Windows 10 Bug in Auto-Colorization on Title Bar

Auto-colorization feature was introduced in Windows 8 operating system which automatically configures the color of various UI elements such as Start Menu, program windows titlebars and Taskbar based on the applied desktop wallpaper.

The same feature has been brought to Windows 10 which automatically picks an accent color from desktop background image and applies to title bars, Start Menu, Taskbar and Action Center if enabled in Settings app as mentioned in following tutorial:

[Tip] Get Rid of White Titlebars in Windows 10

Recently an AskVG reader "NotCory" contacted us regarding a weird bug found in this auto-colorization feature of Windows 10. He accidentally discovered the bug while changing his desktop wallpaper. It's a bug about the auto-colorization functionality on title bar.

He shared a few images showing the bug in action. ‚ÄčThe following image has the Settings -> Personalization -> Colors window and File Explorer window opened, showing that Windows correctly uses a color from the wallpaper on title bar:


But in following image, the reader chooses another wallpaper, then the File Explorer window shows the wrong color (appears as default blue color, but with black text color) instead of the yellow color as Windows chooses in the preview image:


It seems that the problem also happens with other apps/programs, as you can see below, the Snipping Tool also has the default blue color (though the title bar text appears white):


But it's not clear if this happens with other Wallpapers and Windows 10 versions. I have checked and confirmed this bug in the latest Windows 10 Creators Update version 1703 and Windows 10 Anniversary Update version 1607.

You might also want to test it out. The problematic wallpaper can be downloaded from following link:

Download Super Mario 3D Land (SM3DL_Art2.png) Wallpaper (4000x1600 px, 5.88MB)

Feel free to share your feedback about this bug in your comment.

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  • because windows can't read color from png image ^^

  • ^^ It can that's why its showing right color in preview.

  • Nice article.

    There is also one issue/bug related to File Explorer. If the 'Automatically pick an accent color from desktop wallpaper' is enabled in the Settings App, the file explorer loses the focus area and scrolls to the top of the navigating window.

    Irritating to the best. This issue is absent on Windows 8/8.1.

  • You mean that Mario is the reason behind all these issue? My childhood has been ruined.

  • Some wallpaper is doing this instead of above bug, only shown up in file explorer not in other application.
    Link -

  • Also sometimes the window use the correct color, but wrong color for the border around the window.
    Link -

    This 2 bugs also found in build 1703 and build 1607. Only build 1511 doesn't have any of this bugs

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