[Tip] Hidden Secret Hotkey to Put Apps in Full Screen Mode in Windows 10

Full Screen mode exists since many years in almost all operating systems. If we talk about Windows operating system, we can use Windows Explorer (My Computer or This PC), Internet Explorer, etc in Full Screen mode by pressing F11 key. It puts these program windows in full screen mode. We can again press F11 key to bring these programs in normal window mode.

In Command Prompt windows, ALT+Enter hotkey also works to put the program in full screen mode.

But unfortunately these keyboard shortcuts don't work for modern (metro or UWP) apps in Windows 10. If you are working in an app such as Settings, Microsoft Edge, Mail, etc, you can't switch into full screen mode by pressing F11 or Alt+Enter keys.

Did you know there is a hidden secret hotkey which can be used to put these apps in full screen mode in Windows 10? Yes, you heard it right! The magical hotkey is:


Once you are using an app in Windows 10, press Windows, Shift and Enter keys together and the app will be switched into full screen mode. The titlebar and Taskbar will be hidden and the whole screen area will be occupied by the app only as shown in following screenshot:


To put the app back into normal window mode, press the Windows, Shift and Enter keys again. You can also hover your mouse cursor to the top and it'll temporary show titlebar. Now click on the "Restore" button which is displayed between Minimize and Close buttons at the top-right corner and it'll put the app in normal mode again.


This hotkey should work in all modern or UWP apps.

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