Download Free Old Versions of Almost All Popular Software

Sometimes upgrading to a newer version of a software might be a good thing. Other times, your computer may not be compatible with the new version or the new version is bloated or some of your favorite options are no longer available in new version.

Many times computer users are unable to upgrade their computer system. They find their machine unable to run the latest version of a certain application. They have no choice but to use an older version of that program. Unfortunately, the vast majority of software companies do not offer this opportunity.

But there are some websites which collect the older versions of almost all popular software and provide them free to download.

Today in this topic, we are going to list such a website which allows you to download older version of popular software absolutely free.

Following is the website which can be used to download older versions of your desired software:

Although the versions available are old but you'll find almost all functionality and required features in them.


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  • also filehippo (chose direct download for no ad wrapped web installer), filehorse

  • I am looking for some software called PC-DBA. Do you know where I can obtain it?

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