Reason Behind Less Activities

Hello everyone

You might have noticed less activities on this blog in past few days/weeks. Actually I was having some physical problems which were not allowing me to do work on computer for full day.

I just wanted to inform you that I'm suffering from joint pain problem. There is a huge pain in my neck, right shoulder and right hand. In fact I can't move my right hand at the moment that's why I'm typing this post using my left hand. Doctor said that it'll take approx. 1 week to recover from this pain but the complete treatment will take about 6 months.

So I'll not be able to post new articles in coming week but I'll try my best to reply your comments and emails once a day. I'll start posting again as soon as possible most probably from next week.

The reason behind this problem is continuous work on computer without taking rest.

I hope you guys will understand my problem. Thanks for your love and support.

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