Disable the New AwesomeBar and Get Classic Addressbar Back in Mozilla Firefox

If you use Mozilla Firefox 3.0 or later, you might be aware of the new awesomebar (redesigned addressbar):


It shows the URL as well as the title of all auto-complete entries. If you don't like this new redesigned addressbar and want to get the old styled addressbar like Firefox 2.0:


Then here is a solution for you. You just need an extension "Oldbar" which can make the new awesomebar look like the old addressbar.

Download the extension using following link:

Download Oldbar Extension for Firefox 3.0 and later

Extension Homepage

Install it and restart your browser. Now enjoy the good old addressbar in Firefox 3.0 or later.

PS: It doesn't change the functionality of awesomebar. It just changes the look.

If you want to disable the auto-complete feature of new addressbar or want to increase/decrease the no. of auto-complete entires, then visit following tutorial:

How to Disable / Adjust URL Suggestions in Addressbar of Mozilla Firefox?

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