Winfox: Enjoy Windows 7 Taskbar Features (Jumplist, Progressbar, etc) in Mozilla Firefox

Windows 7 comes with new Superbar, a re-designed version of the old Taskbar. Superbar provides lots of new functionality like Jumplist which allows you to access various useful options, recently opened documents, etc.

There is another interesting feature in this new Superbar which comes in action while downloading a file using Internet Explorer. The Superbar shows a live progressbar in IE Taskbar button which is very useful.

But Mozilla Firefox users can't enjoy these features because Firefox doesn't support these features atm but no need to worry, "Brent Friedman" has created an awesome program "Winfox" which brings all these cool Superbar features to Firefox.

Following is a screenshot of Winfox in action:


"Winfox" can add following functionality to Firefox under Windows 7:

  • Frequent Items support
  • Tasks support
  • Pin support
  • Auto-detection of the Firefox directory and user profile
  • FavIcon support (downloads top fifteen favicons to your Firefox Cache directory)
  • Launch Firefox by clicking on the Winfox icon
  • Linking of all open Firefox windows – Sets all Firefox windows to use Winfox (only if Winfox is running)
  • Taskbar progress overlay when downloading files
  • Number of open tabs illustrated using a taskbar icon overlay
  • Multiple Firefox profile support

Simply pin Winfox to Taskbar to utilize easy launch and access to your Firefox Jumplist.

You can download it using following link:

Download Link

UPDATE: The software has been discontinued by the developer as all these features have already been implemented in new versions of Mozilla Firefox.

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