2 New Themes “Compact Dark” and “Compact Light” Added to Mozilla Firefox

People who love dark or black themes in software programs, will definitely like this news. Mozilla has added 2 new themes to Firefox 53 version:

  • Compact Dark
  • Compact Light

Currently these 2 themes are available in Firefox's Nightly build 53 only but very soon these themes will be available in upcoming stable versions of Firefox web browser.

Actually these 2 themes were already a part of Firefox's Developer Tools feature and we could enable and apply these hidden secret themes using following tutorial:

[Tip] Enable Hidden Secret Dark and Light Themes in Mozilla Firefox

But now there is no need of using any tweaks. Mozilla has added these themes to "Add-ons Manager" and "Customize" page of Firefox 53 version.

If you are using Firefox Nightly build, you can apply these themes using Add-ons manager. Click on Firefox menu (Hamburger) button and select "Add-ons" option. Or type about:addons in address bar and press Enter. Now click on Appearance section in left-sidebar and you'll see the new themes.


You can apply these new themes by clicking on the "Enable" button given next to the theme names. Following screenshots show both themes live in action:

Mozilla Firefox Compact Dark Theme:


Mozilla Firefox Compact Light Theme:


Alternatively, you can apply these themes using customize page. Right-click on the titlebar or toolbar in Firefox and select "Customize" option. Now click on "Themes" button given at the bottom and select desired theme given in the list as shown in following screenshot:


To restore default theme in Firefox, just select "Default" in themes section. It'll restore default theme in Firefox.

Its a welcome move from Mozilla and theme lovers will definitely love these new themes.

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  • When one of the new themes is applied the minimize, maximize and close buttons disappear when you have titelbar in color enabled and the tabs are square, wich personally I don't like.

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