Add Shut Down, Restart, Sleep, Switch User, Lock and Log Off Options to Windows 7 Taskbar Using JumpControl

We all know Windows 7 allows you to pin any item to Taskbar to access it quickly and easily. Using this cool feature, "ProtoSphere" @ DA has created an awesome utility called "JumpControl".

"JumpControl" is a portable application so you don't need to install it. Simply pin it to your Windows 7 Taskbar and you'll get all desired Shutdown, restart and other options there.

You can download it using following link:

Download Link

Extract the downloaded ZIP file and drag-n-drop the EXE file to Taskbar. You can also right-click on EXE file and select "Pin to Taskbar" option.

UPDATE: The program is no longer available. You can try following similar things:

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  • doesn't seem to work in Windows 8, even though all the other W7 apps i've tried have.