[Direct Download Links] Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus, Visio 2013 and Project 2013 Free Trial

Recently we posted about the free 60-day trial version of Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus which was released by Microsoft for public.

Download Free Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus 60-Day Trial Version

This is the final RTM version and you can use it for 2 months without any problem. There are no limitations or restrictions, its a fully functional copy of Office 2013.

But a few people complained about the download process. To download this trial version, you need to first register using your Windows Live ID and then you'll be able to grab your free copy. Some people don't like the process and don't want to provide their personal details to Microsoft.

That's why today in this topic, we are going to provide direct download links of Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus version. The download links are given for all available languages. You just need to click on the desired download link and it'll immediately start the download.

Both 32-bit and 64-bit edition download links are given. So if you don't want to register before downloading Office 2013 trial version, you can download it directly using following download links:

Direct Download Links of Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus (32-bit)

Direct Download Links of Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus (64-bit)

Direct Download Links of Microsoft Visio Professional 2013

UPDATE: Microsoft Project Professional 2013 setup files have been removed by Microsoft.

NOTE: After downloading, you'll get a .IMG file and you'll need to extract it using an archive utility such as 7-Zip. After extracting the file, you'll get a folder containing all the required setup files. Just run the "Setup.exe" file to install Office 2013 in your system.

You'll still need to register to obtain Office 2013 product key to activate the product. But these direct download links will save your time and you'll not need to depend upon Microsoft's download application which requires Java runtime environment installed.

For other information and system requirements for Office 2013, check out following topic:

Microsoft Office 2013 System Requirements and Other Information


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  • the activation its posible after 60-day trial? or i'll have to uninstall after 60-day?

  • can you to post direct links to visio and project?

  • I second that. This is what I was waiting for.

  • Thanks VG for direct links....
    U R The Best...

  • Hi VG, will the setup ask for the 25 character key before proceeding with the installation? I know Office 2010 Pro asked for one...

  • @lordrt

    No, u can install this version of office without key

  • Thnx for the DLs VG!! You're just awesome!!
    But hasn't MS uploaded the links for individual products like publisher, word, excel, etc? Pls Reply....

  • VG

    ^^ No. Only the above mentioned links are available.

    No. The setup will not ask for product key at the time of installation but once the setup completes, you'll need to enter product key to activate the product.

  • Thanks for the fast, direct DL links.

    Are there separate/individual/standalone product downloads available for Word 2013 and Excel 2013 yet? Those are the only two Office products I want to install without any other unnecessary features and/or tools. Office 2010 has an edition called Office Starter 2010 that is a stripped-down bundle of Word and Excel in one easy install package. Currently, there is no such stripped-down bundle edition for Office 2013.

  • VG

    ^^ As I earlier said currently only these versions are available for download.

  • The file download as img how do I install that???

  • VG

    ^^ Please check the NOTE given at the end.

  • Getting an error "the specified module could not be found", while running Setup.exe through 7-zip, how to resolve it?

  • project 32-bit links arent the direct downloads

  • Thanks so much... it's so hard to look for the full version of Office 2013!! All the copy I came across are always the C2R version.

    Thank you so much!!!

  • @Mike
    Please see at NOTE on the end of this topic.

  • hi, can u add norwegian proplus, x64??

  • Have downloaded from email from work, now cannot find install. Have serial key but no installation file????

  • Can you share the direct download links for office 2003 img files?
    I had searched the whole internet and found nothing.
    Thanks in advance.

  • @CoOl KinG
    First and foremost office 2003 is coming to an end this april and hence u should seriously consider ur options. Here is the link for standard version(includes word,powerpoint,excel and outlook), doesn't include service packs.


    And here is sp3 link(pre-includes sp1 and sp2, so no need to download and install them this will do):

    I can give u pro link also but that is not from official site.

    -30th Jan 2014, 16:08 GMT

  • Thanks @rkkdjb .
    Please tell me what is the download link for pro, as want access 2003.

  • @CoOl KinG
    here u go for office 2003 pro(use sp3 from the link in my above comment),be warned though its not from microsoft's site:

    -31st Jan 2013, 13:40 GMT

  • VG

    Sorry guys but I had to remove the link as the website hosts illegal pirated versions of paid software.

  • @VG
    i fully understand ur action but i m sure i found it somewhere in raymond's site and

    @CoOl KinG
    Tell me u got the link or not otherwise i will share another.

    -1st Feb 2014, 02:28 GMT

  • I am facing problem while installing office 2013 pro plus 64 bit.
    OS : Windows 7 ultimate
    Setup Error

    Setup can't find or validate an installation file. Please try reinstalling office from your installation source, or if you installed from a download package, please re download & reinstall. If you continue to have probleems, please Contact Mirooft or your system administrator.
    Thanks in advance

  • VG

    ^^ It seems the downloaded file is corrupt. You'll need to re-download the file.

  • VG
    I have redownloaded it several times, but still office 13 is not installing.

  • @CoOl KinG
    Based on ur above comments i m assuming u r installing from an iso(or installation folder). So basically the problem is ur iso(installation folder) is located very deep in the system meaning the installation path is too long. Here is what u can try just copy the iso(installation folder) and paste it on desktop and try to run the setup as admin from that iso(installation folder) or just reduce the size of the path of install location hope u understand.
    instead of C:\...\....\.....\.....\....\......\.....\....\office.iso it should be as simple as C:\users\desktop\office.iso.
    Plz tell if this helps.

    -9th Feb 2014, 12:48 GMT

  • What a joke. I figured this all out on the Microsoft forum. This link made it sound like a person could have completed the task with no grief. Not....it is the same thing I have just completed and am now struggling with the activation process. It is not accepting my account registration which I know is correct and having no key...........more grief in this "free 60 day trial"

  • does not work!
    even if I put the setup on the local disk C: \

    always the same error:
    Setup can't find or validate an installation file. Please try reinstalling office from your installation source... ecc..
    if the pc is too old?

  • VG

    ^^ It seems the downloaded file is corrupt. Are you having slow Internet connection? Also try to extract content of IMG file using 7-Zip.

  • NO!!!
    I've tried all the solutions found around!
    Want to see the RAM or the CPU low, and it is increasing?

  • Are these trial downloads timebombed similar to Windows 8.1 Enterprise Evaluation?

  • VG

    ^^ Of course. The trial versions will expire once evaluation period ends.

  • Is there any standalone installer available for just "Microsoft office word 2013"?

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to obtain the "Visio 2013 (32bit) trial" - but the download link is broken :(

    I've tried live chat with MS - who just told me they can only help with Office 365 issues, and gave me a number to call. After calling that number, going through lots of menu options and being passed between 4 departments - they final person told me the line was bad and they'd call me back - then hung up and didn't call back - great customer service!

    Anyone know of any other link? Or an e-mail address I could report the broken link to?

    Many thanks,

  • Hey guys! These DL links some are broken and such, but I have found a list of good links that link direct to MS servers. If you browse around you can also find Office 2007 and 2010 as well as Windows vista and 7 copies too, also direct form MS Servers.

    These are for pro plus, Visio, project and language packs.


  • Why always using strange file extensions and not ISOs which is more useful?

  • Office installed, now asking to activate the same. need email id and password, the current hot mail id not accepting saying that email id not associated with this product. so pls tell me how to activat ms office downloaded from above link

  • VG

    ^^ You'll need to first register your email ID at the links given in following topic:


  • hey i downloaded your ms office package but unfortunately it did not work after click setup key show error massage (setup can't find or validate installation file)

  • Can we activate it using KMSpico? Will it ask for any activation ever after?

  • ok.....!! Will ask for serial key every time we open word or anything else ?

  • VG

    ^^ Sorry can't tell. I have not tried to run Office without activation.

  • I struggled until I was able to find a direct download for 2013 that isn't C2R. Microsoft is so stupid, that even with the C2R version I cannot install on my secondary drive.

  • Oh Yeah!
    VG, Thx a lot!
    You actually saved me from "The Hit From The Pretty Devil" which of course HURT... A LOT!
    So, Thx ^^

  • Not true that there are no Visio Professional 2013 downloads anymore -- they are here:

    English 32-bit:

    English 64-bit:

  • VG

    ^^ Thanks for the links. Added to the main topic. :)

  • So...all of you guys having issues with the installation file not being found etc., ought to be thankful you have good spyware detection, as it is quarantining the "setup.exe", which drops a trojan. Go get another d/l.

  • Thanks for the link,
    But is there any ISO image that can be directly download?

  • I'm trying to burn image of 64 bit Microsoft office 2013 to disk and I keep getting same error code, 0x80004005, Any idea's?

  • I guess I should have added it's in English also.

  • Finnally i found it. Thanks for that link .

  • I'll never understand why Microsoft will always make it so hard for people to download their software. Thank you very much, VG!

  • I successfully downloaded trial versions of MS Office Pro Plus 2013 from your links, and then successfully burned DVD and Successfully installed 64bit version. Now I am trying to activate witha legitimate Product Key, but I get a message that the key I am entering is not for Office 2013. Any idea why my product key is not working?

  • VG

    ^^ The key which you are trying might be for a different edition of Office 2013.

  • Your file for MS Office 2013 will not unpack. It is corrupted

  • Thanks, AskVG :-)
    BTW, You can run Office 2013 without activation but every time u open word ,
    powerpoint , excel, it just keeps u receiving the message about the unactivated Office just like in previous versions like 2010,2007

  • Setup Error Fix

    Setup can't find or validate an installation file. Please try reinstalling office from your installation source, or if you installed from a download package, please re download & reinstall. If you continue to have probleems, please Contact Mirooft or your system administrator.

    Possible Cause:
    => Broken .iso file, you cannot detect the .iso if it is corrupted. To fix it, go to internet cafe and download it and try again.

  • Thank you.

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