Download Simple Patch to Enable Aero Glass Transparency and Personalization Features in Windows 7 Home Basic and Starter Editions

DISCLAIMER: This utility has been shared for the sake of knowledge sharing. Patching system files using 3rd party software might be dangerous for your system. We do not recommend it and we'll not be responsible if it harms your system.

We all know that Windows 7 Home Basic and Windows 7 Starter editions are very restricted in customization. You can't enjoy Aero Glass, Aero Peek, Aero Shake, Aero Snap, Flip 3D, etc features. In fact you don't get "Personalize" option in Desktop context menu to change wallpaper, theme, etc.

We have shared a few free utilities in past which allow you to remove these restrictions such as Personalization Panel and StarterDesktopSlideShow. Now there is no need to use any software to install alternatives to these essential features.

"Mr. dUSHA" has created a small patch which automatically patches system files to enable all Windows Ultimate features. Thanks to Shikharev aka Smarty @ DA for sharing it.

You just need to run the patch's EXE file. It'll patch the files and will reboot your system. After reboot, you'll be able to enjoy Aero Glass and other personalization features in Windows 7 Home Basic and Starter editions.

You can download it using following link:

Download Aero Patch for Windows 7 Home Basic and Starter Edition

You'll find the download link in right-side section of the above mentioned page. After downloading the .7z file, you'll need 7-Zip software to extract the EXE file from it.

PS: To uninstall the patch, run the EXE file again.

Once you enable Aero Glass transparency and personalization features, don't forget to try our exclusive "AeroVG Se7en" theme which provides awesome transparency and other eye candy effects:

Download Awesome AeroVG Se7en Theme for Windows 7

You can also check various other themes for Windows 7 in our "Themes" section.

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  • Clever stuff, works perfectly on Packard Bell Dot S. Hats off to these registry-poking geniuses.

  • this thing is amazing! makes my computer look like cool!!

  • can't believe , it worked for me also , a great patch
    good work nd thanx a lot .
    dont hesitate before downloading

  • this is awesome i tried lot of patches but this is extraordinary one cant believe

  • Thanks, I had almost two months looking for how to make my computer (Starter 7) stop looking like a Windows 96.

    Thank you, Thank you, Merci, Kailan Ni hao, ...

  • uhhh i'd really hate to be the bearer of bad news but win 7 starter/home basic's licence terms state that "You may not work around". oh well, everyone else is doing it and not having there a** kicked by microsoft.

  • Vishal pls help me itz not working......
    wen i open d patch nothing happens after restarting

  • Thanks! Now I have Aero Peek and Transparency. But there is no "Personalize" option, neither when I right click, nor in the Control Panel. My Windows 7 Home Basic is genuine. Please help me! Please! I want to ask one more thing that will my Windows restart automatically after applying the patch or do I have to do it manually? Please tell. It's my humble request.

  • I am using Windows 7 Home Basic. After installing the patch the Aero Mode works fine but it didn't enable the Personalization option on the desktop (by right clicking).
    Can you suggest any way to enable it ?

  • I am using Windows 7 Home Basic. After installing the patch the Aero Mode works fine but it didn't enable the Personalization option on the desktop (by right clicking).
    Can you suggest any way to enable it ?

  • i am using win 7 ultimate non genuine i like to get aero theme is that possible to enable in my pc waiting for u r reply

  • i have a question did use windows stater or windows basics because i can change my desktop background and its a default background

  • Seriously, I love who did this, this is awesome, I paid 350€ for this PC and I hated it every single day, but now with aero and wallpaper, sounds and much more, I just love it.
    I don't know how to thank this, but thank you so much for everything, im Seriously.

    Brofist from Portugal!

  •'s's really worked in windows 7 home basic...1000000000.. THANx.

  • Works perfect on my acer-windows-7-home-basic ! The windows looks much more beautiful now.

  • I have the same problem as several mentioned above and would please like a response on how to fix it. I cannot open the personalization panel although aero has been enabled. I also can't unintall the patch, it's as if it is not installing completely. I cannot change my windows color scheme now at all! Please help!

  • If it doesn't work after reboot and you don't see Personalize in the right-click context menu, it's because you didn't install the patch correctly. You need to run the patch by right-clicking on it, and clicking Run as Administrator. You need to do this even if you are working off an administrator user account.

  • I thought I had done every thing correctly. I have Windows 7 pro and I has come across this theme called windows 7 signature edition and I was impressed well it told me I had to patch with the universal theme patcher. So I followed the instructions and I did the patch as administrator and it seemed to be quite easy so then I installed the win 7sig edits and it installed and looked quite nice but I did not realize that it did not install all the extras like the icons and gadgets. so I got theme crazy and was on the hunt and got another one called nightly and then I came across this one and immediately went for it and it installed and somevofbthe icons were replaced as well but the dock never would work cut kept giving me these errorvsighns saying it could not be applied well I ignored this for awhile and thought maybe I will have better luckvwithvthe green alienware skinvpack and went for it and it installed with some icons and again the dock would not apply so I started messing around and making sure things were run as administrative and started notice ing in alit of the software I would download that the compatibility was set for win xp by default or something so I simply applied it to set for win 7 well that still did not get me very far. I mean I have cool looking wallpapers and dome icons but was not getting that transparent looking glassy kick bit look and also no dock or gadgets. so I gave up and then the next day my PC started crashing and freezing up on running browsers and apps. well I started to creek a little bit and I force shutdown of the system and gave it a bit and then went to restart and it would not get passed the green alien logon skin and it would not go into reg modevso I thought I will restart in safe mode and uninstall the green skin pack and it will get better well no it didn't it left behind the never ending greenrelentliss stardock program trying to reinstall the dock and always of course failed to do so. So I finally sent what I had left of the green skin pack I had left and that other software I felt was giving me troubleshooand after ammmmg and sent then yo an external hard drive oh not to mention I spent 5 hours trying t get it back into the reg os and

  • Finally I did manage to get it just eellxenough to get back into the reg os and it was crazy it started right back into the green logon screen and then onto the loaded green skin pack theme but this time no greenvtheme icon those were gone and again no transparency at all just the wallpaper and the customized window and text colors I had congigured. Well I uninstalled it again and this time it went away except it opened up the blue alien skin pack again and left a blue log on boot up screen as well but no icons from the theme just my original looking icons and and the blue skin theme wallpapers and the customized blue windows and text I configured just like before and that is where I am at now left with the blue skin theme wallpaper and no extras except for the ocasional tease of the dock trying and immediately failing to install. so I have the blue wallpaper up right now with two other themes in the theme depository and of course none of there extras installed either s o I don't know what to do. From some of the things I've read it seems like they talk about that patch being for only win 7 home or staryercand I'm thinking maybe because my win 7 is pro that maybecicwas not supposed to install universal theme patcher and that I already had areo installed but I don't know if that is the case or not and be leave me I have done a creap loadvof reading and have not come up with a way remedy this. I guess my only idea left would be to try to get back to stock is theme no patch everything uninstalled and try again of course I really don't want to start that until I know for sure what it is that I am missing for the install of a custom theme with the extras and gadgets that's all I want is to be super confident in doing it so I can have the fun of tweaking the laptop and its intetface

  • So I know this is my third entry on this long explained blunder and trial and error with no final outcome other than I'm stuck half way and don't know what to do so if any one reads this and feels they could help please feel free to suggest your ideas or fact they know that I might be missing I would greatly apreaciate the response and thanks to reading my rant and rave bure I will sooner or later will figure it out but hope for now that some someone will come and awnser my query and help me be confident like I am with all the Roms out in and off of MTT

  • Actually it worked to enable aero but so far I couldnt enable transparency. Cn u help?

  • Hey SAM, try to follow these procedures:

    1. Right click computer from the start menu.
    2. Click Properties
    3. Click ADVANCED SYSTEM SETTINGS on your upper left.
    5. If Aero Transparent glass is enabled, Uncheck it then click APPLY then CHECK the Transparent Glass Again then Click APPLY.

    ENJOY YOUR AERO Theme!!!

  • Oh My God! Thank you uh... SHEM, i was so ... SO DISSAPOINTED when it didn't work and then i tried your suggestion and OMG! Thank you!! :)

    Oh and of course, thank you Shikharev for the patch itself ^^

  • Will this program damage Windows 7 starter in any way? We just want to change colors for easier legibility and a brighter outlook, since MS gray and blue are depressing! Thanks.

  • This patch is work with my Axioo Pico M1110M but, 1 month later its doesn't work anymore someone can help me?
    it's came after windows use startup recovery

  • Please help! It appears a "personalize" window but has "This page is not available in this edition of Windows" with "Windows anytime upgrade". I'm using Windows Home Basic.

  • I liked this software so much and it worked for almost a month... BUT the problem is after my laptop (Acer Aspire One Happy Windows 7 Starter Not genuine) encountered an error and restarted by itself, it went to a "startup recovery" thing for a few minutes.. This utiliy didnt work anymore until now .. tried uninstalling and installing it again but nothing happened... Any answers? HALP MEEE

  • The better are Windows XP single column startmenü Luna oder Windows Classic Theme.
    Aero functions without Vista Start it is good idea.

  • Funziona dopo aver riavviato il PC.
    Grazie dall' Italia !!!

  • personalization has been created but after opening it it writes this page is not for this edition of windows hence please HELP!!!!!

  • Hi, I need help. I installed it but how come I can't change the theme color or even enable transparency? I don't know if I did something wrong while installing or I skipped any part. Can you please help me?

  • Wow....never thought this would work. But all the reviews convinced me. It really WORKED!!!
    Had a bit of trouble finding the extract file as it named "Aero" something. Seems to slightly slow the system, could be due to the window animations. Any ways Hats off to both of you Who invented it & who published it. Cheers!!!

  • Hi VG, can it work for my windows 7 ultimate sp1?

  • Hi! To those who said this patch doesn't work and when you center the Personalize Panel, it said "This page is not available on this edition of Windows", I had the same problem. And here's how I fixed it:
    1. Download Your Uninstaller
    2. Run Your Uninstaller and find the Personalize application
    3. Uninstall it with Super Mode
    4. Install the patch again
    Hope this helps
    Awesome patch btw! Thank you so much!

  • Hi, I donwloaded the software but before making the panel work and stuff I wanted to know if it will erase all my files and items in my laptop because I m worried if it erases it I loose all my work

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