Yahoo! Messenger for Web: Online Version of Yahoo! Messenger, No Download or Installation Required

If you are a Yahoo! Messenger user and want to use it everywhere you go, here is a good news for you. Yahoo! has released a web-based online version of its popular chat client "Yahoo! Messenger" which allows you to use the messenger using a web browser.

You just need to open the online version URL in your favorite web browser and login using your username and password and you are ready to chat with your friends without any need of downloading and installing Yahoo! Messenger in your computer.

Yahoo! Messenger for the web has been designed to complement Yahoo! Messenger on your desktop. Following is a preview of this new online version of Yahoo! Messenger:

In this web version of Yahoo! Messenger, your image/avatar is on display, and your stealth settings and block list are also in effect. But you can't modify these things at the moment. To make those adjustments, you'll need to use the Yahoo! Messenger Desktop client that's installed on your computer.

You can use it in any web browser. Just open following link and login using your yahoo! id and start chatting. No download or installation required.

Launch Yahoo! Messenger for Web

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