[Wishlist] Features You Want to See in Next Windows Version

Almost all of us are aware of the new Windows 8 OS released by Microsoft. Basically it has been developed as a combination of previous Windows 7 and a new user interface known as "Metro UI" or "Modern UI" which has been developed specifically for touch enabled devices such as Tablets.

Windows 8 comes with new Start Screen which has replaced the good old Start Menu. Many people don't like this new replacement and they prefer to use 3rd party software to get the Start Menu back as given here. At the same time there are a few users who love this new Start Screen in Windows 8.

Along with the new Start Screen, Microsoft has also added a new component to Windows 8 which is called "Charms Bar". It looks like a sidebar and appears on screen when you move your mouse cursor to top-right corner of screen. It contains a few shortcuts such as search, share, devices, settings to help you in easily accessing those things.

Since Microsoft has tried to make one single OS for 2 different devices i.e. computers and tablets, many people have complaints with this new OS. Now Windows 8 development has been finished and we can't expect any change or addition to this OS but we can hope that Microsoft will listen to users complaints and requests and will fix things in the next version of Windows.

Currently we don't know when will the next version of Windows release? Also we don't know what will be the name of the next Windows version? May be Microsoft continues using numbers for the names of future Windows versions? In this way, the next Windows version should come with the name "Windows 9". But these are only speculations and we can't say much at the moment.

But there is one thing which we can do. We can create a wishlist of the features and changes which we want to see in the next Windows version. So today in this topic, we are going to share a list of few changes and suggestions which we want to see in upcoming Windows version:

1. Allow Users to Choose Between Start Screen and Start Menu

Windows 8 Start Screen looks good but there is no doubt that it was developed mainly for touch enabled devices. The big tiles can be very useful for tablet users but Desktop and laptop users don't need them. They just want small icons to launch their favorite programs. They don't want to fill whole computer screen with tiles.

So next Windows version should come with old Start Menu along with the new Start Screen and it should allow users to choose between Start Screen or Start Menu.

Microsoft can put an option somewhere such as in Taskbar Properties to select whether the user wants to use Start Screen or Start Menu as mentioned in 1st point here.


It'll please both kind of people who love the new Start Screen or who miss the good old Start Menu.


2. Allow Users to Login Directly into Desktop

One of the most annoyances faced by Windows 8 users is the direct boot into Start Screen. When you turn on a Windows 8 machine, it directly boots into Start Screen and then you have to click on Desktop tile to go to Desktop. Although its not a big deal but after some time it becomes quite irritating to always click on Desktop tile to go to Desktop.

At the moment Windows 8 users are taking help of 3rd party software to boot directly into Windows 8 Desktop as given here but the next Windows version should come with an option to enable/disable this behavior. Next Windows version should allow users to select whether they want to boot directly into Desktop or they want to go to Start Screen.

UPDATE: How to Bypass Start Screen and Direct Boot into Desktop in Windows 8.1?

3. Allow Users to Turn On / Off Charms Bar

The new Charms Bar is useful when you are working on Start Screen or in a Metro app but its useless on Desktop. Many times when you try to close a program window by moving your mouse cursor to top-right corner to click on Close button, the new Charms Bar appears automatically even though you don't want to use it. It might become annoying after a few days of using Windows 8.

Again Windows 8 users can disable Charms Bar and other hot corners with the help of 3rd party software as mentioned here but why should we use extra tools to turn on/off these kind of built-in features?

The next Windows version should allow users to turn on/off this new Charms Bar. It should provide an option to users to select whether they just want to disable Charms Bar on Desktop or they want to completely disable it.


4. Allow Users to Turn On / Off Ribbon UI in Windows Explorer

Similar to Office 2013 and previous Office versions, Microsoft has implemented Ribbon UI in Windows 8 Explorer which has replaced the previous Command Bar present in Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Ribbon UI is very useful addition as it provides quick and easy access to many frequently used menus and buttons in Windows Explorer but many people don't like ribbons at all. Currently Windows 8 users are taking help of various tweaks to disable ribbon in Windows Explorer as mentioned here.

The next Windows version should allow users to turn on/off Ribbon in Windows Explorer. Once the user disables Ribbon, the old Command Bar should appear in place of it. Microsoft can put an option to enable/disable Ribbon UI in Folder Options as mentioned in 3rd point here.


5. Provide Quick and Easy Access to Power Options

In previous Windows versions all power options such as shut down, restart, hibernate, etc could be accessed quickly and easily from Start Menu. Anyone could easily find those options within seconds but Microsoft made it a little difficult in Windows 8. Now these power options have been moved into Settings charms present in Charms Bar which are hard to find for a first time Windows 8 user.

Some time back we shared a Registry tweak to add all these power options in Desktop context menu so that you can easily access these options by just right-click on Desktop. Interested people can read more about this tweak here.

The next Windows version should provide an easier access to these power options. The best place to put these options would be the user picture menu which appears when you click on your user picture given on Start Screen. Currently it contains 3 options: Change account picture, Lock and Sign out. Microsoft should add other power options in the same menu as mentioned here.


It'll definitely help people.


6. Bring Back Aero Glass Transparency

When Microsoft introduced Aero glass transparency in Windows Vista, everyone was very excited about it. People started creating themes and skins for Windows Vista and other Windows versions to feature the new transparency effect. Microsoft kept the transparency effect in Windows 7 but suddenly they decided to remove it from Windows 8.

Windows 8 doesn't come with Aero glass transparency and people who miss this feature, are using 3rd party software given here and here to enable it back.

Microsoft should bring back Aero glass transparency in next Windows version. If they think that it slows down system, they can turn it off by default but they should provide an option to enable it again for interested users.

UPDATE: Return of Aero Glass Transparency with Blur in Windows 10

7. Allow Users to Change Color and Font Type

I can't understand why did Microsoft remove this feature from Windows 8? In previous Windows versions, users were able to change font color and font type using Desktop Personalization window but Microsoft removed this feature from Windows 8. Now you can't change background color, font color or font style in Windows 8. Although there are Registry tweaks to customize these settings as given here.

In next Windows version, Microsoft should put this removed feature back so that people can customize the font and color according to their requirements.

8. Show New Windows Update Notification on Desktop

Another useful feature which has been removed from Windows 8 is the Desktop notification alerts for new Windows updates. In previous Windows versions, when there were new updates waiting for download or installation, Windows used to show a notification in Taskbar notification area. It helped users in immediately installing required updates.

But Microsoft removed this feature from Windows 8 and now these notifications are only displayed on login screen. Again Windows 8 users need to use 3rd party software to bring this feature back in Windows 8 as given here.


The next Windows version should bring back this useful feature to help users in installing important updates.

UPDATE: Forcing Windows 10 to Always Notify Before Downloading Updates

9. Allow Users to Turn On / Off Lock Screen

The new lock screen introduced in Windows 8 looks great but to be honest its not very useful for Desktop users. It might be useful for tablet users but for Desktop and laptop users it only helps in adding an extra step to log into Windows.

Microsoft provides a group policy option to disable this lock screen but normal users will not be able to find this option.

The next Windows version should provide an option to turn lock screen on/off in such a place which is easy to find such as Taskbar Properties.

10. Allow Users to Use Their Desired Image as Start Screen Background

The new Start Screen in Windows 8 is not very customizable. Microsoft has provided a few built-in images which can be used to change Start Screen background. But users can't set any other image as Start Screen background.

The next Windows version should allow users to set any desired image as Start Screen background as Decor8 and Start Screen Customizer software do in Windows 8.

UPDATE: How to Set Desktop Wallpaper as Start Screen Background in Windows 8.1?

11. Allow Users to Add New Shortcuts in Win+X Menu

One interesting and very useful addition to Windows 8 is the new "Win+X" menu which can be accessed by right-clicking on bottom-left corner of screen or by pressing Win+X keys together. It provides access to some frequently used programs such as Command Prompt, System Properties, Task Manager, Control Panel, Run, etc.

But Windows 8 doesn't allow you to add new shortcuts to this menu. The next Windows version should allow users to add new shortcuts to this menu as well as remove unwanted shortcuts from the menu.

12. Fix Bugs Present in Windows 8

Since the new Windows version will be developed using Windows 8 programming code, the existing Windows 8 bugs should also be fixed in next version of Windows.

We have found a few bugs while working on Windows 8. We hope Microsoft will fix them in next Windows version:

[Did You Know] Ultimate List of Windows 8 Bugs and Goof-ups

=== === === === === === === === ===

That's all for now. We are going to forward these suggestions to Microsoft. Feel free to share your suggestions in your comment. Also share or forward this topic to your friends...

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  • Nice list. VG!
    All there features must be added into windows blue.

  • Well let see if they will fulfill our wishes

  • Totally agree! There should also be an option to witch between overall themes. you should be able to switch between metro style, aero style, and maybe another ui style, like maybe a bubbly theme (where most things are rounded and have circles). but great Ideas!

  • @VG

    Dude wanna see all softwares should be compatibility in next version. Like Windows XP.

  • #1 is the best, with that feature Windows 8 might be the best OS ever. If that feature really arrives to next Windows version I might give another try for Windows 8 or 9...or whatever it will be.

  • #1, always #1 is the best.

  • Thanks,AskVG !!
    for this post . i do not use win 8 only for these problems .
    windows without OLD Start Menu !!
    Oh , i do not upgrade My OS without Fix these problems !
    if i found IE11 And new version WMP for win 7 , i do not use win8 any time ...

  • 1. Yes, but i don`t need it.
    2. Yes, but i don`t need it.
    3. No
    4. No, ribbon is the best feature of new Explorer! I don`t need those old scary dialogs and menus.
    5. Yes
    6. Yes
    7. Yes, but i don`t need it in old form.
    8. Yes
    9. Yes
    10. No, almost nobody use it.
    11. Yes.

  • To be added - run Metro Apps in Desktop Windows - as with Modern Mix from Stardock.

    About the point 2 - tere are already 2 methods to enter directluy to the desktop - runing StartisBack wich has a antive implementation for this, and a less known method - installing a certificate file ( XRM-MS ) wich gives you this posibility, by changing some parameters in the tokkens.dat

  • WoW! Great Article. I ever raed any Article like this. I think it would be great if the Tranparency present in next Windows version.

    Impressing Hard Work!
    Thanks for Sharing with us VG'

  • For me:

    Ribbon in File Explorer needs to be improved to be similar to Ribbon in Office 2013:
    Able to customize the Ribbon, Quick Access Toolbar and keyboard shortcuts.
    "New Tab", "New Group", "Rename", and import/export the customization.

    Able to add custom command to Quick Access Toolbar.

    Lastly, I would like to see the "transparency hack" still works in next Windows version.

  • Agree with most but 8 and 10.

    8: Screenshots to compare?

    10: If 1st is done, Win+X menu should be removed altogether as it simply is not needed.

    Also, like some people said, Aero should come back.

  • Hell of the good article. Exactly like this. I have spoken. Period.

  • Multitab explorer window!

  • The reason I upgraded from Windows 8 to Windows 7 is because..
    When I run games, Windows 8 has these cool effects on that I don't need (since my game is fullscreen), I cannot disable these effects (the new aero theme) and since I have an crappy computer, the theme eats my FPS

    Windows 7 (Basic theme): 20FPS
    Windows 8 (New theme) : 6FPS

    See the difference?

  • Good list. I agree with most of it. Another one I'd like to see is option to display the screen with userids to log in to. I have an admin and user class IDs. But stupid windows 8 assumes which ID I want to log in to.

  • What I find most offensive about all MS new OS is that they continually shuffle locations and rename items and functions in the file system. Starting with XP, the amount of change has increased geometrically with each new release. They do similar reshuffling with their programs.

    I am not interested in new features if it means I have to waste hours trying to figure out how to make old programs work or trying to find locations of my old data. Companies with employees that use MS products to do their jobs must cringe with every new release or even update out of MS. The cost to these companies in the time wasted by employees to relearn could be enormous.

    Adding up time saved in all the new features provided in their OS and programs I can't think of even one that was in the least bit a significant time saver. Only a few new features actually worked better, and many worked not as well.

    Lately, have been getting up to speed with Linux. That is my solution to MS headaches. Had I stated to learn Linux 10 years ago I would be a very proficient user of Linux by now if I had just diverted the time wasted on MS products to Linux.

    Vishal, you have had some excellent advice with solutions to MS short comings and just figuring out how it works. Have you considered directing some of your time to Linux? I believe consumers of software have grown very tired of Microsoft methods.

  • How about: making it easy to print stuff
    not having flash player built in and usable in IE on Win 8 mode.

  • Add Windows 7 Transparency and Aero Glass...
    also re-enable a tweak to change Logon background...
    Lets see if Microsoft would add them all...:)

  • They could be a option in windows for the wish list to be able to change your UI for the PC and even use PowerPoint's as templates for your new UI and a choice to make a PowerPoint presentation for the template for your new UI.

    If that was then that would be awesome! ;)

  • A future Windows wishlist??? hmmmmm.

    I'd like to see an account, either Facebook login, Gmail l/p, or msn passport/hotmail account tied to my Windows for themes, backrounds, "Trev related stuffs".

    Google Chrome can sync yer site /w multiple devices, for bookmarks, I believe Windows of the future should expand on that. My Starcraft mouse cursor being reset EVERY format is one of HUNDREDS of cool little things I'd like between the computers I use.

    Xbox live keeps user data you can load onto your console....games, profiles, all that junk, PC should do the same.

    ...DRIVERS for example. lol. Every successful driver install should add it to my profile for that machine and save it for later.....reformat???? No problem!!! Simply log in, download the saved drivers or updated ones, and carry on.

    I can save my user data on a hard drive but a nice 32gb online drive space for these official things is WORTH 50/year.....or free to keep windows the standard, whatever.

    Installed aps in program files is small enough. Tho sometimes registry settings are needed and can't copy/paste out of there expecting programs to work.

    Copying .exe files upon successful install to your online drive would work tho. I'm sure I can do all this manually on a usb drive, for myself, just thinking of everyone here.

    Having my Starcraft, Warcraft 2, and other game install exe's saved in my windows profile would make for an easier time on the reinstall...

    WinRAR, VLC Media Player, Firefox, Chrome, Adblock, Peerblock, Flashblock, Gogle Talk, ATI Drivers, Creative Sound Blaster Drivers, Comodo Free Firewall, Spybot Search & Destroy, Ad-aware, if we had a nice way to auto check boxes of aps we've installed before, check for updates, and have it personalized for Windows users, to me it's worth $$$ per year to hold all this for me, a better direction than 100+/copy, per machine. Being an online service, like Xbox 360, it'd "encourage" users to pay a bit for all this handy stuff.

    I mean, how many times have you had to reinstall puds for Warcraft 2, losing your collection of maps to play b/c of some damn reinstall??? A smart restore could save stuff from the program files folders. Some prefer offline Windows, and that's cool too, but for fully paid Members, why NOT offer a bunch of useful stuff to have more reasons to WANT to pay??? ;)

    How many times have I lost my cool wallpapers b/c of a format? =(
    Winamp has a mp3 converter plugin I often forget to reinstall, whatever plays, like SNES to .mp3 tracks converted, always lose that one. Chun Yu's MP3 converter...

    ...k, end rant. :D

  • Microsoft should fire up something like this:windowsphone.uservoice.com
    ...for the next Windows version ;D

    My Wishlist:

    == Unsorted ==
    - Holding CTRL makes the topmost window semitransparent
    - Explorer: Replace searchfield by a "Search here"-Button, which fires up a nice search interface
    (in a separate window)
    - Display IP + Gateway directly in the network list (directly or when holding CTRL)
    - Alarm Clock + Countdown Timer integrated in the systray-clock
    - Versioned Live-Backup of selected drives or folders to one or more destinations (FTP, WebDAV, other HDD, cloud providers)
    - Extended version of the audio mixer (free audio routing)
    - Integrated Intel WiDi Support (with streaming of whole desktop)
    - Cache the content of network drives (and ftp drives, ...) on a local drive for faster access
    (only transfer modified or files/folders not in cache, customizable cachesize)
    - Option to automatically re-login users after reboot (caused by windows update, software-updates, etc.)
    (Already existing Restart Manager API will then restart applications, lock screen directly after auto-login)

    == Clipboard ==
    - Keep a history of the last x entries
    - Something like CTRL+V, but without any formatting and trimmed
    - Copying files to a Remotedesktop-Session via Clipboard oftens cancels itself when copying something else locally during the transfer

    == API ==
    - Extended version of GetLastError():
    Returns in addition to the system error code (like ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER) a list of key-value pairs
    Result for a failed CreateDIBSection() could be:
    { "Parameter"="pbmi", "ExtendedInfo"="Member biPlanes must always be set to 1", ... }
    - Notification-API
    - Allow any application or service to generate notifications (text and/or image)
    - the applications manifest-file/registry-entry states which notifications the app could generate
    - The user can route specific notification-types to balloon tips, emails, facebook, external devices (LCDs attached to the pc, smartphones, ...)

    == Devices ==
    - Support for USB Audio Class 2
    - Bluetooth SerialPort-Profile (without writing a custom *.inf)
    - Integrate S.M.A.R.T. Monitoring Service

  • VG, I think this page needed to be update :P

    Or maybe just post link to the [Exclusive] Windows 8.1 Features List at the top article.

    PS: It's really great that Microsoft listen to the users and release Windows 8.1.

  • My only wish is for powershell to turn more into bash, for example:
    tools like git, npm, gem etc to include tab autocompletion
    have an actual fullscreen mode
    word wrap should work as word wrap, not as a string that has a new-line character in between it
    more customization properties

  • I would love it if aero glass came back!

  • @VG
    Atlast microsoft to include shut down option at the start screen in the windows 8.1 update 1.
    See top right in the image below:

    -26th Jan 2014, 16:46 GMT

  • VG

    ^^ Yep. It seems Microsoft is listening to users requests.

  • Windows wish-list??
    Be great to be able to have a place to put notes on files somewhere......

    ............... so you can right click & get a place to put text.......


  • Add the win xp repair install feature to win7\8.Also make the forced reformat an option for a re-install so we don't loose our game activation files.

  • i wish that alt- tab feature should be exclusive to only windows native softwares.
    notifications should have some specific place.. so we can see the missed notifications.

  • Here is my list of fixes/changes that *might* encourage me to return to Windows as my primary operating system (I have 11 PCs/Laptops at home).

    1. return of Aero Glass
    2. Get rid of the pre-school flat, boring graphics look entroduced with Windows 8
    3. Get rid of start screen
    4. Reduce dependence on online services & social networking (I don't use social networking, cloud, stores, etc). At present there are complications and downsides to not using them when using Windows 8.x
    5. Restart the TechNet Service
    6. Fix the multitude of bugs in Task Manager
    7. Bring Back the Backup and Restore functions, and dump file recovery
    8. Put back the functionality gutted from Explorer.
    9. Start menu as in Windows 7. Desktop only for desktop computers/laptops
    10. Make updates & Patches available outside "windows store". I'm never going to use Microsoft's Store services
    11. Put the games back. I'm not going to go to Windows store to get them
    12. Put back Windows DVD Maker
    13. Put back persistent shadow copies.
    14. Add back functionality removed from "Manage Wireless networks" I don't want to have to open a cmd window to use netsh all the time. Netsh doesn't support all the functionality anyway.
    15. Add functionality back for libraries, and allow libraries to be created for network locations without the need for 3rd Party tools.
    16. Add support for DDR4 (assuming CPU support), and USB 3.1 (assuming mobo support).
    17. Get rid of the ribbon and bring back toolbars. Smaller, neater, more mature and not so "pre-school looking".
    18. Allow the entire folder tree view in the navigation pane cannot be collapsed vertically in explorer.
    19. Reinstate "The Remember each folder's view settings option to set Explorer to persist or not persist folder views and icon sizes per folder"
    20. reinstate the ability for "Windows Explorer to remember individual folder window sizes and positions". Each folder window shares the same size, and their position cascades as more windows are opened".
    21. Allow users to select either Quick Launch or Pinned Applications. When an application is installed when using Quick launch do not create a pinned application icon.

    I'm sure there's more.. but can't think of them off the top of my head.

  • To upgrade to Windows 10 for free (when OS is finished in April)

  • ~ Put back Windows DVD Maker -- i used that!
    ~ Actually give us a new, Updated Windows Media Player!!! I'm sick of Windows Media 12! Windows Media Player 11 was the last "good" media player.
    ~ Updated Media Center?

  • And libraries, as Tanya mentioned.

  • I wish they would bring back the old windows update like XP had, I want the choice of which updates I install, plus it was good to have the optional updates too.

  • When I select a file, then click again to make the file name text editable, it is most annoying that the text of the file name then jumps a few pixels to the left. I have a lot of file names that I need to change one word in each name. I put the mouse at the right point in the text to select the word I am changing, but then when I click the file name again to make the text editable, the text moves. I then have to move the mouse slightly to be in the right place again. This becomes very tiresome when one is changing a large number of file names. Can't the text just stay where it was when it is clicked to make it editable?

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