[Tip] Add Secret “Purge Memory” Button in Google Chrome Task Manager

There is no doubt that Google Chrome is the youngest but one of the most popular and widely used web browsers. There are many people who have switched from popular browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer to Google Chrome.

Google Chrome comes with a clean and very minimal UI. It also comes with many hidden features and one of such hidden feature is purging memory.

If you are a Google Chrome user, you might be aware of its Task Manager component which allows you to end task of running tabs, etc similar to Windows Task Manager.

But did you know that you can add a hidden secret "Purge memory" button to Chrome's Task Manager. This new button allows you to free some memory using a single click. You don't even need to close the browser.


If you want to enable this secret button, check out following simple steps:

1. Right-click on Google Chrome's shortcut and select Properties option.

2. Now you just need to add --purge-memory-button text string at the end of the existing string present in Target text box as shown in following screenshot:


Make sure there is a blank space between existing string and your new string.

3. That's it. Apply the changes and restart Chrome.

Now you can access Task Manager by pressing "Shift+Esc" keys together or by selecting Tools -> Task Manager menu and a new button "Purge memory" will be added to Task Manager window.

Thanks to our reader "TheAslan" for sharing this trick...

Check out following video showing the whole method live in action:

UPDATE: This feature has been removed from new versions of Google Chrome. Thanks to our reader "Dan Dascalescu" for the heads up.

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