XLaunchpad: Download Free Portable Tool to Get Mac OS X Lion “Launchpad” in Windows

We all know about "Launchpad" program which comes with Mac OS X Lion. Launchpad is an application launcher which provides iOS like home screen in Mac OS X.

We have shared 2 free software WinLaunch and JumpPad in past which allow users to enjoy Mac OS X Lion's "Launchpad" app in Windows.

Today we are going to share yet another freeware which tries to mimic Launchpad functionality.

"XLaunchpad" is a new software which provides Mac OS X Lion's "Launchpad" like functionality and UI in Windows OS.

This new tool is absolutely free and portable so you don't need to install it. Simply download the RAR file, extract it and run the EXE file and get ready to enjoy Launchpad in Windows.

Following is a screenshot of this tool in action:


Once you run the tool, it shows the Launchpad like interface at your Desktop. If you click on Desktop or Taskbar, it disappears. To show it again you can use the default hotkey "F12" or double-click on its icon present in system tray (notification area) of Taskbar.

You can add many built-in shortcuts like Computer, Music, Pictures, etc by right-clicking and selecting "Add" option. You can also add any desired program shortcut or file/folder using "Add->File" or "Add->Folder" option in context menu. You can also drag-n-drop file/folder to add it to the screen. Or you can can drag-n-drop one shortcut onto another shortcut to create a new folder.

It also allows you to customize number of icons to show per row, number of rows to show per page, distance between rows, size of icons, margins and much more. You can change all these things using its Settings.

This software is highly customizable and very low on system resources.

It can be used in Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

You can download it using following link:

Download XLaunchpad


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  • Very interesting application!
    You forgot to mention that instead of use the F12 key you may move the mouse cursor to top-left screen corner to activate it.

  • Nice application..
    Thanks for sharing... =)

  • very nice mr VG, i'll try it. thank you :)

  • wow, great application.

    but is there any way to backup the whole settings for future?

    anyway thank you very much for this nice software.

  • Very nice application, I love it. Thanks for sharing, that is something I have searched for.

  • batter than old

  • Thanks for sharing! Great aap!

  • VG

    @Niyon S V
    Backup option will be added in next version. Currently you can take backup of "AppData" folder present in XLaunchpad folder which contains all your preferences.

  • Or you could use WinLaunch which did it FIRST and better... Plus you can activate it with hot corners or using 3 fingers on your touchpad....Just like the Mac :)


  • It's like normal windows shortcut but differently arranged. I prefer using Fence. I pass this one but thanks VG ...

  • Hey Vg , how to change the background image in this tool ?? Like the one in the screenshot ?? mine is stuck with a white background with no option to change it ! Help me please !!!

  • A little tip from me. Open the program folder and create a shortcut that simply attach to the taskbar. I hope my advice to be helpful.

  • VG

    ^^ Thanks for sharing the tip. :)

    There is no background image of this tool. It uses a transparent background so your default Desktop Wallpaper is shown behind the icons.

  • @AskVG
    Thank you for your help on the backup tip.

    i like the easiest mouse-scrolling feature.

    i suggest to add some roll-over effects to the icons, something like in objectdock/rocketdock.

    and a feature to add a simple title for each page, over the page-buttons.

    plus, instead of showing the desktop bg, make the present desktop dim and show the Xlaunchpad over it. (as in windows 7 user account dialog box)

    also, i found that during the automatic changing of desktop-wallpapers, a quick transition is happening instead of the default alpha blending, while the Xlaunchpad is open. kindly fix this.

    for me too, sometimes a white background is shown instead of desktop wallpaper.

    and sometimes nothing happens when the "Enable background blur" is checked.

    plz tell what happens when "Maximum memory mode" is enabled.

    Thank you.

  • How can I replace MAC icons with windows icons?
    I like windows icons only.

    This application is awesome!
    HatsOff VG!

  • Leave it leave it.

    I've got the icons folder in its folder.

  • Good one, it's not a resource hog thanks VG!

  • No offence, but this is like a bad joke compared to WinLaunch (winlaunch.bplaced.net)

  • really cool......thanks..^_^

  • the new update has been released with new features and fixes!


  • @hoochy
    It isnt if u consider the resources used by both the programs. Winlaunch takes up high CPU resources constantly and becomes slow sometimes. On the contrary, Xlaunchpad is smoother and light on the system.
    Only feature missing is the 2 finger scroll between pages.

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