Download Official Microsoft SkyDrive App for Windows, Mac and Mobile Phones

SkyDrive is a file hosting and synchronization service from Microsoft which allows you to upload and sync your data easily and quickly to their server.

If you are not using it, you can create a free account using following link:

Microsoft SkyDrive

You can upload files, create folders to manage files and much more using its web interface. Now to make your life easier, Microsoft has released an official SkyDrive app which can be used to direct upload and sync files and folders using your computer. You'll not need to open SkyDrive webpage in your browser.

This free Desktop client for SkyDrive can be installed in following platforms:

  • Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8
  • Mac OS
  • Windows Phone
  • iPhone and iPad

Windows XP is not supported and currently the free app is not available for Google Android phones.


Using SkyDrive app, you'll be able to access your SkyDrive from Windows Explorer in Windows, Mac, Windows Phone and iOS. You can now just drag-n-drop files to and from SkyDrive upto 2 GB, you can now access all your files offline too.

This app takes just a few seconds in downloading and installing in your system. It sits in your system tray waiting for your command. A new folder for your SkyDrive data is created automatically in your user account folder, you can change the folder location during setup.

Now whenever you create a new file in this folder, its automatically uploaded to your SkyDrive account. If you delete a file, it gets automatically deleted from your account. Same thing happens when you create or delete a file in your SkyDrive account, its automatically created or deleted from your computer folder.

You can download SkyDrive app using following links:

PS: Microsoft has reduced free storage space at SkyDrive to 7GB for new users. Existing users can opt-in to keep previous 25GB of free storage using following link:

Upgrade SkyDrive Free Storage Space from 7GB to 25GB

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  • Need Android.....

  • VG

    ^^ Indeed. Microsoft might release Android app very soon.

  • There's a thing with this program that should be noted to all users, that it will download an entire copy of your SkyDrive onto your computer, so beware of high download bandwidths.

    IMO unless they remove that it renders the use of SkyDrive nearly useless.

  • that google drive service has got 5GB for Windows, Mac, Android and internet. (they're still developing linux)
    Ubuntu one offers 5GB to, and it's for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and internet.
    (if you pay you can extend google drive to 16 TB)

    or just use a sd card/usb drive, they're faster than most internet-connections.

  • I kept my 25GB without pay a penny for it \o/

    I have the SkyDrive application running on my machine since the beginning of the week and the synchronization is perfect, I'm seriously thinking about retiring the DropBox.

  • MS skydrive app should be released for ubuntu/linux too

  • No option to upload only/ move to, deal breaker. Don't need my "last resort" full hard drive image backup in both places. With SkyDrive Explorer you can do this.

  • microsoft will never release skydrive app for linux, they dont even like saying the L-word let alone making software for it... as someone who didnt give microsoft their 300$ this time around for upgrades and went to linux, i can see why they wouldn't want to support it -- they are the very definition of fascist.

  • Linux? If they can do Skype they should do Sky(One)Drive

  • @osirisgothra, Linux is the definition of freedom, and they developed a Skpye client for it, why not Skydrive. (Although, admitedly, the Linux Skype client lacks some features.)

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