Finally a Way to Enable Transparency in Windows 8 Without any Bug or Glitch

When Microsoft made the announcement about removal of Aero glass transparency from its latest OS Windows 8, it disappointed a lot of Windows users. Aero glass transparency was one of the eye candy effects which made Windows Vista and Windows 7 looking beautiful.

Microsoft didn't only disable the transparency but also removed its programming code from Windows 8 shell, so there is no known way yet to get the transparency back.

Although there are a few secret ways to get an unstable transparency in Windows 8 but its full of glitches and doesn't work as expected. You can't work with that transparency effect enabled.

Thanks to an AskVG reader "SirNoah", its now possible to make this unstable transparency stable in Windows 8. Today in this tutorial, we are going to share a 100% working method which will help you in enabling transparency in Windows 8 which will work properly without any bug or glitch. It'll be permanent and stable.

Before starting the tutorial, lets make a few things clear:

  • After following the method given in this tutorial, you'll get transparency in window borders similar to Windows Vista and Windows 7 but there will be no blur or reflection effects.
  • It'll require a small utility running in background so that you can get stable transparency in Windows 8 without glitches.

Now if you want to get transparency in Windows 8, here are the required steps:

1. First we'll need to enable the hidden, unstable and buggy transparency in Windows 8. You can follow the method given in following tutorial:

Is There Any Way to Enable True Aero Glass Transparency with Blur in Windows 8?

Now you'll get a broken transparency in Windows 8 which will be full of bugs. As soon as you move a window, it'll ruin the transparency effect.

2. Now its turn of making this unstable transparency stable. We'll take help of another freeware "bLend" created by our friend Lord Devrexster. Initially the software was created for Windows XP to provide transparency effect similar to Windows Vista and Windows 7 but surprisingly, it still works in Windows 8.

Download it using following link:

Download bLend

3. After downloading, run the software and select "Set all windows to be transparent" option. Move the transparency level slider to the end i.e. 254. Enable the checkbox "Start at system booting" and click on "Apply/Resume" button.


That's it. It'll immediately make the unstable transparency stable and permanent in Windows 8 as shown in following screenshot:


You can see in the above image the transparency is perfect without any glitch.

Check the effect and lest us know your feedback about it in your comment...

UPDATE: Also check:

How to Enable True Aero Glass Transparency with Blur and Reflection in Windows 8?


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  • Thanks a Lot VG~. For Sharing.. Which We are waiting for.

  • MS be damned for the removal of Aero in the first place >:(

  • what sort of impact does this have on performance, memmory usage?

  • It is still buggy in some windows like task manager
    please fix that.

  • @Mahesh To fix Task Manager's buggy transparency run bLend as Administrator.

    UAC window will still be buggy. (Best thing would be to not to move it, just click "Yes").

  • Dear VG,
    This is a very good tutorial. It works fine with windows components except for task manager and some other 3rd are not supporting this. They are still unstable with the transparency. Do something about it.

  • @Sumit, thanks for the head up. It's working now :)

  • Really intresting , Awesome tweak ! Gonna Try It

  • Although the issue you have mentioned last is a great one, I think you are a brilliant guy. I like the way you did it. It's fascinating.

  • HELP! Blend just wiped out my comp
    Tell me how to fix now

  • VG

    ^^ Its a software and will cause no harm for your system. What problem are you facing?

  • Beware!! Setting the transparency would make everything transparent!! Every window, completely!!

  • The trick is awesome but in a few apps the title bar has a colored stripe behind the name of the app. How to fix that????

  • Hey Guys,
    I have the same effect on my PC.
    My Question is how can I disable it when I didnt use anything from that post I got the effect from the ultraUXThemePatcher and when i delete it the effect come me I want to remove it

  • aero 8 have too many bugs not working good

  • will this method help in anyway make the touch keyboard transparent in windows 8.1 Tablets ?
    Microsoft seems to skeep this important feature.

  • Great Tutorial! The only problem is the color behind the text of a window. Anyway to fix that? It just comes on and off :/

  • OH MY GOD. Works!!!

    Step 1 - Do the transparent glitch.
    Step 2 - Run bLend and do VG's steps.
    KABLAM. Bye bye, solid!

  • my god! it even speeds up the folder opening. can't thank you enough

  • how do i not have transparent browser but everything else transparent?

  • I cannot able to download bLend plz give me a direct link....

  • VG

    ^^ Try following:

  • @Emily @VG He/She means that the window transparency wiped it out

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