UserTile: Freeware to Get Windows 8 User Picture Tile (Avatar) in Taskbar Notification Area of Windows 7

If you are regularly reading topics about Windows 8 here at AskVG, you must be knowing about "User Picture Tile" feature introduced in Windows 8 which shows user picture as a small tile in notification area of Windows Taskbar.

We have posted about a freeware "Taskbar UserTile" in past which brings the same feature to Windows 7 users:

Get Windows 8 Look-Like User Picture Tile (Avatar) in Notification Area of Windows 7

Today we are going to share another free software which does the same thing with some extra advanced options.

"UserTile" is a free utility created by "laushung" @ DA which shows Windows 8 look-like user picture tile in Windows 7 Taskbar.

According to developer, this tool pulls your entire online persona into one place. This will include things like your Facebook and Windows Live Messenger status, Twitter, email, all of the things that make you on the net.

You can receive updates and keep in touch with everyone without having to open multiple windows. You only need to set your status once and it'll get pushed to all of your online services.

Features List:

  • The user tile fits into the Taskbar properly, no more overlapping the clock.
  • It's dual screen aware. There isn't any worry having multiple displays. It'll always appear in Taskbar.
  • It's Taskbar position aware. It doesn't matter where the Taskbar is. It'll always display correctly in the corner.
  • It automatically grabs the display picture from either the system account or Windows Live Messenger. It can also display the motion display pictures found in the WLM 2010.

Its currently under testing, so you might get bugs. Also please note that you must be running Windows Live Messenger BEFORE you run UserTile. Otherwise you will get an error message.

You can download it using following link:

Download Link

Thanks to our reader "EGA" for sharing it...

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  • Is it available for xp or are there similar apps for xp .

  • VG

    ^^ Not sure but you can try following:

  • how to uninstall?????????????
    plz reply

  • @jack

    Simply click on start menu>Control Panel>Programs>Programs and Features
    & on search bar, type UserTile, Click on UserTile and click on uninstall.

  • Not working. I can't even log in to Windows Live Messenger. It keeps asking me to update it to Skype.

  • Does this work in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1?

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