StExBar: A Must Have Free Add-on for Windows Explorer

"StExBar" is a freeware tool for Windows XP and Windows Vista which provides easy and quick access to many useful features of Windows.

It adds a new toolbar to Windows Explorer containing lots of useful buttons like Rename, New Folder, Console, Show system files, etc.

Following is a screenshot of StExBar in action:


If its not enabled automatically after installation, you can enable it from "View" menu in Windows Explorer.

You can also add/remove buttons, re-arrange buttons using its Options window. You can also customize many settings such as show button text, etc.


To add a new button in toolbar, just click on "Add" button in its Settings window and there you can add new buttons according to your requirements. Just type the desired name, select icon and provide the correct path or command for your desired button. You can also set a shortcut key (hotkey) for it.


Its a must have add-on for Windows Explorer which can be downloaded using following link:

Download Link

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  • The filter of StExBar is the killer feature. It's much better of filtering rather than the Windows Search box.

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