Create New Yahoo! E-Mail ID at and Domains for Free

Good news for Yahoo! users. Recently Yahoo! announced that its going to start 2 new domains and very soon and now the day has come. Today both new domains have been launched.

So now you can create your very own e-mail ID and which will be considered as your Yahoo! ID. The most important thing is that now you can get your desired e-mail ID because its new domain and chances are your desired username is available at the moment.


So hurry up and create the IDs which you missed earlier otherwise someone else will grab it.

After creating your email ID, you can also log into Yahoo! Messenger using it. You can download the latest version of Yahoo! Messenger using following link:

Yahoo! Messenger Version Update

If you don't want to install Yahoo! Messenger, you can use the online version:

Yahoo! Messenger for Web: No Download or Installation Required


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