A Bootable USB: Freeware to Create Bootable USB Drive to Install Windows Vista and Later

Imagine a situation where you need to install Windows Vista, Windows 7 or later Windows versions in a system but you don't have access to DVD drive. We all know that Windows Vista and newer Windows versions come in DVDs and you'll need a DVD drive to install them. Then how will you install them? The solution is, you can create a bootable USB drive which can be used to install Windows without using DVD drive.

We have posted a detailed tutorial to create such bootable USB drive long time back, you can read about it at following link:

How to Create Bootable USB Drive to Install Windows Operating System?

The above method is very easy to follow but wouldn't it be great if we can use a utility to do the whole task automatically? Our reader "Aris" has created a small utility "A Bootable USB" exclusively for AskVG readers which creates bootable USB drive to install Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 and later Windows editions.


  • A USB Drive (4 GB or more)
  • Windows Setup ISO image File or DVD (Check link 1 and link 2)
  • Host OS: Windows Vista (SP1 or SP2) and later

How to Use:

Once you meet the requirements, run the utility. Its a portable utility so doesn't need installation.


The utility requires only 4 easy steps to follow:

  • Check USB drive (to check whether your USB drive is attached or not)
  • Format USB drive
  • Choose DVD or ISO image (to copy the required files to USB drive)
  • Start the process (to create bootable USB drive)

It works in both 32-bit as well as 64-bit Windows versions.

You can download the utility using following link:

Download "A Bootable USB" Tool

NOTE: If you face problem while formatting the USB drive, click on "Options" button and then select "QUICK" option.

UPDATE: We are pleased to announce that this tool has been featured by various websites including Lifehacker and Microsoft. It has also been featured in various tech magazines such as official Windows magazine and a few Japanese and German magazines. Recently it was also included in a textbook of Secondary education of computing printed by Oxford University Press of Spain.

PS: You can also take a look at some other similar freeware to create bootable USB drives to install Windows at following link:

Collection of Freeware to Create Bootable USB Drive to Install Windows and Linux


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  • Actually I have ran out of words to say "Thank You". You saved me man. God bless you.

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  • VG

    ^^ You can share it using the buttons given in the beginning of the above article.

  • It is work with xp too??...i want to make a bootabel usb with an xp windows...and i can't make it..:D

  • VG

    ^^ Check following link to get one for Windows XP:


  • Man, you're the most awesome person on earth,
    I mean, i was running in circle for like 10 hours today, i could not run the windows installer on my PC (i lost the installation DVD) and then i found you, thanks you so much for this i'm crying i swear
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