How to Enable Menu Bar, Favorites Bar, Command Bar and Status Bar in Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) and Later?

If you have downloaded and started using Internet Explorer 9 (IE9), you might have noticed that it doesn't show any classic toolbar such as Menu bar, Favorites bar, Command bar and Status bar.

Actually all these toolbars are disabled by default but you can enable them using following simple tricks:

Method 1:

Right-click on Tab bar (empty area near Tabs) and it'll show a context menu having options to enable or disable various toolbars. Here you can enable your desired toolbar by simply clicking on its option given in context menu.

Method 2:

Press "ALT" key to temporary show Menu bar and then enable the desired bar using "View -> Toolbars" menu.


Which toolbars do you enable in your Internet Explorer web browser? Feel free to share your comments...

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