Disable Annoying Pinch To Zoom Gesture in Google Chrome

Today in this topic we are going to address a very annoying problem faced by several trackpad/touchpad users. If you are using a keyboard with trackpad or touchpad and you try to scroll using 2 fingers, your web browser specially Google Chrome might interpret it as the pinch to zoom gesture. When it happens frequently, it becomes very annoying and problematic.

Recently one AskVG reader "Lewis Keith Saludo" contacted us regarding same issue. Here is a small excerpt from his email:

Hi VG. I have compiled a useful tool. One day I was scrolling through the Internet using Google Chrome, it was fine until my ASUS trackpad/touchpad started reading my two finger scroll as pinch to zoom. I was annoyed since I couldn't disable the pinch on zoom in Chrome. It kept resizing my window when scrolling. Since I was frustrated, I decided to search for the solution and got an AHK code that does the job. I decided to compile the AHK (autohotkey) script to an EXE file. The way it works is it disables pinch to zoom while you are on Google Chrome. I guess its a tool for people who just want to disable pinch to zoom on chrome. Please share it with your readers.

So if you also want to disable pinch to zoom gesture in Google Chrome web browser, you can take help of this small portable utility.


First of all download the tool from following link:

Download Tool to Disable Pinch To Zoom in Google Chrome

After downloading extract the ZIP file using 7-Zip or other file archive utilities and you'll get the EXE file with the name "Pinch To Zoom Disabler.exe". Run it and it'll immediately disable pinch to zoom gesture in Google Chrome browser.

If you want to re-enable pinch to zoom gesture, right-click on EXE file icon in Taskbar notification area and select Exit option.

PS: Since its a portable utility, you'll need to launch it every time you restart Windows. If you want it to automatically start with Windows, you can add its shortcut to Windows startup list. Press WIN+R keys together to launch RUN dialog box, type shell:startup and press Enter. It'll open Startup folder which contains shortcuts of the programs which are set to automatically start with Windows. Create a shortcut of Pinch To Zoom Disabler.exe file and paste it in Startup folder. That's it. Now whenever you'll start Windows, the program will automatically start.


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  • Indeed it is annoying in chrome, thanks Lewis Keith Saludo & VG.

    VG any such a way for cortana ? Cause my touchpad many time launch cortana .

  • VG

    ^^ Check your touchpad settings in Control Panel or Settings app. It should contain options to disable/enable gestures.

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