windows8.1now brings up clock and settings. How are apps such as Excel 2010 cope when right click is not passed to excel? I cannot right click an excel cell to add comment anymore because right click is interpreted by OS to open windows settings.

  • Thanks, but did not work. My problem is right clicking the mouse on a file to show the menu list for many options. Even with default set, the right click menu fl;ashes for about 1/4 second then gone

  • i was having the saving problem . the problem actually occurred due to some change in group policy done by some 3rd party app. if you want to solve it manually at first press win+R then type gpedit.msc . the group policy dialog box will open up. then on the left side pane go to user configuration>administrative templates>start menu and taskbar. there one of the Setting in the right selection pane will be in the state of enabled . double click the setting and change it to 'not configured' like the other settings and then click apply. and then you are done. in my case the setting "start screen layout" was enabled. may be you get the same. must comment if you find it helpful. thank you.

  • thank you so much. theme was the problem for me

  • What does "apply default theme" mean?? Do we old people have to go back to school???
    Can't get Facebook or my mail by clicking on those tiles on the start page.

  • ive changed my theme to windows default and it still doesnt work, still cant find new when i right click

  • thank you so much. it worked!

  • Actually my problem is I can't see "new" in the commands displayed when the desktop is right clicked.
    I am using windows 8.1 single language and I got the problem after installing a software program.
    Pls i need urgent reply.

  • VG

    ^^ Check following:


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