Download Windows XP and Windows 7 Look-Like Linux Distributions

If you are a Windows XP or Windows 7 user and want to give Linux a try but you are too much worried about the new GUI, here is an excellent solution for you.

Today we are going to share 2 interesting Linux distributions which look like Windows XP and Windows 7 operating systems.

Ylmf OS

Ylmf OS is a free, fast, safe and stable Linux distribution. Its a great Linux operating system for study, work, net surfing or entertainment use. It comes with Windows XP style user interface.

Features List:

  • Based on Ubuntu 10.04
  • Comes with OpenOffice suite 3.2
  • Provides classic Windows XP UI
  • You can run Windows applications with Wine
  • SMPlayer & Audacious music players preinstalled
  • Firefox web browser included

Download Link:

Thanks to our reader "Sumeet Kukreja" for sharing it...

Zorin OS

"Zorin OS" is an excellent Linux operating system which has been developed specifically for Windows users who want to switch to Linux but want to get a similar user experience. It is based on Ubuntu which is the most popular Linux distribution.

Zorin OS comes with Windows 7 style interface. You can also change the Desktop theme with other available interfaces.

It also comes with a unique Look Changer program which allows users to customize the user interface quickly and easily. Other interesting programs include Splash Screen Manager, Internet Browser Manager and Background Plus. It also lets you change your desktop to look-like Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X or Linux (GNOME).


You can download it using following link:

Download Zorin OS

Thanks to our reader "Christian" for sharing it...


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  • Version 4.0 DOES come in English - you just press F2 at the first screen and select it.

  • My daughter has a small business. This week she was forced to buy a new PC (with Windows 8).
    She is stressing big time. Today I will be installing "Classic Shell" to give her Win-XP like desktop.
    With a lot of tweaking and installing Metapad, ClipX, FileSearchEXE, Open Office -- will get her PC to a low stress state.

    For my self I have 5 (work) PCs (all but one are XP).
    At last I found an XP-like linux OS "Ylmf OS: Windows XP Look-Like"
    It will have to be a gradual process to introduce "Open Office" because I have about 30 Excel addins VBA encoded. I have to learn coding for "Open Office"

    Thank you VG for your help on so many forums and a thousand thank-yous for shining some light on "Ylmf OS"

    Russell E

  • The problem is not the look, but the complicated sudo codes and installation procedure, the console popping up all the time asking for the password without any reason.

    Linux is not for the people, but only for the geeks and the retarded.

    We need an fast operating system that it is fast in operating it, not only in opening and closing the desktop and the computer screen.

    Any ideas for an easier version of linux?

  • Here are a few Linux distro's that work great with older hardware & look great also:

    1: Linux Mint Mate
    2: Peppermint
    3: Xubuntu
    4: Lubuntu
    5: Elementary OS

    Linux Mint or Xubuntu are excellent, with Xubuntu being Windows 7ish in appearance.
    Lubuntu can work on systems with 1/2 the RAM of Xubuntu, & is great for netbooks.

  • Good Morning;
    I have been a Windows Vista user for about 8 or 9 years and have gotten used to it.
    I am trying a friend's computer with Windows 7 running on it and I kind of like it.
    Mostly I surf the internet, save pictures, and play some music.
    He told me about Linux and here I am.
    Which operating system do you recommend for and old coot like me? Something fairly easy to load and get running and not too prone to virus and such.
    Any help and\or advice would be muchly appreciated.
    Thanks and have a good one.

  • My friends XP finally went belly up after a hundred years of service. BEFORE he had a chance to reinstall XP, I showed him Q4OS and he was blown away. Just what he needed, something that looks like old cr**p but is new, fast and safe to use.

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