How to Get New YouTube Homepage Design Right Now?

YouTube is currently testing a brand new interface for its website. A few lucky YouTube users have received an e-mail from YouTube containing a link to test the new layout.

If you have not received any such email but want to test the new design right now, no need to worry.

Today we are going to share a small and easy to use trick to get the secret YouTube design right now even if its not enabled in your account.

Following screenshot shows the new YouTube layout design:


This method uses a simple cookie to enable the new layout. Following are the required instructions:

UPDATE: The new redesign is available to all now.

If you don't like the new design, you can clear browser cookies to revert back to old layout.

Feel free to share your feedback about this new YouTube design in your comment...

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  • What?? they redesigned it... AGAIN? wt... the last time they did such thing was like somewhat last summer... :\ im more used to the older design

  • not good, couldn't stand the ugly new look for even 5 seconds..... >_<
    switched back to default.....

  • It's like YouTube also adopting like Microsoft the "Metro Philosophy" i.e. simple layout design and big tiles.

  • Forget this. How do you make Firefox13 stop saving every page in the new tab interface other than browsing in private mode?

  • It can be done a lot easier!
    I just went to

  • VG

    ^^ Its different. Its not cosmicpanda UI.

    In about:config, change value of browser.newtab.url to about:blank

  • Didn't try that one out but when I got to YouTube (June 23, 2012) I get a completely different homepage. Typed in and it redirected me to

  • Here is a snapshot.

  • VG

    ^^ It was there for some time because Google was testing new layout for YouTube. Now its not working.

  • Dear VG,
    Help me, Until now I can have the new design. I'm using IE10, even the other browser can't have it now! Please help me!

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