[Fix] Can’t See Minimize Button in Titlebar and Access Taskbar in Metro Apps in Windows 8.1

This tutorial will help you in fixing some issues and applying some restrictions in Windows 8.1 as mentioned below:

  • Fix: Minimize button is not present in titlebar of metro (Windows Store) apps
  • Fix: Can't access Taskbar while running metro apps
  • Disable metro apps presence on Taskbar

Now some details about this topic! In recently released Update 1 for Windows 8.1, Microsoft has improved integration between Desktop and Metro UI (known as Modern UI).

Now you can pin metro apps to Taskbar, access Taskbar from Start Screen and metro apps, minimize metro apps to Taskbar, etc.

Its definitely a great addition to the operating system but some people might not like this change and might want to disable Metro apps presence on Taskbar.

That's why Microsoft has provided a new option in Taskbar properties to disable metro apps on Taskbar.

If you want Windows to not show metro apps icons on Taskbar, check out following simple steps:

1. Right-click on Taskbar and select Properties.

2. Disable "Show Windows Store apps on the taskbar" option.


Apply the changes and Windows will stop showing metro apps icons on Taskbar. Don't worry! You'll still be able to pin metro apps to Taskbar.

BUT!!! Once you turn off this option, it'll also remove Minimize button from titlebar of metro apps. Microsoft has added a new titlebar to metro apps which contains Minimize and Close buttons but if you disable above mentioned option, it'll remove Minimize button from metro apps titlebar.

Also you'll not be able to access Taskbar while running a metro app. Although you'll be able to access Taskbar from Start Screen but it'll not be accessible from metro apps.


If you were worried about missing Minimize button in metro apps titlebar and unavailable Taskbar in metro apps, its happening due to disabled "Show Windows Store apps on the taskbar" option in Taskbar properties.

Enable the option again and you'll be able to see Minimize button in titlebar of metro apps as well as access Taskbar while running metro apps.

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  • I want the title bar gone. The problem is I've already unticked the Store app on the taskbar and restarted several times, and the title bar is still there.

  • Thanks a lot, Vishal, nice tip and info.

  • So, is it possible to make the close 'X' button go away too? I prefer the way it was before the update. I'm also hoping the start menu will be able to be turned off, but I think I'm the only person alive who doesn't want it...lol.

  • This was easy, tnx!

  • Thanks man you are genius!

  • so much thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thanks a lot..

  • I am still facing this problem. In my taskbar properties There is no option like "Show Windows Store apps on the taskbar". Please Help me to resolve this problem.

  • Awesome! :)
    Thank you very much.

  • Thanks a lot buddy :)

  • Thank you so much!!! Would not have been able to figure this one out. Very simple fix.

  • My star menu close button is not showing in 8.1

  • THANK YOU!!!
    The minimize button and taskbar disappeared from metro apps for me, this worked like a charm.
    Personally, I can not see how someone would NOT want these functions as I find them useful and out of 100% of the time I'm on my PC, I would say those functions are accessed, on average, once every 6 min.

  • Abhishek,I don't have it either and I REALLY need some help with it!

  • Thank you for making this information available. I think I turned off my minimize button inadvertently then didn't know how I did it nor how to get it back. This worked.

  • hi i have win 8.1 pro
    i really like app title but i cant find it
    i did as you told
    there is no such option in taskbar properties
    plz help 'is it due to lack of update

  • So I had the opposite problem. I had the option checked and could NOT ssee the minimize "button" in the title bar. I unchecked that and now I DO see minimize option. Did I just read this wrong? Either way your tip fixed my issue of NOT being able to minimize Windows Store apps :-) I appreciate the help!

  • in task bar properties there is no option to show metro apps in task bar in windows 8.1 pro

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