Get Windows 7 Look-Like Windows Media Player (WMP) in Windows XP and Vista

As you all know Windows 7 contains new Windows Media Player 12 which looks like as following:

Now if you want to enjoy the same media player in Windows XP or Vista, then this article will help you.

We are going to share 2 skins with you: one for WMP11 in XP and other for WMP 11 in Vista. These skins can make the WMP 11 under XP and Vista to look like WMP12 of Windows 7.

You can download the required skins using following links:

Download Windows 7 Skin for WMP11 under Windows XP

Download Windows 7 Skin for WMP11 under Windows Vista

All required instructions are mentioned in the downloaded ZIP files.

PS: If you are facing a wmploc.dll version number problem while opening WMP after installing this skin, then visit following tutorial to fix it:

[Fix] Wmploc.dll Version Number Error While Opening Windows Media Player

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