[Fix] Compatibility Tab Missing and System Restore Crashing Problems in Windows Vista and 7

We get frequent mails about this common problem in Windows Vista and 7. Sometimes Windows users face a strange problem, when:

  • The "Compatibility" tab is missing in Properties window:

  • System Restore doesn't open and shows following error message:

  • Windows shows frequent Error Reporting messages.
  • You face Performance Monitor, Inkball and Winamp related problems.

All these problems occur when 2 system files "wer.dll" and "Faultrep.dll" are missing from "%windir%\System32" folder. Either the files were deleted by mistake or were not installed by Windows because of removing some Windows components from the setup.

The solution of this problem is very simple. Just download following ZIP file, extract it and you'll get both system files. Now copy the files to "%windir%\System32" folder. If you get overwrite prompt message, select NO.

Download Files

Once you copy the files to "System32" folder, your problem will be solved and you'll be able to get "Compatibility" tab back:


Also System Restore will work without any problem:



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Posted in: Troubleshooting, Windows 7, Windows Vista

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  • works like a charm on Vista Home Basic 32bit, have been looking for solution for a whole day, till i came up to this site, thanks a lot, didn't expect it being so easy to solve :)

  • In my case I had both files, but still no compat tab.

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