Maxthon: Yet Another Fast, Secure and Highly Customizable Web Browser

Let's ask a simple question: which web browser do you use? We are sure there would be different replies. Some people would say "IE" and some would say "I love Firefox" and of course who can forget "Opera"?

But today we are going to share another web browser "Maxthon". Most of you might already know about it or might be using it.


"Maxthon" is the biggest 3rd party browser in China. It has also won 2005, 2008 and 2009 Webware100 award in the Browsing category.

The best thing about this browser is its highly customizable. You can add/remove menubar, toolbars to customize it according to your requirements.

It provides very clean and simple interface which is very easy to use.

There are lots of plug-ins available to add extra functionality to the browser. It also provides Ad-blocker.

Of course all basic features like Tab history, session recovery, etc are there.

If you are a customization lover, then you'll definitely love its skin support. It supports skins and there are lots of great skins available for it.

We'll highly recommend everyone to give this browser a try. You can download it using following link:

Download Link

Also check out our exclusive skins for Maxthon web browser:

Download Internet Explorer Skin "VistaVG" for Maxthon Web Browser

Download Leopard Safari Skin for Maxthon Web Browser

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