[Firefox Tip] Enable Hidden Secret Compact New Tab Page

While finding a way to restore Fox face icon on new tab page, I found another interesting trick to enable hidden secret compact new tab page in Mozilla Firefox.

I have tested this method in Firefox Nightly builds but I'm not sure whether it'll work in the stable Firefox versions or not. So please test it and confirm in comments section.

Mozilla has added a built-in preference in Firefox's advanced configuration page (about:config) to reveal a new compact new tab page which looks as following:


You can see in the above screenshot, the website thumbnails on new tab page are smaller in size.

Following screenshots shows the default new tab page which contains larger website thumbnails:


If you also want to activate the compact new tab page in Mozilla Firefox web browser, following steps will help you:

1. Open Mozilla Firefox and type about:config in the addressbar and press Enter. It'll show you a warning message, click on "I accept the risk!" button.

2. Now type compact in Search filter box and it'll show some result in the window.

3. Double-click on browser.newtabpage.compact preference and it'll change its value to true. Alternatively, you can right-click on the preference and select Toggle option.


That's it. Now click on new tab icon or press Ctrl+T keys together to launch new tab page and you'll get the compact new tab page.

PS: Sometimes you may need to open new tab page 2 times to get compact new tab page.

In future if you want to restore default new tab page, set the browser.newtabpage.compact preference to False again.

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