Download Windows File Protection (WFP) Service Patcher or Switcher

Whenever you want to modify, delete or replace an existing system file in Windows 2000, XP or Windows Server 2003, you can't do that. Windows shows an error message that the file is already in use.

It happens due to Windows File Protection (WFP) service which runs in background and regularly checks system files integrity. If it finds that a process is trying to modify a system file, it blocks the operation and shows the error message.

But if you are a customization lover, you might face this situation many times while trying to replace or modify system files to change look-n-feel of Windows UI.

Now what to do? One way is to use Replacer software which can be used to replace system files at system startup. But there is another way which is mentioned below.

Today we are going to share a free and portable utility "WFP Switcher" which patches Windows 2000, XP and Server 2003 and disables Windows File Protection (WFP) service so that you can easily modify or replace system files without any problem.


You just need to run the patcher and click on "Patch" button. That's it. It'll disable the WFP service and you'll be able to edit, delete or replace system files on the fly.

The tool also allows you to re-enable WFP service any time if you want.

The official download link is no longer available but you can download it using following alternative link:

Download Windows File Protection (WFP) Switcher / Patcher

NOTE: If your antivirus program detects this tool as a virus, don't worry about it. Its a false positive. Since this software modifies system file in Windows, many antivirus software detect it as a suspicious item.

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