[Tip] Enable Hidden Secret “Stacked Tabs” Feature in Google Chrome

Almost all AskVG readers know that I use Mozilla Firefox as my primary web browser but I also install other popular web browsers such as Google Chrome and Opera for testing purposes. Recently when I posted a tutorial for enabling classic "New Tab" page in new versions of Google Chrome, it inspired me to look around other secret features given in Chrome Flags page.

How to Restore Old Behavior of New Tab Page in Google Chrome

While looking through those hidden secret options, I found one interesting feature which might be very useful for many Google Chrome users.

Generally when you open too many tabs in Google Chrome, the browser starts shrinking the tabs and one stage comes when only a cross (x) button is displayed on tabs. In such situation you can't recognize tabs because no page titles are displayed on tabs. It becomes quite irritating and you need to click on each and every tab until you find your desired tab.


On the other hand other web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox do not shrink their tabs to this amount. They shrink the tabs to a pre-defined size and once they reach that size limit, they start stacking new tabs to the right and small arrow icons are shown on the tab bar to navigate between tabs. It helps in easily switching between running tabs.

Now if you want to get a similar feature in Google Chrome web browser, this tutorial will help you.

Today in this tutorial we are going to tell you how to enable a hidden secret feature "Stacked Tabs" in Google Chrome which will bring Mozilla Firefox style tab stacking feature to Google Chrome.


This feature is not enabled by default but can be enabled using hidden "Chrome Flags" page.

If you are ready to enable this feature, check out following simple steps:

1. First of all type chrome://flags/ in Google Chrome addressbar and press Enter. It'll open advanced configuration page.

2. Press "Ctrl+F" keys together to launch find box and type following in the find box:

Stacked Tabs

It'll highlight an option with the same name.

Stacked Tabs Windows
Tabs never shrink, instead they stack on top of each other when there is not enough space. #stacked-tab-strip


3. Click on the "Enable" link given below the option.

4. At the end click on "Relaunch Now" button and once Google Chrome opens, it'll have the secret stacked tabs feature similar to Mozilla Firefox web browser.

Some Google Chrome users might be already aware of this feature. I found it just now so decided to share it with you all. Feel free to share your comments about this secret feature of Google Chrome...

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