7Customizer: Freeware to Customize and Tweak Windows 7 Setup ISO

UPDATE: It seems the previous software mentioned on this page "RT Seven Lite" is no longer available. So we have replaced it with a new working software.

If you want to install Windows 7 in your system, but miss a customization tool like vLite (for Windows Vista) or nLite (for Windows XP) to customize Windows 7 setup ISO file, here is a great news for you.

Today we are sharing a free tool "7Customizer" which is claimed to be a vLite replacer for Windows 7.

7Customizer is a tool for creating a customized Windows 7 installation (both 32-bit and 64-bit editions). It works on both English and non English installation sources.

Here is what the developer says about the tool:

7Customizer is still in development stages and it is still in testing phase. It is far from being a complete vlite replacement but the aim is to replace vlite. It will need time and effort and feedback to complete it. Also, it might not work for you or crash with error.


Features List:

  • Languages integration (Windows UI language not the setup language)
  • Updates integration
  • Basic unattended installation
  • Driver integration
  • Wallpapers Integration
  • Tweaks
  • Services
  • ISO Creation
  • Presets
  • UAC trigger
  • Clean mount folder

System Requirements:

Important Notes from the Developer before using the Tool:

  • Make sure you have enough free space (at least 5 GB) in your drive where 7Customizer is located (7Customizer will warn you if the drive does not have sufficient space).
  • It is highly recommended to run the program in a folder that does not have white spaces in its name. For example, C:\7Customizer\
  • It is highly recommended to place your installation source in a directory that does not have white spaces in its name. For example, C:\win7\
  • When choosing the path for ImageX and DISM, make sure you choose the same exe architecture (x86 or amd64) as your Windows, e.g. when using Windows 7 x64, choose the ImageX located in amd64 inside the WAIK installation.
  • Always test the result in a virtual machine first.
  • It is highly recommended to use 7Customizer on an unmodified (clean, untouched) Windows installation source.
  • Fill the whole information in the unattended part or the setup will fail.

Known Issues:

  • 7Customizer fails to read the images information correctly.
  • 7Customizer might not label the ISO.
  • When selecting updates, sometime you will be able to select one update only. If you select more than one update 7Customizer will crash.

Download Link

Thanks to our reader "Catflap" for sharing it...

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  • Actually there is updated WAIK tools, I think it's especially designed for Windows 7 with SP1, and now it's smaller in size too ( 1,3GB which is 400MB less than previously )

    Check here: microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=5188

    Date published: 02.21.2011
    Size: 1,3GB
    Version: 3.0

  • well, i just added microsoft .net framework version 4.o as application to the iso and everything is now ok. Another challenge is working with modified/custom imageres.dll. destop set up won't start up on integration

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