[Nightly Update] Firefox 56.0 Comes With New Activity Stream Feature on New Tab Page

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[Mozilla Firefox Nightly Build Updates]


The latest Nightly 56.0 build now comes with new activity stream feature enabled on new tab page. It was disabled in previous builds and could be activated using about:config preference. Now Mozilla has enabled it in newer Nightly builds.

Check out following article for more info about this feature:

[Firefox Tip] Enable Hidden Secret Activity Stream on New Tab Page


The latest Nightly 56.0 build now comes with an updated Options (about:preferences) page which now contains 4 main categories. Previously there were 5 main categories. Now the "Downloads & Links" and "Updates" categories have been removed and a new category "Search" has been added.


Check out following topic for more information:

Firefox Gets New Updated UI for Options (About:Preferences) Page

You can disable the new UI and restore old classic Preferences page using following tutorial:

[Firefox Tip] Restore Old Classic Options (About:Preferences) Page

Thanks to our reader "Kay" for the update...


The latest Nightly 56.0 build now uses Windows 10 accent color in the title bar or header instead of the previous default dark blue color as shown in following screenshot:


Thanks to our reader "Kay" for the update...

Check out following exclusive review article to read more about the new Photon UI:

[Review] The New Photon User Interface (UI) of Mozilla Firefox


The latest Nightly 56.0 build comes with new "Density" feature in customize window to change the density of toolbar buttons:


It contains 3 options: Normal, Compact and Touch to change the toolbar buttons size.

Thanks to our reader "Kay" for the update...


The latest Nightly 56.0 build comes with Dark Blue toolbar. Recently Mozilla changed the titlebar color from Gray to Dark Blue and now the whole header i.e. titlebar and toolbar are Dark Blue as shown in following screenshot:


Currently the work is in progress and changes will be made in upcoming builds.

Thanks to our reader "Kay" for the update...

UPDATE: Now the toolbar is back to normal in new build.


The latest Nightly 56.0 build comes with a new compact main menu which shows available options vertically as shown in following screenshot:


You can disable the new compact menu and restore classic main menu with the help of following tutorial:

[Firefox Tip] Disable New Compact Menu (Photon UI) and Restore Classic Main Menu

Also Mozilla has added a new "Getting Started With Nightly" page which appears when you click on the Fox emoji/icon present on the top-left corner of new tab page:


The "Getting Started" page contains a "Hide the tour" checkbox on the bottom-left corner. If you select this option, it removes Fox face icon from the new tab page. In future, if you want to restore Fox face icon on new tab page, following tutorial will help you:

[Firefox Tip] Restore Fox Face Icon (Getting Started Tour) on New Tab Page


The latest Nightly 55.0 build comes with a major UI change which is the new colored title bar. The title bar color has been changed to Dark Blue from previous Gray color as shown in following screenshot:


Thanks to our reader "arifin" for the update...


The latest Nightly 55.0 build comes with a new "Firefox Screenshots" feature which allows you to take, save and share a web page screenshot.


Check out following tutorial for details:

[Tip] How to Use "Take a Screenshot" Feature in Mozilla Firefox

Also the "Page Actions" menu in the address bar now contains more options such as "Bookmark This Page" and "Send to Device". Thanks to our reader "Kay" for this update...


The latest Nightly 55.0 build comes with a redesigned UI which shows "Reload/Refresh" button before the address bar. It also shows a new "Page Actions" icon at the end of the address bar which contains "Copy URL" and "Email Link" options. The text in the address bar is also smaller than before.



The latest Nightly 55.0 build comes with a new "Check For Updates" button in Options (about:preferences) page as shown in following screenshot:



The latest Nightly 55.0 build comes with a new updated Options (about:preferences) page as shown in following screenshot:


For more details, check out following topic:

Firefox Gets New Updated UI for Options (About:Preferences) Page


The latest Nightly 53.0 build comes with 2 new themes "Compact Dark" and "Compact Light" which can be enabled using Add-ons manager.


Check out following topic for full details:

2 New Themes "Compact Dark" and "Compact Light" Added to Mozilla Firefox


In the latest Nightly 50.0 build, Mozilla has added a new option "Enable Container Tabs" in Firefox Preferences window to enable/disable Container Tabs feature quickly and easily:


You can learn more about container tabs feature at following link:

Mozilla Adds "Container Tabs" Feature to Firefox Web Browser


The latest Nightly 50.0 build comes with a new redesigned UI for Search Bar which can be accessed by pressing "Ctrl+F" keys together. The new UI highlights all occurrence of the searched word and also dims the whole page so that the user can easily look for the searched word.



The latest Nightly 47.0 build comes with a new option "Show a touch keyboard when necessary" in Preferences -> Advanced -> General -> Accessibility section.


Thanks to our reader "Kay" for the update...


The latest Nightly 46.0 build comes with improved tracking protection feature. Previously, tracking protection was only available for Private browsing mode but now you can enable tracking protection for normal browsing as well.

Open Firefox preferences and go to Privacy tab and set "Use Tracking Protection" option to "Always" as shown in following screenshot:


Now open any website and you'll be able to see the tracking protection in action by clicking on the Shield icon present in the beginning of the address bar as shown in following screenshot:


You can add any desired website to exception list to disable tracking protection for that website.


The latest Nightly 46.0 build comes with a new UI for the built-in Profile Manager tool. You can access it by opening about:profiles URL in Firefox addressbar. The new UI is shown in following screenshot:


Thanks to our reader "alanl9" for the update...


The latest Nightly 45.0 build comes with a new "Synced Tabs" option in Main Menu i.e. Hamburger-style (3 lines) Menu button as shown in following screenshot:


To use this feature, you must enable the option to sync tabs across all devices in Sync preferences.


The latest Nightly 44.0 build also uses a new redesigned UI to show new updates notification message.


As you can see in the above screenshot, the updates notification UI is a little bit different than the previous UI. Also a small animation has been added when you click on the notification to download the new update or when you click on close button to cancel the notification.

Currently the UI seems little bit buggy as they are working on it but it shows that a new notification UI is coming in new Firefox versions.


The latest Nightly 44.0 build comes with a new option "Do not disturb me" in Preferences window. The option is present in a new section "Notifications" under "Content" tab.


You can enable this option to get no notification from any website until you restart the browser. You can also add desired websites to exception list.


The latest Nightly 40.0 build comes with Pocket service integration. A new button to save current webpage to your Pocket account has been added to the toolbar:



The latest Nightly 40.0 build comes with an improved UI for Add-ons Manager or about:addons page as shown in following screenshot:


Thanks to our reader "Alan" for the update...


Today I noticed a new feature "Reader View" in the latest Nightly 39.0 build. Mozilla has added 2 new buttons in the addressbar:

  • Enter Reader View
  • Add page to Reading List


You can use these buttons to view any webpage content in distraction-free reading mode where only the text of the main article is shown without any extra thing. In the Reader View/Reading Mode, you can change the font style, font size as well as the background color.


You can also add any website to Reading List to save them and read them later.

Quite similar to Edge aka Spartan web browser's Reading view and Reading lists features...


Just noticed a new option "Play DRM Content" in the latest Nightly 39.0 build.



The latest Nightly 38.0 build comes with an improved About:Config page UI.


It looks like a modern skin for the about:config page.

Thanks to our reader "Alan" for the update...


The latest Nightly 37.0 build comes with a new improved Search UI. When you search for a term using search box, you get a new search interface as shown in following screenshot:


The new search interface is called One-Click Search. The search interface has been improved as well as some new buttons for different search engines have been added below the search suggestions.

A new Search tab has also been added into Firefox Preferences page which allows you to change default search engine. You can also show or hide desired search engine buttons which are shown below the search suggestions in new search interface.

Also Check:

How to Disable New One-Click Search Bar and Restore Classic Search Box in Mozilla Firefox?


A few day back, in UPDATE 66 we told you about a new feature "Invite someone to talk" which was added in Nightly 33.0 build.

Now the feature has been improved a lot in the latest Nightly 36.0 build. The feature has been renamed to "Firefox Hello" and comes with a brand new UI.


Once you click on its toolbar icon, you get a call URL to share with your friends. You can also change your chat status to Available or Do Not Disturb.


The latest Nightly 35.0 build comes with a new toolbar button called "Forget Browsing History" which helps users in quickly deleting cookies and browsing history of selected time period. At the moment users can select from 3 given choices: Last five minutes, Two hours and 24 hours.



The latest Nightly 35.0 build comes with working e10s functionality. Mozilla has started testing of Electrolysis (e10s in short) functionality in the latest Nightly build.

When you launch the latest Nightly 35.0 build, you get following notification in addressbar to enable e10s functionality:


After restart, you'll notice that tab titles are shown as underlined in e10s mode to distinguish it from normal mode:


You can also enable or disable Electrolysis aka e10s functionality using Firefox Preferences window:


Thanks to our reader Kyle for the update...


In latest Nightly 34.0 build, Mozilla has added a few built-in themes to customize Firefox appearance. Users can apply these themes using Customize screen:



In latest Nightly 34.0 build, Mozilla has moved "Always check to see if Firefox is the default browser on startup" option to General tab of Preferences window.



Recently we told you about "Share This Page" button which was added to Nightly 33.0 toolbar but at that time the button was not working. It was just a dummy button with no functionality.

Now in the latest Nightly 34.0 build, Mozilla team has added functionality to this button. Now when you click on "Share This Page" button, it allows you to add various social networking website icons such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc to Firefox and then you can click on those icons to immediately share the current webpage on those websites.


If you can't see the "Share This Page" button in Nightly toolbar, check the button in Australis Menu.


The latest Firefox 34.0 Nightly build comes with a new control menu to customize "New Tab" page appearance:


As you can see in the above image, it allows you to select New Tab page look from following options:

  • Show your top sites (Include suggested sites)
  • Show blank page
  • Learn about New Tab

Thanks to our reader "Kyle" for the update...


The latest Firefox 33.0 Nightly build comes with a new button "Share This Page" in toolbar:


Currently the button is not working. Its always remains disabled. It seems Mozilla has disabled the button for some reasons and the button will start working in upcoming Nightly builds.


Mozilla has added a new toolbar icon "Invite someone to talk" in the latest Nightly 33.0 build. You can click on the icon and get a call URL to invite a friend to talk.



The latest Nightly 32.0 build comes with an improved iconized context menu which shows basic icons such as back, forward, refresh, bookmark at the top:


Thanks to our reader "TheAslan" for the update...


Mozilla has put a new option to enable or disable Title Bar in the latest Nightly 29.0 build.

How to Enable Titlebar Text and Icon in Mozilla Firefox 28 and Later?



Mozilla has added a new option in the latest Nightly 28 build to directly launch Firefox in Windows 8 style Metro mode as shown in following screenshot:



The latest Nightly 28 build comes with 2 new options in toolbar context menu:

  • Add to Menu
  • Remove from Toolbar


These new options appear when you right-click on titlebar or toolbar.

"Add to Menu" option adds the toolbar button to "Customize and Control" menu previously known as orange Firefox button.

"Remove from Toolbar" option deletes the button from toolbar.

Nice and useful addition by Mozilla.


The latest Nightly 28 build comes with a new Australis UI.


Check out our exclusive review of Australis UI:

[Review] The New "Australis" UI of Mozilla Firefox Web Browser


UPDATE: The search bar has been moved back to bottom in newer builds.

Another interesting UI change in latest Nightly 25.0 build! Mozilla has moved the search bar to top in latest Nightly build. In previous Firefox versions, the search bar used to show at bottom but now it has been moved to top as shown in following screenshot:


The search bar is used to find text in webpages. It can be accessed by pressing "Ctrl+F" keys together.


The latest Nightly 25.0 build comes with new "Automatic Update" options which allow you to automatic update Firefox for Desktop as well as its Metro app for Windows 8.


"Close Tabs to the Right" option is a useful feature present in Google Chrome web browser which allows users to close all tabs present at the right-side of the selected tab. This option was missing in Mozilla Firefox but now it has been added in the latest Nightly build.


A confirmation dialog box is shown if you click on the option.


Mozilla has released first alpha build of upcoming Firefox 24.0 version to the Nightly channel.


The latest Nightly 23.0 build comes with a new bookmark icon in toolbar which lets you access bookmark options as well as allows you to instantly bookmark a page.


In latest Nightly build Mozilla has removed the options to enable or disable SSL and TLS protocols. These options were present in "Advanced -> Encryption" tab of Firefox preferences window but now they are no longer present.


Mozilla has removed a few unnecessary options from Firefox 23.0 preferences window. More options will be removed in future builds.

Check out following topic for more details:

Mozilla to Remove Several Unnecessary Options from Firefox Preferences Window


The latest Firefox 22.0 Nightly build comes with a new tab "Services" in Add-ons Manager (about:addons) which allows you to manage social API easily and quickly.



Mozilla has released a testing build of its upcoming Metro version of Firefox for Windows 8. The latest Nightly build installs a new Metro version of Firefox in Windows 8 computers. You can launch and test it using the Start Screen in Windows 8.


You can read more about this version at following link:

How to Use Mozilla Firefox Metro Version in Windows 8?


Latest Firefox 21.0 Nightly build comes with new options to customize tracking settings. When you open Nightly preferences, you see 3 new options in "Privacy" tab as shown in following screenshot:


NOTE: All previous updates about older Nightly builds are available here.

PS: If any of your favorite extensions is not working in a nightly build, you can follow instructions given in following topic:

How to Fix Broken Incompatible Extensions in Mozilla Firefox Newer Versions


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  • Services in about:addons got new icon and also added option for uninstallation of services.

  • latest Nightly has a new, redesigned bookmark icon

  • Added new Click to enable form on Plugins in about:addons (Plugins) section..

  • How to enable Hardware accelerated H.264 playback in Firefox:

    1. about:config

    2. Then search this line:


    3. Set its value to True

    4. Done

  • Find Bar in Windows and all other OS has now enhanced UI and now only works per tab basis.

  • Just new here guys. Mr. VG and the gang, can someone cite to me what is this Nightly stuff and what is the difference of this mozilla in stable ones?



  • VG

    ^^ Please check following:


  • Shumway has landed to the latest Firefox Nightly 27, just open about:config and then search this:


    Then just change its value from False to True.

  • Lol, I meant that set its value from True to False....

  • I don't know whether this change is from Nightly code side or from AMO, but when you open addons.mozilla.org and open doorhanger for security certification information, now you can enable and disable permission to allow installation for addons right from doorhanger.

    Also Mozilla added new help icon in doorhanger clearing info regarding last security badges and connections.

    Also you can now get last three days crash IDs right from about:support.

  • Addon-styled In Content preferences are now in mozilla-central although disabled by default but now look is changed.

  • Australis landing on Firefox Nightly on Monday.

  • latest Nightly update includes "Firefox Touch" menu in Bookmark menu

  • The new VP9 codec developed by Google and already integrated into Google Chrome will be arriving on Mozilla Firefox soon.

    The VP9 codec has been in the works for quite some time, and Google promises that it will deliver better compression for the same bandwidth and better CPU/GPU utilization.

    That being said, it was only a matter of time until other parties started to adopt it, and now it's time for Mozilla to officially make the necessary steps to implement it.

    As it stands right now, the Firefox 28 users will be the first to experience full support for VP9, which is set to arrive on March 18, 2014.

  • Did you know that there's also Firefox Holly available without Australis GUI. It's like Firefox Nightly but without Australis.

  • Here's neat trick also:

    Open about:config and search this key:


    Then change the value i.e to 6, now open new tab and there's 6 rows.

  • VG

    ^^ It was mentioned here too: :)


  • How to enable HTTP 2.0 in Nightly:

    1. Type about:config into the browser's address bar and hit the enter key.
    2. Confirm you will be careful if the warning message appears.
    3. Search for network.http.spdy.enabled.http2draft and double-click the preference.
    4. Search for security.ssl.enable_alpn and double-click the preference.
    5. This changes the values of both preferences to true, which means that they are enabled.

  • You can also make internet more secure by doing this:

    1. Type about:config into the browser's address bar and hit enter key.
    2. Confirm you will be careful if the warning message appears.
    3. Search for security.tls.version.min and double-click the preference.
    4. Change the value to 2 for example which indicates TLS 1.1.

    This changes SSL 3 to more secure TSL 1.1, but do not change the value to 3 which indicates TSL 1.2 because it might break some websites.

    0 refers to SSL 3
    1 refers to TSL 1.0
    2 refers to TLS 1.1
    3 refers to TLS 1.2

  • Australis UI now included in Aurora build.

  • New InContent UI landed in Nightly, not enabled by default but new look is way better than before.

  • Open about:config and find this:


    Set the value to True, new GUI for Preferences window is enabled.

  • VG

    ^^ Its there since long time but they have modified the look: :)


  • Out of topic question:

    Is it chrome/userChrome.css still working with the latest Firefox browsers? There's no chrome folder nor userChrome.css file anymore by default.

    If I manually create those is it still working?

  • VG

    ^^ Yes. They work. You need to create them manually.

  • Latest Nightly adds a Search bar in New Tabs page.

  • latest Nightly update (v32.0a1) includes new loading circle icon on tabs.

  • imo the loading circle icon looks a little like the one from chrome except it is a double circle

  • The latest Nightly has new icon in Menu:

    New e10s Window

  • @TheAslan, I've noticed the e10s window option since days ago, and i figure out what it is. this new e10s is an out-of-process window tab. to enable this feature go to "about:config" and set layers.offmainthreadcomposition.enabled.

  • ^^set boolean value "layers.offmainthreadcomposition.enabled" to true, then restart and see the new feature in action.

  • layers.offmainthreadcomposition options are also available in Aurora so guessing it's been in there a few builds just now they have made the option visible.

  • Just to say that yes one of the options is layers.offmainthreadcomposition.testing.enabled so was in testing phase.

  • ic. the other two codes are browser.tabs.remote and browser.tabs.remote.autostart. those are to force enable the e10s feature.

  • With e10 tabs things like LastPass do not have the ability to autofill the forms.

  • I dont know who designs these new interfaces (Microsoft Windows 8, Apple's IOS7, now Firefox 29 and probably others) but they need to be fired! Perhaps they're too young to be fired. I bet they're not much older than 4 or 5.

  • Firefox’s new context menu with icons on top.

  • imo the new context menu w/ icons on top is a pretty unique approach. I like it.

  • The new context menu is basically copied from the Android version which has had them at the top of the menu since as long as I can remember.

  • I notice there are brand new 64-bit builds among the nightlies. I thought Mozilla abandoned that completely.

  • @ truthmonger,

    They did, for a while. But then they decided to continue supporting x64 but only for Nightly build, and even that support is very low.

    Though recently when Chrome shared some interestint news about x64 support for Dev and Canary, Mozilla said (rumor) that they might give some better support for x64 builds also, but I'm not sure if they meant only Nightly build and not Stable build.

    As for now, Chrome gives full support for Dev and Canary builds, so might Firefox also in the future.

  • Every time they update it takes me days to figure out how to restore/FIX the GUI.
    Forecast Fox isn't even available anymore because they stripped away so much.
    I originally went with firefox (Mozilla then) because they offered function over form. Now they've completely reversed that. If they're going to look and function like every other browser out there I'll simply switch to another browser.

    This is v29 heavily modified. 

  • Darn...I hoped that phone icon was built in Skype chat feature.

  • latest Firefox update includes a wrench button for Enhanced, Classic, or blank mode in the New Tab Page

  • Invite someone to talk - icon has changed.

  • Enabled HTTP2 and ALPN by default will land in tomorrows Nightly.

  • HTTP2 and ALPN are enabled by default in the latest Nightly.

  • (?)Confirmed: latest Nightly update includes a popup balloon asking user's permission to always enable e10s Window Mode

  • e10s is 'Electrolysis'. and it's a known feature meant for multiprocessing in Firefox.

  • Confirmed: 'Enable e10s' option now appears in Options/Preference menu.

  • Last time I tested e10s they stopped LastPass from being able to complete forms on webpages. Wonder if it's still preventing add ons from working properly.

  • Mozilla added 'Apps' button to menu and reinstated 'Share This Page' link in Firefox Nightly.

  • e10s looks to be much more soughted now and stable.
    also reduced memory usage, atleast in my system.

  • Firefox once again reverted back to single checkbox for Do Not Track feature from three state option.

  • Mozilla Firefox Developer Edition:

    f t p.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/nightly/latest-gum/

  • OK I got home and started up Firefox to find it was now the Developer version and I had lost everything from history and bookmarks to add ons :|

  • OK restored my settings etc by unticking the preference in Developer to allow it to run alongside a normal install of Firefox which uses a seperate profile.

  • Nightly 38 has a new ui for about:config and seems to have a bug in the menu button

  • Nightly 40.0 has a new about:addons page ui

  • New Nightly changes not listed here:

    - Redesigned "about:" pages UI:
    - about:sessionrestore, about:welcomeback, about:crashes

    - Awesomebar improvements (work in progress):
    - Search suggestions now implemented
    - Redesigned styling

    - Control center panel redesign, formerly identity panel (work in progress)

  • Firefox 40.0 also comes with designs optimized for Windows 10 as it was shown in the recent mockups. I'm liking it quite a bit.

  • New nightly build has a new option under
    Privacy -> Location bar -> When using the location bar, suggest:
    Y/N 'Related searches from the default search engine'

    Basically, adds omnibar capabilities to the address bar.

  • More new features: Mute tab that is playing some sound

  • In 45.0a1, the notification bug has been fixed :D

  • Nightly 46.0 has a new and updated profile manager ui

  • WebGL2 is also enabled in Nightly and also W^X JIT-code is enabled I think.

  • Nightly v 47
    'Multi-Process' seems to be enabled by default,
    'Show touch keyboard when necessary' in Accessibility

  • Well looks like Firefox has run out of ideas again then. The fast release schedule is fine when you are trying to reach a destination but once you are there it becomes pointless.

  • Nightly 50

    Reader mode has now a narrator and additional formatting settings

  • Nightly 55 just got new 'about:preferences' or 'options' UI page.

  • New permissions options about storage and tab switching are now available
    1) i.imgur.com/bI79zEG.png

    2) i.imgur.com/8O3xr96.png

  • Content processing option is now available in General preferences. You can now chose the no. of processes you want.


  • Nightly 55 has a right arrow back to the navigation bar

  • Update 93 also has more features in the 'Page Action' UI in the address bar

  • nightly 55 has changed its title bar color from gray to dark blue

  • Nightly 2017-07-03 adds Bookmarks to the 'Library' shortcut,
    Also, added 'Density' next to Toolbar Theme under Customization! :)

  • Nightly 56 (2017-07-07)
    Header bar now matches your Windows 10 color sheme.

  • Nightly 56 (2017-07-12) shows the return of 'Flexible Space' in Toolbar Customization.
    (and, I still don't know if there's a purpose for it, aside from maybe centering a single tab in the middle of the header bar!)

  • VG

    ^^ Yeah. Most of the times its used to center toolbar controls.

  • Ahhh! 'Pocket Feed' on New Tab page!
    THAT'S what that update was!
    Thanks VG! :)

  • @VG
    Nightly just turned badass in a good way.
    The compact dark theme is now dark grey(black) instead of dark blue.

  • VG

    ^^ Yeah. Now looking better.

  • Nightly 2017-07-30 gets new Library icons.