ViCon Remastered: Get Windows Vista and 7’s Desktop Icon Mouse Hover Effect in Windows XP

In Windows Vista and 7 whenever you hover your mouse cursor over a Desktop icon, it shows a cool transparent rectangle over the icon. This kind of behavior is not found in XP but many XP users want this awesome effect in their OS.


Today we are going to share an awesome free tool which brings this cool mouse hover effect to XP.

"ViCon Remastered" is an excellent tool created by "MixenDixon" @ DA which allows you to put your desired icons at Desktop and provides the Vista and 7's mouse hover effect for them.

You just need to run the tool and it shows following interface:


You can also bring the above window by right-clicking on its System tray icon and select Settings option.

Four ready-made Desktop icons are already given to choose: Computer, Documents, Network and Recycle Bin which are the default Windows icons.

You can simply click on their respective buttons and then OK button to add them on Desktop. Once the icons are created at Desktop, all the icons will have the cool mouse hover effect just like Windows Vista and 7:


If you don't want to show the Windows default Desktop icons which don't have mouse hover rectangle, you can disable them by right-clicking on Desktop and uncheck "Arrange Icons By -> Show Desktop Icons" option.


If you want, you can add more desired icons at Desktop by clicking on the "Add" button in ViCon Settings window and select the path of your desired program's EXE file.

UPDATE: The official download link is no longer working so we have uploaded the utility at our server for your convenience. You can download it using following link:

Download Link

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  • vis,

    the download says
    "its either corrupted and damage"
    i download it again and again but the error screen always appear..
    can you help me?

  • VG

    ^^ Try to extract using 7-Zip or it might be possible that your downloaded file became corrupted. Try to re-download it.

  • hey, the application is slow. it does bring the cool effect, but one icon for 5 SECOND... stil tanks !

  • Hey VG, I have installed Microsoft .NET Framework but when I attempt to run the application it says: "Unable to find a version of the runtime to run this application." Any Help Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • VG

    ^^ Which .NET Framework have you installed?

  • Sorry. I had not downloaded it from microsoft. that was the problem. Anyway Thanks

  • Hey I have another question. Can I make the ViCon icons bigger as in windows 7?

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