[Tip] Control Data Collection in Windows 10 Using Microsoft Privacy Dashboard

Microsoft's latest operating system Windows 10 is often criticized for its privacy issues. Most of the Windows 10 users worry about the telemetry and data collection features of Windows 10. Actually Microsoft collects some anonymous usage data in Windows 10 to make the OS more stable and to fix issues faced by users. Although Windows 10 provides several options in its Settings app to customize and control users privacy but still many people are not comfortable in using Windows 10 as their primary OS.

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Now it seems Microsoft has listened to all Windows 10 users and finally they have launched an online dashboard to review and control your privacy and activity data in Windows 10.

This new web-based privacy dashboard allows you to see and manage your activity data collected by various Microsoft services such as browsing, search, location, Cortana notebook, health, etc.

You just need to go to following link:

Microsoft Account Privacy Dashboard

Once you open above mentioned link, sign in using your Microsoft Account which you use in Windows 10 and then you'll be able to view and clear your usage history and activity data.


At the moment this dashboard allows reviewing and controlling following activity data:

  • Microsoft Edge browsing history
  • Search history of Bing search engine and Cortana
  • Location activity
  • Cortana notebook data
  • Microsoft health activity data

Microsoft collects and uses above mentioned data to provide you timely answers in Cortana, personalized suggestions, better results, etc in Windows 10.

Using the new privacy dashboard, you can clear the collected data and start using the above mentioned Microsoft services from scratch. Apart from above mentioned activity data, the new privacy dashboard also helps you in reviewing and managing following privacy settings:

  • Privacy settings on your Windows 10 device
  • Xbox privacy settings
  • Skype privacy settings
  • Apps and services that are allowed to access your data
  • Privacy settings in Microsoft Office programs
  • Marketing preferences associated with your Microsoft account
  • Advertising preferences

According to Microsoft, the company will continue to add more functionality and categories of data to the dashboard in future.

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