Download Free Windows 8 Metro Theme for WinRAR Archiver

If you use WinRAR and want to have Windows 8 Metro UI feeling, here is something interesting for you.

We have shared a Windows 7 theme for WinRAR in past. Today we are going to share Windows 8 Metro theme for WinRAR which will change all icons in WinRAR with new simple and clean icons matching with Windows 8 Metro UI.

"Metro Theme" for WinRAR has been created by "Silviu-Eduard" @ DA.

Following is a preview of this awesome skin in action:

Simply download the file, extract it and double-click on the extracted file. It'll install the theme which can be applied by selecting "Options -> Themes -> Metro RAR" in WinRAR window.

Download Windows 8 Metro Theme for WinRAR

It seems the theme has been removed by the developer but you can try following Windows 7 themes for WinRAR:

FREE Download Windows 7 Theme for “WinRAR” Archiver

Download Yet Another Free Windows 7 Theme for WinRAR Archiver

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  • black would be awsome

  • thanks for the update , but it looks like ugly to me.

  • @SilverGoldi,

    same here, i agree...

  • Maybe, VG Could Compile ALL The Windows Customization Stuff And Then Make It As A Transformation Pack!!!

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