[BSNL DataOne Tip] Check Data Usage or Add Extra GB to Your Broadband Plan

Today we are going to share a useful tip as well as news for BSNL broadband "DataOne" users in India. If you are using BSNL DataOne broadband connection, you might be aware of its unlimited plans which claim to provide unlimited Internet data usage for users. But did you know all these unlimited broadband plans come with FUP (Fair Usage Policy) limit?

Actually all BSNL DataOne unlimited plans allow you to browse on Internet and download data on high-speed but when you cross the FUP limit as per the plan, your Internet speed is automatically reduced. You can still browse on Internet and download files but you'll notice a huge speed drop.

Now the question comes, how to know the FUP limit of your BSNL broadband plan? Also how to check how much GB have you already used of your broadband plan so that you can manage your usage for the remaining time period?

Today in this tutorial, we are going to tell you methods to check and monitor your BSNL DataOne broadband connection usage as well as to add additional GB of data to your broadband plan if you cross your FUP limit.

Recently I was at my friend's home who was using BSNL DataOne broadband connection. His broadband plan was unlimited and the download speed was 2Mbps. When we were working on the computer, we suddenly received a message from BSNL DataOne in form of an HTML page:

Dear Customer

Since you have exceeded the Fair Usage Limit provided as per your opted plan, you will be able to browse with the reduced speed from now on.

However, you can browse at the higher speed by appropriately adding/upgrading a VOUCHER.


The page contained a few spelling mistakes as you can notice in the above screenshot.

The page was having 2 buttons: UPGRADE and DECLINE. Since we needed high-speed, we decided to purchase more GB of data by clicking on UPGRADE button.

The UPGRADE button launched a new page containing various options to add additional data transfer quota at higher speed along with their charges details.

The available options were as following:

2 GB for Rs. 100
5 GB for Rs. 200
10 GB for Rs. 300
20 GB for Rs. 500


We selected the desired quota option and clicked on [Go] button and it showed the successful message:

Dear Customer

Thanks for choosing speed restoration plan.

You will be charged in the next bill...

Please restart your modem to browse with higher speed as per your plan.


When we restarted the modem, the broadband plan speed was restored to original high-speed.

Luckily we bookmarked the link and now we are going to share the link for your convenience. You can use this link to check your BSNL DataOne broadband plan usage and to purchase additional data quota if required.

Check BSNL Dataone Broadband Plan Usage under FUP Limit

Alternative Link 1

Alternative Link 2

Alternative Link 3 (Kolkata and Assam)

Alternative Link 4 (Kerala)

Alternative Link 5 (Bangalore)

Alternative Link 6 (Gujarat)

Alternative Link 7 (Chennai)

The page contains a hyperlink "[Add Bytes]" to add additional GB of data if required.


That's a nice initiative by BSNL and it'll help DataOne users in monitoring their data usage and purchasing additional GB of data online without going to telephone exchange or other government department offices...

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  • Dear VG,

    As i am opening the website for checking the usage,the page is displaying that the page is being hacked and other type of information so please help me out to check the information.

  • This site opens now, but asks for 'logging in' with a non-working Login-Page URL.
    (Also there's a server-side error message displayed at the top.)
    Overall, the link is currently unoperational.

  • VG

    You guys can also try following alternative links:

    All 3 links are working fine here.

  • It says "You have an invalid network configuration. Please contact Customer Service..." for me. I have that plan with 4Mb/s speed till 20GB.

  • Mine says.....
    "No Volume Metered Services Selected"

    even tho my speed gets bottlenecked after few days of every month .....
    I already knew that BSNL have FUP limit..... but didn't know about any of those services...... !!
    VG, Do we have subscribe to any other services to get notifications like that or to avail this checking facility ?

  • VG

    I didnt subscribe to any such service. The strange thing is that the URL shared by me was taken from my friend's computer and also working fine for my broadband connection. So it should also work for you. May be the URL is state specific?

  • But if the URL was state specific , then how it logged me in also.... It must be a centralised one !!
    Also, may be its under beta stage......that might be the bug !
    Will wait a few weeks and then try again..... :)

    link working fine here, thanks for info VG.

  • VG, How to know whether DataOne service is available in my location or not?

  • VG

    ^^ You can contact BSNL office or check at their website.

  • ^^ Can you give me any specific link from their website regarding this?

  • VG

    ^^ Check following form page:


  • Thankr VG :)

  • For Kerala , this link should work

  • hi there i have noticed this if its the first week of the month than i can subscribe for additional gb of data with no problem but now its the second week of the month and when i tried to subscribe last month it gave me(i forgot)but something like "Error......" now i am trying to subscribe again but it is giving me this errors, the above first and Alternative Link 3 is giving me this error

    "You have an invalid network configuration. Please contact Customer Service..."

    Alternative Link 1 and 2 loads forever btw i am using firefox, i think this errors has got to do
    with BSNL coz as i said it works flawless in the first week of the month if this is not the case
    than can anyone help me thank you

  • I am also having same problem i.e. "You have an invalid network configuration. Please contact Customer Service...".

    I have tried all things but nothing happen. Does this has to do some setting problem in my modem? I'll update u when i will able to resolve this problem.

  • VG

    As I earlier said the URL seems to be state specific, thats why some people are getting invalid network configuration error. On the other hand, the same URL is working fine for many people. I'll try to find out more URLs for other states if possible.

  • @VG thank you sir, hope this error gets fixed soon. This link worked for the last month and this month but only in the first week of the month

    @dipankar hi there i don't think its the modem problem coz it works flawless in the first week of the month, lets see if it works the coming month that will be the first week of the month and so on, if it gives the same error like right now than it will be on the other end(BSNL) right now i just have to live with the current speed.

  • Dear BSNL,

    I am really sad to say the customer service rendered is way less than poor. I wanted to check my data usage so i called up the toll free number which redirected the a lady who gave the info which dint work and and disconnected the call abruptly. I had to call the toll free number spoke to the same person who informed she does not know the problem and advised to call 24955941 24619885 and disconnected the call WHILE SPEAKING. I tried both the numbers one says the number not in use and the other no one picks up.

    I am trying to check if i am availing the upgraded usage or not because the website went still when i gave decline and the link never worked. I am trying to solve out the problem to make sure i dont get a surprise bill

    The bills are generated and posted perfectly but the service rendered is VERY VERY BAD. No telephone ethics, Employees speaking as if we are their servants. I should have recorded the conversation but i was not aware this will turn up like this.

    You will surely loose a lot of customers if this goes on. Right now i am looking for a different service provider

  • @Vijay Anand agree if BSNL continues its service like this then it will soon be history because out here my friends and others have just changed their ISP to AI connect I don't know if you guys out there have heard of this because Google doesn't seem to link to other states in India, I have got no idea where this comes from:) but out here AI connect is a big success because there is no FUP and it's totally wireless I have decided to get this ISP the coming month

  • I used the the link shared by pet29, and modified it a little bit. So, the following works in Kolkata.
    Thanks guys!

  • Doing this should be much easier rather than us going around sharing URLs. Who would design something as stupid as a one-time pop up? What options do consumers have once they decline the top up and change their mind to upgrade (that was me)?

    BTW, I got this link from the browser history.

    Anyway, my ranting aside,
    Here's the link for Chennai circle:

  • I am from Bhopal, and here it is working url

    Shared, thought might be helpful. Thanks

  • My previous comment -> please use https I think it is not working for http

  • Any one know which one works for Bangalore users

  • After making multiple phone calls I got this.. All Bangalore users please use this

  • works for me in assam. As said by AB, it seems state or region specific. Coz lot of these links were not working for me till now.

  • @brag the link works fine thx!

    The link again for chennai

  • Hi all,

    Kindly anyone can send the bsnl broadband topup voucher link for tamilnadu circle of 4mb - 30Gb - 512 Kb?

  • Topup worked for me with below link.


  • "You have an invalid network configuration. Please contact Customer Service..."

    is the comment that I am receiving. I am connecting from Kerala

    Has anyone solved this issue?

    Pl help

  • BSNL site link is not working since last 2-3 days. No one is bothered about this problem in BSNL Management. I think all should give away land line phone and Broadband connection, so their business will be stopped and all employess will get layoff. This is required.

  • I have done topup but speed is as same as old. I am not getting any additional speed on topup. Is any problem? kindly advice

  • thx

  • plz help me

    i miss alert for top up
    so plz say me what is link for recharge broadband speed and usage
    for gujarat

  • when i click on the link it shows invalid network configuration any solutions?

  • thank you so much Ananthji

  • you link works

  • This link gave me the option to upgrade page.
    I clicked on proceed to top up and it gives me a message "

    You are logged in as 'someone-else's-id[at]bsnl.in' at IP address (mine). "

    Could you help me with whats happening here, is it due to the dynamic IP, I'm under the BBG Combo - ULD 1445 Upto 2 Mbps upto 20 GB, 1 Mbps beyond 20 GB.

    Help would be really appreciated!

  • what is the link for rajasthan...plsss help

  • I am having 1275/- mth BSNL BB plan. It gives me 20GB @ 4Mbps and then 512 Kbps. I am using Netgear DGND3700 router. I have set the traffic meter in the Netgear. My problem for last 4-5 mths ( earlier traffic meter was not set) from the time I have set traffic meter, the data usage shown on netgear and on bsnl portal there is a vast difference. On netgear when it is 10GB on BSNL portal it is 26 GB. BSNL goes by there reading and charged accordingly in my case speed gets reduced even my data usage is 10GB. Is there any setting issue for router.

  • Thanks much. was searching for this all over the internet!

  • i am from maharashtra. I declined the offer 1st time when it crossed the fair usage limit. subsequently i wanted to restore the speed by topping up. however i could not find any link or facility anywhere on BSNL site.


  • thanx... d links really worked...

  • when i put ip addres
    i recived that message

    No Volume Metered Services Selected"

    can anyone suggest what i can do for check my limit and topup my BB speed.

  • I am from Gujarat can anyone help me with Url for gujarat I always have trouble with FUP estimation...

  • Never mind I got it This url works for Gujarat

  • what the heck is this bsnl....this is not good.....
    you guys are saying 2mbps of download speed and then 512kbps whick is ok, but im getting 100kbps first then the average is 40 kbps after fup! what is this....it is like 2g yaar...not good bsnl.....never.
    either answer this comment or i will have to change to some other option!
    Please help!

  • how to extend internet browsing

  • hay friend
    I opted for bsnl 500 Rs unlimited monthly plan.
    I too received the same FUP notification message from bsnl.(for the first time)
    I was unaware of FUP until i read this post.
    So i didnt choos any of the two option(nither upgraded nor declined)
    I used to get internet speed about 60Kbs till yesterday
    But the stnge fact is that now i can get inetrnet speed around 400Kb/s even without any Upgrade.
    why am i getting more internet speed than before even without any upgrade,will i be charged for it

  • If i selected a 5gb plan by mistake, is there any option to cancel it.? i don't want to pay any extra money.

  • hi
    I opted for bsnl 675 Rs unlimited monthly plan
    I too received the same FUP notification message from bsnl.(for the first time)
    I was unaware of FUP
    i think that i clicked declined option and its said restart my modem
    used to get internet speed about 60Kbs till yesterday
    But the stnge fact is that now i can get inetrnet speed around 200Kb/s even without any Upgrade.
    why am i getting more internet speed than before even without any upgrade also when i check my balance i have 2045.657 Gb in fup high speed ,will i be charged for it?

  • VG

    ^^ Dont worry. BSNL has started providing a minimum of 2Mbps speed on all broadband plans starting October 1.

  • i heard 2mpbs is only upto 1gb then it will be charged. idont know about it

  • Got the FUP POP UP and clicked the Decline option it still shows 2044.236 GB. Has BSNL activated it and shall I be charged for it? I am getting post FUP speed. Please Help

  • VG

    ^^ The FUP limit gets reset upon 1st of each month.

  • am having trouble to get access to the fup now(having bsnl 675 Rs unlimited monthly plan )
    earlier i have got the pop up message but i couldn't access to the upgrade option. now its showing that my connection is not private and am getting 200Kb/s speed now...
    i have already used above 8 gb data
    ,will i be charged for it? pls help any one knows about it

  • i also got the FUP pop up and iused to pres decline option but it still says that I have 2046 GB remaining?will i be charged for it in the next bill!Please help me

  • same question...

    i also got the FUP pop up and iused to pres decline option but it still says that I have 2046 GB remaining?will i be charged for it in the next bill!Please help me

  • i also got the fup pop up and i go through the decline first but it showed error four to five times after that i clicked on the upgrade button and it showed that restart u r modem.i did the same.
    now i m using unlimited 750plan.will i charged for it.
    pls help me.....

  • VG

    If you use the option to add extra bandwidth, you'll be charged in next bill, otherwise not.

  • I had purcheased 2 GB for Rs100 but got only 350MB. And on 2nd October I purchased 10GB for RS500 but they ended the next day. Please help.

  • As you said earlier the usage gets reset every month I got the message on 2nd about exceeding of Limit. So i purchased 10GB for rs500 and it was over by next morning(I had purchased at 8PM. and today I purchased 2GB for rs 100 and it gave me only 350MB its over by now.
    Plz help.

  • VG

    ^^ It might be possible that someone else is using your broadband bandwidth. Make sure you have changed the password of your router using "" link.

  • sir, i am using 790 unlimited plan.but on 2nd october i got 1gb limit exceeded popup and i click on the upgrade option . what will happen ?? i will charged how much money means extra 790rs or perkbps something??
    pls tell sir...

  • VG

    ^^ You'll be charged based on what upgrade option did you select. By default, the 2GB option is selected, so you might get 100rs extra in your bill.

  • actually sir no upgrade option showed .after clicking upgrade it showed only restart u r modem... then how much i will charge ???

  • good

  • 5gb =200

  • 20gb 500rs only

  • I am also having same problem i.e. "You have an invalid network configuration. Please contact Customer Service..."

  • Upgrade option does not work at all.

  • Sir, i am using 675 plan as unlimited, But after 1 GB a display shows that "upgradable" or "decline". If i press decline, will it chargable??

  • VG

    ^^ No. That page allows you to add extra GB to your current monthly plan. If you decline the offer, you'll not be charged any extra bucks.

  • My data plan RS 740 ,on 5th of month start FUP pop up came.we are using only skype maximum 2 Hr,i top up 2 GB with 100 Rs once i top up immeditly i checked remining showing 1.7 GB just one minit i lost 300 MB ...
    last 9 years i am using BSNL boardband connection this the first time i got this massage ..
    is BSNL cheating us.

  • Today december 11th till today i have .512Mb only ,i heard bsnl going upgrade 2MB minimum ,still today nothing,more over they cheating us thru TOP UP

  • VG

    ^^ How are you using the connection? Is the router Wi-Fi enabled? If yes, make sure you set a password to connect.

  • I too have wasted not less than my 5 valuable hours to study this Topup game and to get additional speed to my broad band connection which is all vain. Tried all the links specified above from all the users and got insulted from my computer screen. Why this is so complicated and made the customers to type a kilometer link. Is this is upgradation of technology? Let it be. Let us try accordingly. But final result is negative. Fed up. This topup should be user friendly

  • Does anyone have a working link for UP(E) so far I have tried all the links, all I get is You have an invalid network configuration or No Volume metered service... really need a link to top-up. Anybody any link for UP(E)??. Thanks in advance

  • Hi, thanks a lot, guys. The B'lore link really works, enabling me to manage my torrent DL and get the last drop of MBs from my Fiber FUP 75 GB per month.
    Patience is required to work with BSNL. Once or twice the link said " you are not auth to view this resource"! but coolly allowed me in when I tried a few hours later. Also see if you are getting the same msg I got on the first day of the month: you are not on a metered resource (in the early morning, Sunday), so I DL many episodes of my fav serial NCISLA. Towards afternoon, the BSNL link showed I had used 1 GB of my 75, but the Torrent client showed 5 GB usage!
    Finally, the bill shows separate day and night usage stats! Does this mean that we may get "free" DLs around 0200 to 0800?

  • No use of paying money for additional / or extra GB. The first few days before the allocated GB expires, you get a faster net connection and once it is over and opted for extra say 10 GB or 20 GB, you will find the same lower speed. Since 3 months I am facing this problem.

  • well i entered to the url top up istead of myn usedr id name someother logged in name showing what i have to do

  • i use bsnl for internet in my office , i want to know that process of check usage data in during month

  • Thanks a lot, first one worked for rajasthan.

  • We have taken unlimited option of internet and strangely find that without much usage even we get FUP that we have used our limit.At times we are not in the city for more than 3 weeks in a month and still receive same FUP.How can this be possible that we are not getting justified usage inspite of paying for same.We have reported and complained about his issue but nobody seems to be bothered to attend.

  • What is mean by "no volume metered services selected" ....i checked sveral sites which is starting with 172...but the answer was same...can you help me please

  • Is the upgrading meant for one month or all the months after that?

  • VG

    ^^ Only current month cycle.

    It happens when your data plan is different and the URL was not created for that plan.

  • link for chennai pls upload not working any link!!!

  • Thanks a lot VG, the Link 3 is working but I am sure my Bill comes Rs 2100/- p/m and I had (O Kb) remain in my account n m still using it so something fishy s going on bro.

  • You have an invalid network configuration. Please contact Customer Service..

  • This is another fraud by BSNL. I top-upped for 20GB but never got any speed, But the bill charged me Rs.500. The BSNL exchange and dist officials told me everything is screwed up and this whole thing is from Bangalore and they can only raise some token, Well BSNL always find new methods to cheat customers, Digital India, Better leave this service and go to some 3G, Any way that is exactly what BSNL officials want you to do.

  • bbtopup.bsnl.co.in:8080 works fine.
    This is better to use for all, as I beleive it redirects to the right server for top up, depending on your modem location

  • hello everyone.. i am also getting same red error show contact customer care.. while upgrading the some gb in my bsnl pack.. could anyone help me

  • Hello Everyone,

    I also got the same message and gave decline option. But after that most of the sites are not opening. Even last month i had the same problem but after two days it automatically resolved and all sites were accessible. Even if we give decline y the sites are not working at the reduced speed.??

  • Hi,

    I would suggest to use bbtopup.bsnl.co.in:8080/ as the first option.

    the redirect was to, and after restart modem, I am back to DL speeds of 3.3 Mbps. The popup did not come when FUP limit was up and I was down to 0.512 Mbps. (results using speedtest.net)

    I called the 1504 helpdesk also, which also gave me the bbtopup url After reading this post, it seems that the urls starting with 172.30 are location (zone/circle) specific, meaning if a link worked in kerala, it might not work in Gujarat, what worked in Rajasthan might not work in Assam.

    At the same time, i may suggest to avoid links like - these seem to be related to the individual user... which in this case seems 4 Mbps - 8 GB - 512 Mbps.
    (BBG Combo ULD 999 per month.

    however, if you look at the urls closely, you may see they are close, for Goa (Maharashtra circle as per BSNL) and Gujarat they are close. (this is an assumption).

    I could suggest to add more of the verified URLs from different states to the top of the post, so it is easier.

  • Hi VG,

    I wanted to know if there is any way to upgrade the plan that I am using, from home, without having to go the the BSNL office or exchange.

  • VG

    ^^ I'm not sure but you can try at following link:


  • On the 24th of this month i got a message saying i had used my FUP and whether i want to restore speed. I chose "decline". Yet, on checking my FUP limit, it shows 2040 GB. Whats going on?

  • earlier it was showing 2008 gb fup speed from 3 months but it is now again 0 kb can i do this 2008 gb again please reply fast.

  • hey,
    i have occurred same problem of "You have an invalid network configuration"
    now what can i do

  • Dear Sir

    i am not getting Top Up for recharging / upge=rade high speed . plz send link & oblige

  • our broadband connection speed is very slow and charges amount is high

  • Thanks for the crisp info

  • What about for those people who donot want a topup alert. Please tell how to disable this menace and stay peacefully with the low speed. Initially they were suggesting, then requesting and now hacking the modem to force a restart. Please tell me how to stop my children from attempting a topup without my approval when BSNL is sending the topup bill to me not to them...!!!!

  • VG

    ^^ You can block the URL using firewall and it'll not open.

  • If anyone gets the error "Sorry, we can't process your request right now. Please try after some time." when you use one of the links, try another one. That's what worked for me. I tried each link mentioned in the article and comments here and finally one of them clicked! The link that works may not necessarily be that's associated with your state, so go ahead and patiently check out each link in the article or comments, one of them is gonna click :)

  • vg how can i check my plan with fup and data speed?

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